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  1. 0neKiwi

    I don't know.

    Perhaps this belongs here. Perhaps it doesn't. I, like all other human beings, am complex. (Quite the selfish line, now, isn't it?) How do you understand yourself? How do you understand the reasoning behind your actions? And if you don't, how do you ignore this problem? Perhaps I think to much...
  2. 0neKiwi

    Convince me to do my homework

    It's been two years and people are still answering? (No rude intentions) Although I can see the perspective that even if it might not be helpful to the OP anymore it could be helpful to lurkers who should be doing homework. Actually, when people post threads on this forum, they (generally)...
  3. 0neKiwi

    Define a writing process

    Define: When you write some assignment as if you care about the issue it addresses (and perhaps you've even fooled yourself into believing so), but you don't and whatever you write becomes distasteful in your eyes after you've turned the assignment in. Example: Prompt: World Peace It's obvious...
  4. 0neKiwi

    Motion pictures v. Stationary words

    It appears some people choose to read over to watch and others vice versa. Is there any reason why? (Correlations would work too) I myself prefer to read over to watch, because reading is easier to resume after interruptions(for me). It may also be that it is easier to get caught watching a...
  5. 0neKiwi

    Sky Islands

    I know this is naive and one can probably tell my age from this but... I think sky islands could enlarge space for populations (other than space colonization). The problem is that one would need to somehow keep those islands in space. Searching for anti-gravity & magnetism yielded little...
  6. 0neKiwi


    Hmm... the only "cis" I know is the function such that cis(x) = cos(x) + isin(x). Welcome to the forum (though I haven't been here long)
  7. 0neKiwi

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    The random thoughts thread has been revived... Hmm... I think you aren't. You're on this forum, after all. ----- I forgot about any interesting random thoughts I had. But apparently Ponzi (con artist) first came up with an idea similar to the yellow pages, but then didn't use it because...
  8. 0neKiwi

    I have been summoned.

    Who's that? But I honestly think this emoji's kind of cute: :nazi: What's with the sudden revivals?:kodama1: Is it some special day time? Or perhaps the zombie apocalypse has finally arrived... Hmm...not 2/29
  9. 0neKiwi


    Hmmm... I don't have anything to donate yet. Maybe in a decade or two? Hopefully intpf'll still exist. Disclaimer: It's not that I'm unwilling to donate it seems like the tone here is a bit...[insert adjective here] But I could draw the kitty logo...(not that that could be of any use)
  10. 0neKiwi

    Brains or love?

    These percentages remind me of something... You probably need a translator to read this... (there's an english version of the comic but it only goes up to 40 so far...) Just do what you're best at. ----- Anyways on the brains and love thing, you shouldn't have to change yourself for other...
  11. 0neKiwi

    General catch all for new forum software.

    Um...what's with the freaky cat?
  12. 0neKiwi

    Em...Kind of Spam?

    That's cool! :) ...I know. I'm not going to do drugs. I know it has its ...good effects, and I know that (I think) nothing doesn't have bad effects, but no. I guess it's been drilled into me by education.
  13. 0neKiwi

    Wait what, it's been more than a year!

    Wait what, it's been more than a year!
  14. 0neKiwi

    Em...Kind of Spam?

    It's been a while... INTP forum's style changed quite a lot. When did this happen? ----- I guess I've identified (one of) my problem(s): After how much time should one give up on something? I have some time & choice issues... (well this's vague...) ----- Wait no, this isn't spam. Don't move it...
  15. 0neKiwi

    Song Lyrics

    I realize that I shouldn't have asked this since you guys most likely did not participate in both of those events.:confused: Shouldn't ask a person to explain someone else's logic:o.
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