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  • The inferior function isn't necessarily at war with the dominant, but not relating to descriptions of inferior Se is a big factor. I'm assuming you've read descriptions of pure Inferior Se? I'm not very familiar with it because I'm not the type but I believe its about getting too drowned in too much sensations or sensory inputs or something.

    high or rush? That's not exactly meaning something pleasant. There's a reason why its in the "inferior slot." It's the most unstable and unpreferrered function. High or rush seems morelike an unhealthy attitude towards the function.

    I'm not really arguing for ENTP. I see NiFeTi in you and no Ne, which makes ENTP out of the topic.
    What sort of thinking do you do? Is it in the form of organizing your thoughts? Creating internal logical systems? because that's the sort of thinking Ti does. All functions are types of "thinking" in a way, especially introverted functions. Ni doms "think" by emphasizing on imagination and mental images rather than logical order--which is for T doms.

    By loose logic, i mean the opposite. You don't use enough axioms. You don't make much use od truths in a step by step logical procedure. I dont think your arguments are poor, it's not about that. As for evidence, i'll present it when i find the motivation to scour through your posts.
    How many axioms or premises do you reference when you write an argument? How loose your logic is depends on how many strict truths you create as you go through your logic. That is, how exact and precise are your statements? From my experience, you seem to allow more for loose interpretations, which means looser logic. I guess I have to present evidence here.... T-T

    Ni drains you? Ah, interesting.

    MBTI's INTP is usually the TiNe but the point is which functions do you use. Excluding Fe, do you use NiTiSe or TiNeSi?

    I don't remember INFJforum much but i remember certain members there who are more into the logical side of INFJs. I recommend reading this. http://www.intpforum.com/showthread.php?t=7016
    What exactly is a "Grand Truth"? It seems to me that it's like the mother of all epiphanies. It seems to me that it's sort of the grand vision for visionaries, the Ni Types.

    This is not about Ni-Fe vs. Ti-Ne. People tend to forget that we are more than two functions. It is about Ni-Fe-Ti vs. Ti-Ne-Si. Your logic is not strict at all. Your logic is more Ni-Ti than it is Ti-Si. INTPs are usually introverted first, which means emphasis on Ti-Si. And what I'm really wondering is where the Ne is. If this is not enough, then alright I'll look for exact quotes. I find it tiresome though.
    Ni is not really "spontaneous." Ne is spontaneous. Ni is not exactly "gut feeling." "Gut feeling" can be many things. It can be Si in SJ's, SeNi in ESP's, and other sorts of irrational sources of beliefs.

    Now, what would actually be more representative of Ni, especially in INFJs, is "epiphany" or "flash of insight." (in your case: http://intpforum.com/showthread.php?t=14467) Lyra has a lot of Ni but lacks the exercise of Ti and S functions to "ground things", but there are many INFJs who are actually quite adept at "grounding." I have a friend who is a mechanical engineer and he always cites his sources, gives examples etc. He always covers everything. He is basically the quintessential nerd having perfect marks across all subjects. I also know an INFJ professor who is a lawyer who you cannot inquire about a particular law without him mentioning so many cases.
    INFJs are not really what they're framed to be, Mother Theresa's and such. There are many logical INFJs, particularly male INFJs. I think most scientists and physicists are even INFJs. Ti is in the tertiary slot so it is not unlikely for them to be logical-minded. Fe is only in the auxiliary slot so, again, not much distance from a feeling to a thinking mindset. It's not really about being warm or being detached... that's more behavioral or motivational. It's about cognitive preferences.
    It was a fleeting thing, so I didnt have much motivation to elaborate. I think you're INFJ, if my opinion amounts to anything that is.
    Greetings, Duxwing.

    Thank you for being patient with my inquiries into your work; observing from afar is different than observing from inside.
    Attunement to personality takes time, after which
    I should be able to put pieces together
    more fluidly and be more helpful.
    Until then, write on!
    I don't know what to say :o
    What I say must be right and I can never know how to interpret another accurately. This creates a black hole in my mind -> seeing more possible ways of interpretations (Ne) and fewer right answers to them (Ti). I suppose Love is the cause of this black hole effect.
    You're funny, I wish to love you

    PS Not in a sexual way or perhaps in a sexual way, I mean. Well you know what I mean...

    (I am never funny :slashnew:)
    Haha! I understand what you mean. I admire your clarification! (Your Ne is so objectively specific to the point, I love it.)
    I'm such a fool, the previous visitor message of me was totally excessive. (I tend to do that as well ->Autistic me :coverlaugh:)
    Often so, I'm also very much in the subjective mindset which is so excited and driven that I can digress within the point I'm trying to make. That I go into clarification but actually digress. Thus my posts should actually not be read by the words I write but specifically the way the words are form -> I mean, to read it subjective. To read it without questioning yourself 1bit. "To read it in an subconscious state"
    intpz who is now banned, had the exact same. Thus I admired him in a sense, because I did, always understand him.
    Do note that I hereby do NOT claim 'our' way of writing/thinking to be superior, it has it negative effects in large but I must also say that it is a kind of higher dimensional way of thinking which other people don't seem to understand. So we tend to think: Why don't you understand!?!?! You make no sense! But actually; we, are causing the miscommunication. We are being the bad sensors.

    I will not be as common. And make posts which are totally ridiculous and often not even my opinion. Or whereas the truth is so stripped down to only convey the relevancy of the point I'm trying to make that what I wrote becomes false/nonfactual and that it will be totally misinterpreted because of that.
    I do my best though and might even give in a little juice as well.
    Please excuse my English.

    Sometimes I'm a real jerk. I acknowledge and apologize for that.
    Please do not let that temper your judgement about me though.
    I'd wish to appreciate you and long for it to be mutual.

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