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  1. onesteptwostep

    Death of Anonymous

    I'm actually the opposite. I tell myself "ah, they finally left this rundown town, and into the world.."
  2. onesteptwostep

    Any link between INTP personalities, or general Intellectuals and Depression.

    Most intelligent people are those who were unplugged from their domestic culture during development, meaning there is less of a social network which leaves him or her more vulnerable to loneliness. But depression isn't something that's rare these days. I would link depression more with economics...
  3. onesteptwostep

    How would you become the best version of yourself?

    I'm not sure what the best version of myself would be, but I do have several interests which I would pursue if money isn't a problem. Not in any particular order, but first, have a general understanding of the philosophy of religion in the contemporary world. This I would pursue by enrolling...
  4. onesteptwostep


    Ah yes, anime, good times. There's another messaging board I used to frequent, where the anime enthusiasts would wait for an episode to come out then torrent it like mad.. good times. It's been years since I've seen anime, but from what I hear the general themes are lighter now. They say there's...
  5. onesteptwostep

    e_e am I ENTP?

    Ne, the ENTP dominant function is extroverted iNtuition, which, intuition, is introverted in nature. ENTP is just an inside out INTP, if you see their cognitive functions. Ti-Ne, Si-Fe into Ne-Ti, Fe-Si. They're mostly similar but generally an ENTP is more goofy. Both are more or less inept at...
  6. onesteptwostep

    Theories on Storytelling

    Nier Automata is probably something you'll enjoy, cog. Here: "How NieR: Automata Tells the Ultimate Humanist Fable"
  7. onesteptwostep


    Marx doesn't really have a 'philosophy of materialism'. His philosophy was the rejection of the metaphysical, but doesn't really give a reason as to why he rejects it. The philosophy he creates is more of a philosophy of history, that society messes up and then gets better again through the...
  8. onesteptwostep

    My take on MBTI

    @Kormak Oh haha, I see. Typology to me, isn't something that's set. I also affirmed myself as INTP, (and interestingly INTj on socionics myself), but over time and phases and experiences, it seems like the types change. Types to me more are descriptions of circumstance rather than a set...
  9. onesteptwostep

    My take on MBTI

    @Kormak It's always good to see new blood on the forums. What do you think your type is?
  10. onesteptwostep

    My take on MBTI

    After reading this topic, out of curiosity I took a test again on 16personalities. This time I got ESFJ-A, with the percentage distributions all in the 40%~60% range. I guess I'm a short-sighted retard ape, who's unreasonable and unstable and preachy, but also a masturbator and a narrow minded...
  11. onesteptwostep

    Egocentric "Natural" Morality

    I see that Cog still fundamentally misunderstands profoundly what religion is. Religion is not ethics, nor is it an ideology. Religion isn't a question of ought, they dogmatically lay out what is, then tries to answer them. There is suffering. Why? I exist. Why? I feel like if you leave this...
  12. onesteptwostep

    The future...

    Oh, I mean Hegelian in regards to his Absolute Spirit notion. "Humanity" seems more like a word that is charged with energy, something that's going forward with a goal, like his Absolute. I was just musing that it's more abstract rather than something that's physical, that is, the species.
  13. onesteptwostep

    What is the limit of secular tolerance?

    I'm not confident in saying this, but I'm not sure whether 'the secular' is in the domain of the irreligious. The secular is simply a domain of our shared community and culture, to the extent that it can be shared, between all the streams of cultures within society. The 'secular' is irreligious...
  14. onesteptwostep

    Why philosophy sucks

    Like Serac said, philosophy is just a fancy way of saying 'reasoning' or 'argumentation'. First philosophy, the "philosophy" of the pre-Socratics, was basically a mash up of ontology and chemistry. Everything.. is water... or air.. or fire, and so on. Any meta-scientific debate, any political...
  15. onesteptwostep

    The future...

    I don't have anything to add, but I'm just wondering if the term 'humanity' is inherently a Hegelian term. What is humanity? All the collective homosapiens in the universe? If we're talking about the future of the homosapein species, I guess we won't be extinct? If we're talking about the...
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