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  • My guess is that you would go mad, torn between those two choices.
    Basically, what I'm saying is that the combination of the two (purple pill?) is actually a steroid for your P. ^^
    So. Erm let me know if you have recieved any private messages. I'm this close *shows you the index finger and thumb of her left hand positioned about 1/4 of an inch apart* from tossing my iPhone into the nearest sewage storage facility!
    What the hell is this? I didn't even know this existed... looks pretty stupid (but then again maybe that's just my defense mechanism for not having gotten much attention here).

    Being succinct is something I generally pride myself on - but, of course, in general INTP fashion, I often digress or spend a lot of time clarifying, prefacing, and/or qualifying much of what I say.
    My sig is really a halfassed attempt to understand creativity by roughly applying the laws of thermodynamics, if the mind can be thought of as a fluid and ideas as heat energy. I actually noticed a lot of parallels between the two. For instance, the influx of heat energy causes excitation of fluid molecules, causing expansion. In the mind it could be said that an influx of ideas also causes an expansion of the mind.

    Of course I am not trying to claim the systems are exactly the same, just that the parallels are striking.

    Number 2 was what I tried to come up for the law of increasing entropy. Its true in the sense that people tend to forget more than they come up with. I do realise that heat and ideas differ in that ideas present in a system do not diminish when they are transferred to another system.
    Wow! "Every day changes who I am-"

    That was deep. Like uncalled for deep! Haha.
    Yes, you are so correct. I have always loved to be in a little cave. At one time I had a smaller walk-in closet that I put my computer and desk in along with a simple cot for a bed. Just enough room to hold my clothes and then the cot on one wall and the desk on the opposite wall with about 1 ft of space between for walking. It was perfect
    Goodtastic. Great to finally figure it out, and realize why this RT asshole keeps cracking me up. CJ's posts always did the same.

    Do you remember everything from your life as CJ? Or do you lose your memories after the operation? I'd never have it done (not for me), I was just curious. Do the memories come back little by little? How does it work?
    civilian MOTHERFUCKING jones!
    I've been rackin my brain to figure out who it was that had the operation... who you were... then I thought maybe I had gotten the operation... and then it hit me like a lightning bolt! civilian MOTHERFUCKING jones!
    Gotta say: The sudden appearance of who I must only assume is you was rather a shock. Here I am expecting a stack of cards and I get a face!:eek:

    Hillsboro, Corvallis, Portland...is this INTPforum or Oregonforum?:D
    Thanks. Are you living in Portland? I'm so determined to move there.. I hope to be there sometime next year. Not an easy dream considering I'm poor and the job market there is abysmal. PS You look a lot like one of my best friends.. except he has blonde hair. Cheers.
    Oh I'm from Hillsboro.
    I would say that my room was a little cave-like after the paint job.
    You are right. I never gave that much thought. I really do love red though. When I was a teenager I painted the ceiling and the walls of my bedroom fire engine red. Just... very red. Did I read correctly that you are a Portland Oregonian?
    That must have taken a while to stack those cards like that. I could never do something like that; too clumsy.
    Ha! The other term for Portlanders is "That Guy Who Won't Use An Umbrella AND Never Wears A Raincoat". I don't know how many times I sat in class soaked to the bone busily taking notes to the sound of my classmates dripping.

    Oh, and Portland Saturday Market=Pretty Cool.
    For some reason I'm not terribly surprised you're a Portlander...Portlandite...whatever. You're window covering screams northwest to me ;)
    15k isn't too bad for a first NaNo! I see people on the forums with 1-500 (total, not k) word counts every year, up to the last hours. I think I managed about 30k in '04, but my mom was the one who told me about NaNo, so I got hounded a lot over my word count. A lot. I didn't do so well the next year, either: I managed about 16k. :p Four years of persistence actually paid off last year, though-- I finally won. Not by much, but I hit 50k! :D

    Wonder if I can do it again, now that I'm on my own and no one's going to tell me to get working on my word count every ten minutes. Hmmm. :slashnew:
    2009, 8, 7... all the way back to '04. (A fourteen-year old trying to write a novel from scratch in a month. Yeah. I'm glad that floppy broke.) How far did you get last year?
    Good luck with finding work in San Francisco. I just fled there with my tail between my legs after 6 months of looking, but part of that was due to poor planning. I hope you have better luck.

    So where are you looking?
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