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  • I'm not trying to avoid your attention I'm trying to tell you that I don't want it. It's not evasive it's assertive.

    Can you remind me exactly how I'm behaving like a stupid dick?
    Whatever dude I didn't ask your advice or opinions I'm telling you up front that your attention is unwanted.
    I don't appreciate you constantly speculating on my emotional state with such vulgar metaphors... because it's obviously a tactic to ridicule me and bring my confidence down, you child.

    I think you either really do want to know what my problem is, in which case you could do a better job of being mature/a friend, or you are deliberately trying to play social dominance games in which case you can fuck right off, as I've said before.
    You share a birthday with Lucrezia Borgia?
    I now understand the enigma that is redbaron.
    :phear: you changed your message just as i was coming around to the idea...i'm really getting to like you :) - i think i'd be ok with some mutual friendly grooming - i'll give you a pedicure and then a foot massage, then we can read each other's diaries and talk about EVERYTHING. we'll be bff's forever :):):)
    if you haven't read it already, you might enjoy evelyn waugh's the loved one if you like to laugh at how absurdly death is dealt with. i found it fucking hilarious.
    You, at one time, stated that people can only handle so much grayman. I took this as a personal observation.

    This was stated in connection to the cereal you assigned to my name. Perhaps I misunderstood.
    I am sorry for the internal conflict I create in the wake in my presence. I can destroy the peace in peoples hearts. I can put stress upon their walls.
    ^ This is in response to your visitor messages. I am not watching you potty. I pwomise. =^_^=
    Oh god, I'd almost forgotten about that. D:

    Same - I was mesmerised by it for about half hour. :D
    Oh goodie

    I need a provider so I can selfishly pursue my own interest that is potato chips eating
    i hope you get the desired results. i might reconsider the sexy witch though - some males might find her intimidating and from what i've read there may be gifts involved as part of boob appreciation. hooray!
    Describing love as full access - first time I've seen someone else do that too. :D A lot of it is largely conscious/intentional too, as you said. Access is a big part of my conception of love.

    Though in my experience, some people automatically have that access (which isn't to say I automatically love them, more that there's a potential for a very close relationship of some kind).

    Just cool to see the same idea out there, but reluctant to participate in thread.
    Your client keeps disconnecting and signing you back in. It's kind of like watching a corpse randomly spasm. :p
    it's worse than hitler! you should always avoid contact with neighbours because they know where you live and when you're in.
    still, if you killed yourself whilst there were guests you'd run the risk of having them noseying around your corpse. ugh!
    heh heh the suffering of others, lol.
    but seriously i found it funny because it rendered my own similar traumas amusing. it's just so fucking annoying when you get trapped in one room for hours til they leave :(
    ha yes you're right : 'a song about us? - must be about how awesome we are!'
    i have no reason to pretend i think you're funny. i remember one post about hiding upstairs whilst a neighbour was visiting that had me in stitches :D
    heh good, for you've made me laugh a few times! it's the cover of rammstein's single amerika. check it out the lyrics and video are pretty cool.
    I thought about being extroverted one time. I thought about maybe going out and being *shudder* social. Then I made some tea and read a book.

    Social is for other people.
    Damn. I had to know what was up. And he proves to be making the same claims he's been making all along. *yawn*
    You kind of blanket ad hom'd anyone who disagrees with you when you claimed that the only reason people disagree with you is because they're angry or hate you. Quite pathetic really.

    I'm assuming this is in response to something Goku said. I have to assume this because I put him on my ignore list days ago for the reason's you've listed and I see that he's posting things. He doesn't answer directly to discussions. He just complains a lot and doesn't actually offer any stimulating conversation. He's a bit like a tired strung out toddler.

    I've done the same thing to BAP. For the same reason.
    1 australian money can feed an african village

    what about the children, baronessy

    you emotionless monster
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