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Recent content by Animekitty

  1. Animekitty

    Mergings and psychosis

    Last night in the dark I saw a rubber ducky form from yellowness in my vision. Psychosis seems tp be liquidness to it like the ducky. I tried drawing the duck, wasn't any good.
  2. Animekitty

    If you could see your whole life from start to finish, would you change things?

    If I saw both my past and my future I would probably make changes to my future.
  3. Animekitty

    The single flaw with hard determinism

    Particles can travel forward and backward in time, not enough to cause paradoxes but large changes can occur. Events that once happened can be reversed. Déjà vu - Mandela effect. Event A happens on both path B and C. B can reverse to C or C can reverse to B. What happened along path B and C both...
  4. Animekitty

    What is WRONG with you guys?

    you gingers are the worst
  5. Animekitty

    what is transformation

    I think I already gave the difference.
  6. Animekitty

    what is transformation

    Transformation implies change but change does not imply transformation.
  7. Animekitty

    Does it seem like people are absorbing your energy or thoughts and ideas?

    Just recently I learned how to channel my will. I feel light as a feather. The world has clarity. Resistance is subsiding. Thoughts are not getting in the way anymore. Synchronicities are increasing as I give in to this force outside of me. It is easier this time because there is no fear and...
  8. Animekitty

    Deep, “intellectual” conversations

    I will never have sex. My IQ is not high enough to do real work. peaches and muffins
  9. Animekitty

    Would you eat yourself?

  10. Animekitty

    What are you currently eating?

    Basic happymeal.
  11. Animekitty

    Deep, “intellectual” conversations

    After meeting that person I have like a 6th sense when it comes to people like her. I had a therapist once who was of her type. I know it's not easy finding people like her but I do not expect them to fall in my lap. I just have to go off a chance encounter. If they are the right one I will know...
  12. Animekitty

    Deep, “intellectual” conversations

    The girl was a quiet perceptive person, she just stared into your soul. I am sure we could have had deep conversations together. Knowing the other person is important for it to last. She looked at me so quiet as if she knew exactly who I was. You know what they say: look out for the quiet ones.
  13. Animekitty

    Deep, “intellectual” conversations

    outside the average things become freakish and harder to make compatible but it is easier for the minority to blend into the majority that with each other
  14. Animekitty

    Deep, “intellectual” conversations

    It's harder for some personality types to find each than other personality types which find it easier to find each other. The majority simply have more options. (compatibility bell curve) Outliers have difficulties in finding a match.
  15. Animekitty

    Deep, “intellectual” conversations

    Every person has their compatible opposite match. It's not about this or that stereotype. Girls will find guys manly and Guys will find girls attractive based on those features that come across to them as such. There is someone out there for anyone is not just a phase. If you are a certain type...
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