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  1. redbaron

    What is one superpower that u would have?

    manipulate probability
  2. redbaron

    What is the limit of secular tolerance?

    read it since you insisted it was worth reading. not sure what you think is meant to change my mind on what secular values are? being religious doesn't means you're inherently ignorant of and have a conflict of interest in teaching biology. dealing with teachers who do a bad job is already...
  3. redbaron

    What is the limit of secular tolerance?

    okay stopped reading after the first paragraph yes, you should hire a catholic teacher if they're the best candidate for the job, because personal belief =/= occupation i actually did have a religious chemistry teacher in high school, who was passionate and probably my favourite of all my...
  4. redbaron

    What is the limit of secular tolerance?

    i didn't miss a point, i think you did? i literally said you can't stop a catholic signing up to a physics course (in a secular society). the implication being that gay people and catholics are both afforded the same freedom from discrimination
  5. redbaron

    What is the limit of secular tolerance?

    did you know men also get to choose partners? crazy i know religion sucks yeah, all the institutionalised ones ideally need to go. the limit of secular tolerance though is just the point where discrimination based on belief occurs. you cant fire, or not hire teachers that are gay because your...
  6. redbaron

    What is the hardest video game you have beaten?

    the game of life
  7. redbaron

    INTP and the uncontrollable emotional surge

    ive become more stable as i get older, less likely to have big ups and downs of emotion, but more likely to be moderately upset or relatively happy i think it's probably a suppression thing, at least for me. i once identified as being unemotional, because i'd "feel nothing" majority of the...
  8. redbaron

    Lets talk Human Sexuality

    seems fitting that a discussion about sexuality in 2019 just ends up with people comparing porn searches
  9. redbaron

    Any female INTPs here?

    minuend ensuring all men stay hydrated, regardless of their misconduct a true pillar of generosity and empathy
  10. redbaron

    Major senses

    depends on the context i don't get anything from smelling my phone while it plays music, and i don't get anything from listening closely to the coffee i drink (except for when it makes the voices :)) i like to touch stuff though, i guess? my first instinct upon seeing something interesting is...
  11. redbaron

    Why do you think that in capitalism it is so important to erode the person?

    seems like people are conflating social democracy and capitalism the kind of ethical conscience and humanitarian concerns that people bring up have nothing to do with capitalism. the interest private entities have in these things is proportionate only to the degree that these things impact on...
  12. redbaron

    Why do you think that in capitalism it is so important to erode the person?

    the same reason why anything else is done in a capitalist economy: because it's profitable people make the mistake of thinking that there's been some kind of error in how we've implemented capitalism, but there is no error. capitalism is working exactly as intended: it benefits those with...
  13. redbaron

    How do you arrive at you morality?

    i arrive at my morality on a scooter wearing a dress made of sequins
  14. redbaron

    Any female INTPs here?

    i still can't wrap my head around this one just don't be a dickhead and you'll have a surplus of opportunities to reproduce if you really want to
  15. redbaron

    In a perfect world, _____________________________________

    in a perfect world there'd be no humans /edge
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