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  • Fair enough. lol.

    Woeps, that What I've said as well in this Message was meant for another person.
    I'm a male outside of Netherlands, who may create an intro sometime if I see a reason for it.
    And what is your Personality Type? And how did you came to this conclusion?

    I myself am an INFJ which have been confirmed numerous times. When I was first introduced to Typology (MBTI) I concluded with certainty that I was an INTP, but after 'mastering' Typology to some degree I came to the conclusion to be wrong and actually am an INFJ. This was also confirmed later on by Pod'Lair.
    I see you have not made an introduction. If I may ask...
    How old are you? Where are you from? What is your gender? What are your interests?

    I myself am 19, from the Netherlands and I'm a boy. I don't really have interests that matter. I suppose I'm interested in Typology (As I've studied it for quite some time and have become rather good at typing). I sometimes play cod4, I officially stopped, but some public matches now and then doesn't hurt all to bad.
    It's illogical to visit my own visitor section and leave a comment... But hi.
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