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  • Omg rule number 1 of the Socratic method, you don't mention the Socratic method !!!
    Hahaha yeah, I'm afflicted with Vegeta syndrome.
    I see you've recently acquired the same internet crush I have.
    (overly sarcastic productions)
    I did notice the similarity.
    I've seen this so many times I recognize it at a glance, basically he's saying subjectivity trumps objectivity because epistemological skepticism is possible and maybe in his own mind it does but that's because he's an idiot.
    He's smart enough not to say it outright and avoids saying "qualia" when that's obviously what he's talking about. All in all it's just a lot of babbling with big words to avoid saying what would sound stupid if he said it plainly.
    What the fuck?

    QT can stick up for himself. I'm not in here talking about anything he did or received. I'm talking about what you did.

    Why do you feel the need to call out people's intelligence? Maybe I lack imagination, but all the reasons I can think of are pathetic and quite frankly beneath you. If you're cruising the boards wanting people to defend themselves against you, how are you not just a bully?
    You could have asked him for a source without the public deliberation about how best to speak down to him.
    Nice right :D Spices are very important stuff in tropical countries. It happens that we prefer chili.

    Aw... I'm a bit busy on Saturdays. Wedding planning duties :(
    Currently at Manila at the moment. While you're there I suggest eating some chili Ice cream. They got weird ice cream flavors in that area.
    Just trying illustrated my nature :cool:
    How about yours?Are you flakka addict? Or flakka addict victim?:segen:
    She didn't know that girl was switched with a safeguard who could destroy the barrier though.
    That's to be expected. Cibo does seem bizarrely competent/borderline magical to me though. Although, I guess everybody would be dead if she wasn't. :confused:
    "Objectively stupid" isn't a thing. Intelligence is always relative. In this case, you're drawing a favourable comparison between yourself and anyone who thinks different.

    Personally I don't respect beliefs. But I do respect people. Call their beliefs illogical, that's fine. But illogical =/= stupid. I happen to know a fair few people who are by all measures intelligent, but for the fact they disagree with you on this one issue?
    Cognisant. Please stop dismissing the views of others as stupid. I mentioned it in thread and then your next post was equally as inflammatory. You've traditionally held strong views on this topic I know, but this is a forum for discussion, not a place for you to belittle people of differing views. This is an official warning.
    I should have known lmfao. I've got over a hundred hours up now lol. I'm addicted af. I usually play in the straya gaming Invade and Annex server. I'll add you today when I finally get up. My steam is neonrevolver
    Yeah, very similar art style and atmosphere. I just finished watching 'your name.'
    I highly recommend it.

    It was a masterpiece.
    I meant introduction to the comic. :rolleyes:
    You know it was random.

    I was very asleep at 3:26 am my time when you returned, just as you probably are now. Have fun surveying the destruction and looting.
    So no commentary or introduction? just a blind webcomic recommendation?

    Well I do still read gunnerkrigg court and slightly damned... so added to my list.
    Hey cognisant, I just noticed BigApplePi was banned. I used to be a member in this forum way back in 2008 before I had gotten banned as well, as I remember talking to him a whole lot. Do you know where he is now?
    thanks :) the psychology of religion has been an interest of mines for a while. seems like the East has it more right than the West o,o
    Hi! I haven't posted her for some time. When life becomes, as I hope it will, more peaceful, I want to get back to post here more frequently.

    Glad that you recognise me, and that you are still around. I'm not sure how forum life is going, but I do hope that there is still some excitement to be had here, perhaps even some meaningful and thought-provoking set of exchanges. How has it been? I think I saw Melkor post something around here recently. Who would have guessed:P Also, are we old now? :ahh04:
    Thought you'd like it. He also did a webseries on heroes. But like... in a fucking awesome way. It's called worm. The main character can control bugs, but is min maxed so hard she takes over the world.

    Then there's an occult series I'm yet to read, but apparently it's not as good...
    Well I was sleeping when you sent that. I can only assume I was hallucinating vividly as per standard. I'm doing rather well, lately.

    I'm actually going on a cruise in a week... Which is very out of character and decadent for me, but my Mother begged me, the price was reasonable, and there will be Mayan ruins and ziplining involved. So yeah... I'll just have to somehow ignore that part of brain that states that I'm a horrible, consumption-driven american tourist sheep for doing this. Naturally, I'm trying to figure out the best way to smuggle alcohol aboard. :D

    How are you?
    Oh also, thanks for banning the dude, long winded walls of text I had to scroll through. It was just kind of boring.

    I salute you priest and invoker of the spirit of technology, for you are the prophet in tune with the living metal, the robotic and the electric, the energy pulses through the processor like it pulses through our brains, and the cogs shall turn long after our bodies vanish. May your spirit one day be downloaded into the singularity.
    you know the image you posted where David is about to kill all the stupid mean humans? Where's it from?
    :D Thanks

    Wait. I was assuming people knew because of skype contact updates, as afaik it's not info available on this site? But you don't use skype... Gawdammit.
    Virus attacked his heart and did significant damage to his lower ventricles.

    What were you up in Thailand for?
    Well my Dad's a week and a half out of the icu where he almost died.... so stressful... but at least he's ok/recovering.

    You're fault, Cog, you asked. :D

    How're you?
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