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  • Hmm, it’s a state of mind thing. I always feel like I’m in a bubble, or in the wrong place. Also Doland Trump: "WRONNNNNNNNNG". If you’re left, you’re in da Rong place, lol.
    This is precisely why I find typology difficult/unreliable. I don't think I have ever been able to determine anyone's type, unless their expression was remarkably consistent. I just find that environmental variables can really confuse things.

    I have often wondered if type, when obvious, is pathological.

    Meaning people who are difficult to type are "healthier", in a sense. I think strongly expressed types could be either delusional (did I say that....yes, I did, shock horror) or wanting to conform to some ideal/immature.

    ADHD can confuse things, and so can schizoid disorders. I display schizoid tendencies, but it could also just be a strong preference for introversion. In the Jungian sense, I'm probably an Ne or a Ti dom. I identify more with ENTP, but test consistently as INTP. Which means the tests are flawed.

    However, there are other types that I also resonate strongly with, such as ISFP and ISTP.

    /blasphemous ramble
    When you say on a superficial level, what do you mean?

    Hmm, well, from my understanding Ni would do exactly that, if I'm understanding you right. Ni can have these mysterious things seemingly popping out of nowhere (although I think the unconscious is responsible for this, and Ni users are perhaps more in tune with their unconscious than Ne users, who are more focused externally), however...Ni will use an extraordinary amount of external data and incorporate that in its visionary outlook.

    I guess the difference between a Ni user and a Ne user is that Ni uses data to support a driving theme, while Ne users use data in a way that could change the direction of their drive entirely. Which is why Ne doms may seem scatterbrained and Ni users seem to have their head in the clouds.
    I think a lot of the personality systems could potentially be biased towards certain types by their methods of inquiry, depending on who had most influence over their designs. Which is why, if you don't know yourself well enough, or isn't heavily (unhealthily) trapped in a leading function, you could tip over into other types using different systems.
    Yeah, people tend to look at behaviour, and judge based on a limited dataset, and probably with an (un)healhty dose of projection. It's like some member on this forum seeing Ni everywhere because they are so fixed on Ni that other functions are ignored. Or you could just turn Ni into anything, by rationalisation. It just becomes terribly subjective, which is why I don't trust people who just throw a type at other people without solid justification.
    No, it is good advice. When I take the tests, it's usually ENTP or INTP. But I don't trust those tests much, because I am in doubt what my leading functions are all the time due to over-thinking things, and the fact that I have a great deal of mental issues which would potentially interfere with type.

    So you have decided on INTP finally?
    The reason for thinking I may be ISTP is because I have a very practical bent, and I am good at hands-on, DIY stuff. I love solving practical and theoretical problems. But it may be related to the fact that I was brought up by very practically-minded parents, who constantly taught me stuff like that. I also like to be active, but perhaps my reasons are not typically ISTP as I'm more interested in the experience of something new, rather than the idea of exercise itself. I don't really enjoy physical exertion much.
    I'm focused on external objects, and I have a strong desire to be 'out and about', doing stuff. However, the interesting and confusing issue is that while I have this strong desire, I don't act on it. This makes me wonder if it is some sort of inferior pull. Which would make me INTJ or INFJ, but I'm convinced I'm not an Ni lead.

    I tend to feel more comfortable researching topics or dreaming about my next project from home. I self-sabotage, but I'm not sure whether this is from actually wanting to do things, or from being brainwashed into thinking that I should be doing things.

    So, I tend to spend more time researching a gazillion things from home, which then becomes the data pool for speculations. Which sounds a lot like Ne :storks:

    It is very confusing, trying to draw the line between what could be inherent type-characteristics, and environmental influences.
    Yeah, maybe. I think I may be ISTP, lol. Although I have kind of deconstructed the whole personality theory lately, so I am not sure about anything. Jung was just a dude with ideas. Good for inspiring thought, but because his ideas were so open-ended, there's so much room for interpretation, hence all the arguments. But I guess if his ideas were absolute, then there would be no arguments, and everyone would be bored shitless. Humans are weird.
    The test result part?
    Yeah it makes sense though
    I took the test a year + ago and I was INTP with intrapersonal as my number one strength
    Hmm, I did another quick search and found another full concert: https://vimeo.com/216168322

    Haven't listened to this one so cannot comment on it.

    Edit: actually, the quality is better in the NRK link. I also find the orchestra a bit distracting after a while.
    Hi QT, I'm not sure what is going on with that link as it's working for me. There seems to be a lot of glitchy things going on with the old software, but unfortunately I don't know how to fix it as I'm not an active mod anymore.

    I tried to find the whole concert elsewhere, but no luck, which is weird considering how remarkable the piece is.

    The only thing I would suggest is to go to the NRK Radio website : https://radio.nrk.no/
    Then search for "Philip Glass The Light", and it should pop up.

