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  1. Ermine

    I know you all like Smartassity...

    Sounds like a very unstable basis for self worth... This calls for a spoonful of saccharine sarcasm: "Whatever makes you happy." I suspect most people who say stuff like that are reminding themselves to pursue happiness.
  2. Ermine

    Do you have a junk drawer?

    At least you have it all in drawers. I tend to keep a bunch of similar stuff in drawers, but it ends up covering any horizontal surfaces in my room and then some. It can be useful someday, right? :) Anyway, judging isn't all about being organized and ambitious. Anyone of any type can learn...
  3. Ermine

    Songs to Play Twice

  4. Ermine

    Your thoughts on google

    I think there's a significant difference between google and the weapon seller. Google doesn't choose it's clients. And while I don't have any actual knowledge on the subject, the weapon seller would probably use more caution dealing with more dangerous goods and potentially more dangerous...
  5. Ermine

    Your thoughts on google

    It could be if google made a change in policy against personal liberty/privacy. Here's my perspective. At the moment, I work in a dental office, and a lot of my job is data entry for the patient records. I have access to a wealth of information that I could easily exploit if I had the...
  6. Ermine

    Raised into being an INTP when really an INFP?

    You might have more luck hashing this out in terms of functions. While INTPs and INFPs are pretty similar, their functions are significantly different. Also, MBTI types are nowhere near absolute. Thinkers can be sensitive and Feelers can be rational. Similarly I often test as INTJ (low...
  7. Ermine

    Stuck on career ideas.

    Welcome! This sounds almost exactly like me 1.5 years ago. I was a freshman/sophomore in univers. I was heading for a graphic design major, but also felt a little conflicted since I have also been good at almost everything I put my mind to. At the time I was conflicted between music, computer...
  8. Ermine

    INTP at school: How do you do it?

    In high school, I did barely anything studying-wise and got As and Bs. In college, I got away from the studying routine almost entirely by majoring in graphic design which is project oriented, with only a little history and terminology to remember. I'm good at remembering things and can do...
  9. Ermine

    What makes you Mad?

    I hardly ever get angry, just annoyed or frustrated (yes there's a difference. When I'm frustrated, it's only because I'm still trying to understand the problem and resolve conflict. I'm willing to work with the source of conflict). Anyway... Things that make me angry: - people who hurt/ my...
  10. Ermine

    Any musicians?

    I play electric and acoustic guitar, piano, cello, and I can sing alto/soprano decently (it's clear and in tune). I also know a good amount of music theory and can read music pretty well. Now just need to work on songwriting.
  11. Ermine

    Member Appreciation Thread

    I'm sure you'll figure out something to do. When I stopped posting so much, there was actually a myriad of things to do. I got to concentrate more on art and piano, master calculus, crochet a scarf for my roommate's birthday, watch documentaries, socialize more, study, play guitar, sleep, write...
  12. Ermine

    Member Appreciation Thread

    Warm fuzzies. :) The fact that you're still posting is one of few reasons why I still linger here. It's been great getting to know you through your posts. Thanks for reminding me to actually leave this time. There have been some good times, and I have grown a lot as a result, but I've learned...
  13. Ermine

    Iceland: Land of INTPs?

    According to the article alone, it sounds like a dream come true. And it's home to one of my favorite bands, Sigur Ros. Definitely a plus. Also looks like they'd have great skiing.
  14. Ermine

    Vegetarianism and INTP

    I'm omnivorous. But for various reasons, I hardly ever eat meat. Most meat I like is usually outside my affordability range, I can't be bothered to cook meat most of the time, convenience reasons. Also, so far as energy is concerned, eating mostly vegetarian makes more sense. You can get the...
  15. Ermine

    Negative you!

    What she said. But having red hair is awesome. I've seen your pics on facebook, and it totally works for you. I'd dye my hair red if it wouldn't make my blonde eyebrows disappear. And dyeing is a pain in the neck since red fades after a few weeks... As for me, I hate how I can't focus on...
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