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  • Ha! That's funny. Who really feels like going to the store during the holidays anyway?
    nice, I like the one where they meet a wizard and teach him to walk and they sing about it :/....or maybe that's the same one yyour talking about...hmmmmm IDK but right now I am enjoying A Charlie Brown Christmas :) Haven't seen this in forever!
    forgive me but I've never heard of George Carlin or Billy Hicks. :) The only comedians that stick out to me are Demetri Martin and C.K. Louis.


    What /is your avatar, btw? O.O Looks like earth eating a smaller earth.

    lol, foul bachelor frog. About the memes thing, it's cool. I should be spending my time on the internet more productively :D

    lol, a friend of mine said this the other day in all seriousness: "I never understood why Rudolph got made fun of, why? Just why?" :D
    I think you're right. haha, kids movies... gotta love em :)

    And no...courage wolf has a yellow background, my avatar is insanity wolf
    Well I meant, what kind of animal is it? But, i was thinking of changing it :/
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