    I'm glad you like it - just curious what you consider INTP about it? First time I heard it I nearly cried : /
    I've been feeling less deeply the last few years... except when I'm drunk, I guess. I do find myself more and more at odds with "society", though., I've lost most of my interest in people as well. I'm unsure to what degree this is physical vs psychological as I've been having some weird health problems that influence my mood and feelings

    2. Thanks for the feedback. I do think I'd be able to progress with someone competent. Competence is not something I'm used to see in people, however. I'm due to see someone in a few weeks, so we'll see, I guess. I live in a very small place, so my choices are limited.
    1. Yeah, I think so, if I met someone I "resonate" with. I can get a long with various type of people, but usually I remain distant to them due to finding myself too different to them to disclose certain aspects of myself, aspects that are part of the core of "who I am". I find it rare to be find someone where I can be more "myself" in RL, so to speak.

    In the past I've changed somewhat drastically due to how my perception of something changes. When that changes, feelings, thoughts, my relationship with it follows. CBT is more preoccupied with looking at current behavior and thoughts, and addressing those. I find that if I don't have intrinsic motivation or a "deeper" belief about something, then taking such a shallow approach wont matter, because my core wont really care, agree or motivated to make the change. I do believe I can develop those motivations etc by talking to someone.
    2. At this point, a relationship with some other person than my partner in itself will probably alleviate some of my problems. I basically never talk or see anyone else than him and my mother. It can kinda warp and mess with your perspective on things after a few years.
    Hmm... not sure really. I think it's because I stopped chugging coffee and adjusting my work life and sleep habits.
    That's a very open question. I think some types of personalities benefit more from psychotherapy than, for instance, CBT. It does sound like you've found a good fit with your therapist and that you benefit from it. I've been looking for a therapist recently myself, so I'm kinda hoping to find a good fit as well. I live in a small place, though, so choices are limited.

    I'd think you, like me, would become increasingly annoyed with a CBT approach.

    If you specify your question a bit, it might be easier to answer. I'm bad with open questions
    haha. Well, there's always a need to be diplomatic, but I've gradually stopped caring as much with some things.
    To be honest, since I have no site access whatsoever, it's like a vacation, lol. I mean, it's not our fault, and we can't do anything until VS fixes it, so... it's like "okay, I get to do other things for once!" What do people expect me to do? There's not really anything in my area of control or responsibility at the moment, aside from me contacting VS and guiding the staff who still have access.

    I think the Mafia games might have stopped for a bit due to all the problems posting and getting access, although I'm not sure.
    The database is screwed up and we're waiting for Vertical Scope to show up and fix things since they have control over that.

    I've been locked out of the forum since Saturday morning (about 32 hours ago), but the problems were at least 12-20 hours before that. My admins still have access, but they still get database errors when posting.

    It looked like the posts were still getting made, despite the error message. At least for some users.

    If you actually can navigate through the forum, you should be able to read the Announcement BIT made at the top of every subforum on the forum.
    Some of their music I wasn't keen on, some I enjoyed, so I kind of mixed and matched off iTunes at some point. I might re-review their discography to see if there's anything else, but here is what is on my list now:

    The Awakening
    - Want it All

    POD Greatest Hits
    - Going in Blind
    - Sleeping Awake
    - Goodbye for Now
    - Truly Amazing

    Payable on Death
    - Will You
    - Change the World
    - Execute the Sounds
    - Find My Way
    - Revolution
    - The Reasons
    - Waiting on Today
    - Asthma

    - This Time

    The first song I heard by them (which drove me to look up their other songs) was Sleeping Awake, which was on the Matrix Reloaded soundtrack... and I was like, "Wow, that's so cool!" hence the rest.
    Erm, I don't know what to say to you QuickTwist, other than "I don't hate you, I like you" - "I was merely explaining why I haven't replied to the post or two that you addressed to me"


    Relax dude :D
    You posted some music vids in my thread, and you asked my opinion. I never got back to you. Then you made a comment about your posts being ignored in random thoughts.

    So this was about telling you that there's a reason I ignored them.

    Who doesn't use email?! Lol.
    Anyway, I was conserving my data when I passed on your vids. I intended to tell you much earlier, but I didn't get around to it.. My laptop's been broke. Cant wait to get back up and running.

    Make sure you note my email, for any future music and mafia fests ;)
    Thanks :) my last few avatars were like that, just trying to show I don't take myself too seriously
    Cherry was banned because he either gave his account to Bronto after Bronto's permaban or Bronto hacked it somehow.
    They're good bands. Everyone ruins band hype by saying they were cool before they went mainstream. Pop is mainstream lol
    Sadly I lost the image I developed and I cannot remember exactly how it looked. I am going the lazy route this time and grabbing whatever looks good on the internet.
    Can I please have the privilege of access to the most intriguing spectators thread? :)
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