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  1. indigofireflies

    What do INTPs look like

    Average height. 5'4". Long curly brown hair. Brown eyes. I tan easily in the summers. Sometimes dark rings. I love early mornings and late nights. Roundish-features. 140 lb, rather athletic, in JROTC. I wear whatever I feel like -- typically sweaters, tights, any weird combination I feel like...
  2. indigofireflies

    Simple confirmation that you are an INTP

    When you find you can argue for practically any side, regardless of previous friendships or etc. and remain perfectly neutral.
  3. indigofireflies

    Sexy club

    Fffffffffffft yes.
  4. indigofireflies

    What is friendship and do you want it?

    Trust and reaching out go hand-in-hand for me. I don't feel comfortable/have no real urge to reach out unless I have a trust to cause me to want to -- and a trust that I won't be spurned. I don't handle that sort of rejection very well. This isn't to say I don't have friends, though -- I have a...
  5. indigofireflies

    What is friendship and do you want it?

    I always find myself closer to people then I am to people. They reach out, and I accept, but make no attempt to reach out myself. I know their life stories, and the most they end up knowing about me is the very menial basics. True friendship is a long relationship in which we have both reached...
  6. indigofireflies

    Happy New Year, INTPf!

    Epic year, I'll miss it.
  7. indigofireflies

    Yes -- and you should watch Doctor Who. It's awesome.

    Yes -- and you should watch Doctor Who. It's awesome.
  8. indigofireflies

    Haha, it was morning when I posted -- I actually live in Kentucky. [You don't get Doctor Who...

    Haha, it was morning when I posted -- I actually live in Kentucky. [You don't get Doctor Who refs, do you? :P] So yes. I was busy. I hadn't slept.
  9. indigofireflies

    Developing F Function?

    Falling in love seems to do it pretty proper for most people.
  10. indigofireflies

    Sexy club

  11. indigofireflies

    INTP Fashion?

    I usually hardly wear make-up -- I don't find it necessary. The most I'll use is a lip balm. I do, however, paint my nails. I normally use a dark red I'm keen to. I think it looks classy and it catches people's eyes easily. It's a weird, illogical, fanciful notion, but I do it all the same. I...
  12. indigofireflies

    INTPs and self harm?

    I used to that -- helluva lot. I don't know if they're more prone to or not? I think it's more of an individual thing. A study would be intriguing to see, nevertheless.
  13. indigofireflies

    Mental Voice

    One voice -- different tones. But sometimes this voice splits -- when I'm feeling particularly conflicted about something, one voice will take one tone and the other a different tone -- and then those may split too. When I read, I hear it in my head in a tone of voice not dissimilar to mine...
  14. indigofireflies

    What books have influenced your world view?

    How could I forget Calvin and Hobbes? I own seven of the books. I love them. When I was a little girl, I had a stuffed tiger named Sheila that I dragged around everywhere with me, much like Calvin with Hobbes. This was before I'd read the comics -- afterwards, I thought it was very funny.
  15. indigofireflies


    Happens to me all the time. I've once had such great misinterpretations that it created a rift between my mother and I for weeks, when really, neither of us harbored any bad will towards each other right from the beginning. I agree with most of the posts. Communication is golden. Even if...
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