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  • Star Trek into the darkness was a good movie and so was the 2009 movie. Of course I have met people who prefer the older movies. Same with Star Wars. I like the new ones but the old ones were also interesting.
    Hello, and belated welcome to the forum. I keep stumbling across your posts and finding that I appreciate them.
    I have interacted on the ISTP sanctum enough to know at least that I am probably not one. It has helped me with identifying them in real life I believe. I probably have a sensor bias due to my line of work; I have a tougher time identifying N-doms.

    Pursuant to our discussion, I'd say that a good frame of mind to approach this difficult problem with, is that you are looking for an extroverted perception function, meaning you are ignoring S/N definitions and focusing first on generalized perception.

    Once you are able to identify your perceptual processes as distinctly extroverted and introverted, respectively, you can then heuristically apply common S/N differentiation and you might surprise yourself with a new type altogether.
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