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  1. Rualani

    how women judge you (opposite sex)

    I do like the advice of trying to put oneself in a situation with more females and just continuously engage in conversation and improve on that level. That's the level I'm just focusing on right now, but there are certainly some barriers. It's very revealing when these awkward situations and...
  2. Rualani

    gender role test

    This test actually asked me how happy I was. WHAT!?
  3. Rualani

    Issues With Mindless, Repetitive Small Talk.

    I usually just jump to a different topic that's related. "It's interesting how such a job is paid so well in this society" Something that throws them for a loop and breaks their mold. I usually go for that. Sometimes I can rely on pushing back with the antithesis to whatever their talking...
  4. Rualani

    Gamify Your Life!

    That's an interesting point. Then again, could a vision ever cover all of humanity in general? Personally, I come from the side where people with depression and apathy find themselves sinking tons of time in video gaming. It's led me to believe that there is probably a way to hook everybody in...
  5. Rualani

    Skyrim SE release.

    I had a game going with Frostfall, Campfire, Immersive Wenches, Wildcat Combat, and book covers. Apparently, they allow for modding through a bethesda portal which requires no third party apps to manage. Kind of nice, but it's not fully updated. I had to go to nexus to get Campfire, for...
  6. Rualani

    Gamify Your Life!

    You get quest scrolls that you can do with a party. First rule is you have to party up, though. This is found in the social tab, where most of the fun stuff is as combat is party oriented in this game. Most of the quest scrolls unlock just by logging in a certain number of days. When you fight...
  7. Rualani

    Gamify Your Life!

    Gamification uses those fun things in video games and attaches them to other products, services. What's most interesting to me is how this tool could be used to further someone's own development. Here's a video showing it with some examples if you want the long version...
  8. Rualani

    Pedagogy & How to Raise Actualized People

    I was looking at the budget for my county in Indiana and roughly half of it was being sunk into K-12. No one knows how to make the budget work well I guess O.O
  9. Rualani

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    If reality doesn't give a fuck and we simply rot and die at the end, I'm just going to indulge in whatever delusions please me. Bow down and worship the almighty lord of cheesy mashed potatoes.
  10. Rualani

    Pokémon Go

    I went instinct due to being the underdog and because I thought the lightning type were the bees knees first gameplay. I loved Magnemite for same reason. I had a moment at a park nearby, where a group of Go players and I headed out running through the park for a Drowzee. It was pretty fun...
  11. Rualani

    RWBY season 3

    Infp/Intp party with some snowflake FJ's mixed in. What a party!
  12. Rualani

    Interpret my dream.

    Loss of control and ideal life path broken. Attempting to survive and find life path. The struggle forever changes you.
  13. Rualani

    What is authenticity?

    Authenticity is a hard thing to grasp as it requires a good understanding of what one Desires from the world. That's already a grey area so authenticity becomes grey as well. I think the pursuit of this desire is where authenticity can be seen. Many times I see that word used it's in the realm...
  14. Rualani

    Choice is an illusion.

    Free Will as a concept contains a lot of information that I agree with, assuming determinism. It's the, extra entity, outside of causation that causes the issues. @Quick, In this thread it's difficult to determine which concepts of Free Will is the baby in the bathwater being thrown out for...
  15. Rualani

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    It's mind-boggling how combating negative thoughts can best be tackled by healthy choices that don't really have anything to do with what I'm thinking.
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