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  • Yes but then the guy messaged me afterwards calling me a weak faggot. I didnt even get to defend myself.
    Yeah i gotta go back to school on the 28th so... Im not looking forward to that and sorry for the death in that thread.
    Yes bettaying your close allies is fun but i joined the most powerful alliance in the game so im pretty much set in the ways of protection. I was attacked last night while i slept my alliance hit his in allout warfare.

    That wasnt because he attacked me either its because he did it while i slept. Which is counted as a dickmove.

    Anywho, how ya been melly? you havent been on for ages
    Well then i would be in trouble... If i hadnt destroyed the melkors army so i should be fine now. Your unconcious marauding is over. Please dont make another army when your drinking your next beer. We could be on a team? I dont like fighting.
    Like age of empires for ipod. Well if you dont know it you shouldnt of attacked me. It would be very wierd if you somehow did with no knowledge to its existance.
    I wa just playing age of warring or whatever its called on my ipod and someone called melkor attacked me, was that you perchance cause im hurt if it was. melly, i thought we had something?
    We should play sometime, thus far in sandbox I've mainly set up Terminator vs Combine deathmatches but the AI sucks.
    Still is intimidating to think about, dauron was this huge shadow for middle earth abd it turns out he was someones bitch.

    No no no i want to drink just not till im older GOT did do a lot for that but my will was stronger, i estimate maybe 18-21 when istart.

    Flying and breathing fire are the best bits of being a dragon, sometimes it gets fairly difficult though. Its curious when i do it in public, people stare.
    Hey melly! well I use Skype as "auburneye" now. I'm online occasionally - like maybe 10 hrs out of the week. Blasted "making-money" adult life getting in the way of free-time. =(

    But catch me there if you can! > : D
    Melly, did you get your name from lord of the rings or wad it a fluke, because the name of saurons ex master was morgoth but it was changed from melkor...
    Gripping as a tidal wave that violently throws you to the bottom of the water; yet in its acceptance, let's you see everything that's beneath it as some form of calm-after-the-storm peak experience. It breaks down the ego to see what's there behind it; it puts the mirror on the soul.
    I love lord of the rings and zelda!!!! Im sure i would like doctor who as well but i just havent sat down and watched many episodes before, the ones i did watch i was impressed by.

    I dont drink, im not old enough yet and ive seen enough it to know thats not something i would like to do. Pretending to be a cat now i can confidently say i have done that more than once, have you ever tried pretending to be a dragon, its REALLY hard.

    I also like the walking dead, vikings and dragonage. I could go on but i would feel silly naming numerous when you only named 3. I would also be a bit of an ass.
    Filmed here... Your in ireland or croatia?
    I was going to say if game of thrones wasnt shown that would have been a life not worth living

    So melly do you have any other interests besides FNAF? Im genuinely curious you seem like a very interesting person, well i presume person your not an AI, vampire, orc or something right?!?
    Towards the end of term everyone was playing five nights at freddies on their laptops i thought it was one of them.

    GOT Isnt on telly where you are!?!? My god thats terrible, that sucks mate. Its on austar in australia, has been simce season 1. You have still watched the most recent ones right?

    Like any other stuff melly,wait can i call you melly?
    Tired, they're making me work during the day, the sunlight it burns!

    Y'know when you open a oven and that cloud of hot air forces you to take a step back, welcome to Australia except that's not the oven that's everywhere.
    Your avatars foxy isnt it? From five nights at freddies?well maybe not foxy but fairly certain its one of them right? In all honesty I DO PREFER WOLVES TO MOST THINGS. Do you like game of thrones question mark
    SO DO I!!!!

    oh god...
    how embarrassing.

    I did not mean to set that as my avvie.

    Kill me please.
    That's the best way to be, a shame it can't be sustained.

    And the trick to an awesome beard is shitloads of conditioner.
    It's like you're begging me to kill you in the most horrible fashion that I can devise and then clone you so I can kill you again.
    one of those ghost types that can't interact with normal types. o.o;

    sry melly, i'd just slip right through you!
    You can have it in exchange for your soul. And if you don't believe in a soul, then you have nothing to lose, right?!
    Gator don't play no shit, you feel me? Gator never been about that, Gator never been about playin no shit.
    EEKKK! *Goes and gets a boiling pot of oil to wear as a hat.* Ha come at me now! I'll head charge my way into the castle.
    Not really, I've got a couple of ulcers in my mouth which might be making me grumpy.

    Hold on I'll get back to you with a proper reply.
    I am not understand this cheeky way of interaction. I hope you are happy too. What is the Irish version? There isn't even any my version. Cherry Cola is like only available on import in Sweden. Also because I am semi-fat and wish not to become fat I refuse to drink it. It is my favourite beverage so this sucks. My dream is to have my own branded "Cherry Cola" purple drank. Unfortunately that is not possible as drugs are forbidden by law. But when they are not my purple drank brand will contain large amounts of: cherry cola, synthetic cannabis and tramadol; moderate amounts of: modafinil and methoxetamine; as well as small amounts of diazepam and dimenhydrinate. The latter is just there to quell itching and nausea. I think I shall name the brand Introverted Intuition. When it hits the shelves I will be millionaire.
    Well then Elsa... you know the power of true loves melts through the snow. The solution is simple! *puts on wizard robe and hat* Okay here we go...
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