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  1. Adrift

    How to "hack" studying

    I really agree with the first quote in the OP. I've never been good at memorizing dates, facts, or other important data. I've always been a quick learner and it has been because I link the concept or topic that I am learning to past events or data. This is the reason I am able to learn new math...
  2. Adrift

    INTP Relationship Troubles

    What you're doing is the right thing. I think if she doesn't want to discuss things that make the both of you feel bad then it's not worth it. Being annoying for asking why? Isn't asking why a general part of who people are? (maybe more so INTP) In the end it's all up to how you feel. Don't...
  3. Adrift

    What Are INTP's Passionate About?

    Re: What Are INTP's Passsionate About? This in every way. My #1 passion is learning about how things work. The above is closely tied into my passion, though.
  4. Adrift

    I'm Often Afraid..

    I'm not afraid of it but now I'm curious as to what shows through...
  5. Adrift

    Are you Arrogant?

    Yes, top 10%. Is my choice a good enough reason for you to think that I believe myself to be arrogant? I have a neutral outward experience. That is to say that I can be humble and arrogant at times. It changes based on the audience. The reason I didn't pick we're all equal is... every time I try...
  6. Adrift

    Constantly fighting myself

    Pity from others is never wanted by me either. I don't care what others think about me, though. I am my own person that can live with my choices. Let them be my own. Others may say that being extroverted is great. That would be like me telling those people that reading a book for 5hrs...
  7. Adrift

    Most horrific popular media

    I don't pay attention to popular media or news. Most of the stories are too boring or just pathetic stories of people's ignorance to me. To me, it's just a city/state/nation wide gossip show. There are something that are of importance, though. The things I find important are usually global...
  8. Adrift

    Accept my presence

    Sounds quite INTP to me... I am no expert, though. Self proclaimed INTP and I feel the same way you do.
  9. Adrift


    I would think knowing any psychological background of said subject would be beneficial. Some others have said, though, that it likely matters on what the end goal is.
  10. Adrift

    Mental Disabilities

    I've thought this for quite some time now... I'm glad I'm not alone here.
  11. Adrift

    What is a choice?

    We have an illusion of free will. All choices are made based off of a previous experience. Anytime a choice is made there is a reason that choice was made. I don't really feel like going in depth explaining why I think this way because it is late. As of now I am "choosing" to sleep but the...
  12. Adrift

    opinion poll : greatness vs happiness

    I have to agree with this. I don't think it would be possible for me to have one without the other.
  13. Adrift

    So I finally started living in my van full time...

    I have thought of doing something similar. I wouldn't want to live in a van permanently but I do want to travel the country in say... an SUV that I've made into a mobile "apartment". It would have nothing but clothes, food storage, and a bed so I wouldn't have to pay for hotel rooms. I would...
  14. Adrift

    If you click on this thread, leave a post!

    Trap sprung...
  15. Adrift

    Do you have a problem with others informing you of something you already know?

    I find it to be more annoying when someone tries explaining to me something that I already know but they are wrong about the subject. Please, don't "teach" me incorrect information.
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