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  • I was being stupid with my a hot streaks worth of winnings. Bought a car I didn't need for cash, a ton of shoes and jerseys, rounds of McClellan 18 for the table, 125% tips, etc. Living in the margins and leaking profits on frivolous shit.

    Hit a 3 week cold streak and thinned my roll considerably. Went on a rally during a 36 hr sesh and tripled my roll, cashing out when I hit 2-3x my buy-in each time. Saw a phat 2-5 game starting and table matched. It was a good loose table, so I sat and waited for my spot.

    Parking Lot suited under the gun did me in. Had no intention of staying around to any sort of raise but instead witnessed a family flop. Hit top pair top kicker bet strong, 2 callers. Hit 2 pair on turn but now possible opponent flush draw. I put the pressure on with 2/3 his stack bet and he re raised all in. Flush on river and went on tilt for the crumbs I had left.
    I like both as well. Started in 2007 as a college job, mostly online with an 18yo+ room nearby, was making bank on my local live circuit this past summer and life got in the way. Im on a hiatus right now trying to establish a liveable foundation for my life moving forward. I do enjoy it a great deal and know that it utilizes a lot of my strengths.

    I am a situational player as well and find more success in playing the other players as oppossed to a regimented system of playing the cards and probabilities. I take an intuitive approach and adapt to what I see as an opportunity.

    Basically I had my Teddy KGB- Mike McD moment on a big hand of 2-5 and am in the period of working Kinesh's truck and going to school. I have a Worm in my life who runs a poker room in Reno and am itching to get back onto the scene.

    Do you prescribe to a particular bankroll strategy?
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