• OK, it's on.
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  • Done now. Domine miserere nobis.

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  • Salutations, sentient life.

    I hope the resurrection wasn't a dastardly, teasing and now collapsed spell of necromancy.

    Are you still alive you old cretin?

    You can't have not been on in two years!
    It's been a year... I wonder where you have gone. I hope you are well, and that life has been favorable for you. I wish you the best my friend.

    So this is the original and the rose, an addition?



    I shall be watching for further customisation.

    I hope you won't dissapoint!
    Please, oh sesquipedalian one, never cease to titillate our minds with your quixotic loquaciousness!
    The old avatar returns, but without the rose?

    Have you lost something?:(

    Hope you're doing okay my lord.

    *bows and leaves*
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