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    I don't disagree with you, I just would not make it so easy by offering up all of the details of my life so publicly where there's a chance it could be used against me directly or indirectly for sinister purposes by the government, or other criminals and enemies. I see a lot of drama come into...
  2. Red myst

    Overvaluation of being well rounded

    It could also be that some parents just want to be able to expose their children to a wider variety of experiences to help them develop their interest and see what they take to and what they don't.
  3. Red myst


    What really gets me is the people I know who use social media for everything and also complain about the patriot act, NSA spying, and employer snooping on prospective employees.
  4. Red myst

    Can you be happy forever?

    SONJA LYUBOMIRSKY Professor, University of California, Riverside Ph.D. Stanford University, 1994 (951) 827-5041 (msg only) sonja.lyubomirsky[at]ucr.edu Google Scholar Page Lyubomirsky CV The majority of my research career has been devoted to studying human happiness. Why is the...
  5. Red myst

    What is your dopamine addiction?

    A cigarette with a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. The "AhHa" moments that boil into consciousness seemingly out of thin air that result in an instantaneous revelation about an issue that ive been contemplating. When i get something working that was broken. Particularly if the...
  6. Red myst

    Expectations Vs Reality

    There is a sense of empowerment that comes with making you own way through in the world. Earning your own resources instead of being dependent on others to provide them to you. life is something to navigate, even your best charts and maps will still not have all the information you need, so you...
  7. Red myst

    What are feelers good at?

    I believe that the feeling or thinking preference is more about what motivates you and what environments best suite your temperament than what your abilities are. Anything that you focus on, you will be better at. This is an SJ world so IP's have a more difficult tome dealing with it. You can...
  8. Red myst

    Stoicism. Your opinion and your usage.

    You might want to look into stoic pragmatism. I have lived most of my life this way and this book Stoic Pragmatism (American Philosophy): John Lachs: 9780253223760: Amazon.com: Books@@AMEPARAM@@http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31b00MYBvOL.@@AMEPARAM@@31b00MYBvOL helped me understand better...
  9. Red myst

    Macbook Problems

    plugging an external monitor in might help you solve the problem, or a rescue USB drive that you can boot from to troubleshoot the system. The write error seems pretty ominous. Or remove the hard drive and install it in an external hard drive enclosure and see if it can be accessed by another...
  10. Red myst

    Behaviour and success

    It was quite inspiring to read something that resonated so well with what I had come to believe was my key to success a long time ago. But it's hard sometimes not to get caught up in that conventional wisdom. Finding yourself trying to live up to someone else's expectations.
  11. Red myst

    Behaviour and success

    I read this book a few years ago titled "The Personality Code". And couldn't agree with it more. I hate generic motivational speeches and books. Trying harder may or may not get you anywhere depending on a variety of factors. It's about what to work at, where to put the focus. Self understanding...
  12. Red myst

    Behaviour and success

    Knowing when to quit is also important to success. Understanding yourself is I think the most important thing. Playing to your strengths, protecting your shortcomings, knowing when it's time to change direction are also very important.
  13. Red myst

    Sensor Sabbatical

    Then you need a new home! :D. Home should be a place to retreat to, not get away from unless you just need a bit of a change of atmosphere.
  14. Red myst

    Sensor Sabbatical

    I would also vote to just stay home. The man/woman cave is the best sanctuary to me. On a side note, I find extroverted sensors either in the dominant or the aux to be refreshing at times, what I tend to avoid the most are the autharative natures of the Judjing sensors like ISTJs.
  15. Red myst

    What's a normal day like in your life?

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