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  • Is hope not connected to morality? Why hope? This comes from someone who doesn't believe anything is good or bad, but recognizes that good and bad, as perspectives and desires, exist. I mean srsly. I'm not trying to be a douche here...
    So is it right or wrong for the burger to burn or not, and why? :D

    (I know the right answer. Wait... is the right answer right or wrong? Can this be corrected if I use "correct" instead of "right"? But then is the correct answer correct or incorrect!?!?)
    "just to put this in perspective haha i'm writing a book on the psycho-spiritual aspects of enlightenment. i really don't care if it sells or not. if it does, cool, if not, i still got it out there. :D"

    I get to read this thing, amirite?

    And traditionally, a shaman is by definition an herbalist, at least in the Americas. :p They're also developers, perceiving and informally classifying based on observeable characteristics very much akin to things like the MBTI et al, and act accordingly. Something I learned from Episkopos.
    Yeah I like him in small doses and admire his eloquence but his focus on showmanship over substance annoys me after a while.
    Or perhaps... even if they are somewhat 'permanent' tendencies they are only such because of environmental shaping of upbringing, or perhaps some other one of a million combinations of factors (like culture/family).

    The addendums to this theory in the form of "wings" and "tri-type" is simply an attempt to fill the hole people naturally feel when they sense the enneagram's 9 categories fail to fully capture their specific flavor of circumstantial 'personality'. So they create more categories (sub-types/subcategories) until something feels right enough. Though it may be useful as a shorthand way of explaining one's persona (as all descriptive words essentially do), it is an entirely baselessly contrived system and thus can do no more than that.
    I highly doubt the enneagram is anything more than nine arbitrary behavioral categories people fall into. In other words, one is only an enneagram type so long as their temporary life conditions sustain certain tendencies. It is nothing innate. Only contrived dichotomies which could have included many more Numbers or some less - should the creators have fancied such a thing. Thus being any one enneagram means nothing... o.o
    lol, what would be on it?
    i mean.. there are already plenty of spinoff typology sites out there that try to better explain Jung (like the one you linked to) but none really hold much credence or popularity. What new understanding would you/we provide?
    Yup. I've done enough data collection. Now what to do afterward? I may go completely batshit insane and become...

    a high school science teacher. Do not shoot me with your phaser. :eek:
    Hello my darling. it wouldn't be the most stable of relationships though would it :D? Pah, who was ever really interested in "stable" anyway. It's 6:30 a.m and I've been trying to sleep for 4 hours, I have to get out of this ludicrous lifestyle, I'm going to look like a vampire if I don't get some sunlight soon. Wild time over, serious study time must begin :beatyou:. How's life treating my Snafu? Does he have many projects and plans to apply his large brain to?

    Fucking pigeon outside my window won't shut up either. Pigeons are actually really loud.
    If the reasons determining one's enneagram type are sufficiently addressed and dealt with, does one's enneagram type then change? I think the whole thing's a lot more fluid...
    New idea: Does one's absurdist development and subsequent realization of cosmic/collective/swarm consciousness essentially transcend personality type?
    Go on.

    EDIT: I'm actually very interested in the Four-wing. See... I'm 4w5. I wonder about the nuances in 4w5 vs. 5w4 and others. Do you subscribe to tri-type? I haven't read anything on it yet.

    I noticed each type is connected to two others. I assume one is the healthy integral and the other is... the one that rubs you entirely the wrong way?

    Well... I don't quite remember the thread. o_o

    Might have been the one about not feeling smart enough. You're a Five?
    Was that in response to my VM? That was ten days ago. lol

    Actually, I did manage to scrounge up a pretty good response to one of your posts. It was about Enneagram -- more specifically, about Fives.
    I'm impressed you seem to have pulled a hitode* on the forum. So are you male female or both? Not that it matters but it would be good to clear it up.

    *hitode as in the forum member with multiple genders depending on mood.
    scrap everything I just said, on re-reading it, my post in the depression club was accurate. Any advice is welcome if you have it
    Hmmmm....I need to read up on the enneagram, I haven't yet taken the time to understand it and it seems somehow superior to the myers briggs test, more accurate.
    I am enneagram 4w5 actually yes, I only just took the test the other day (from you mentionning it to me in fact). I'm not sure I would be able to talk about it in more depth as depressive feelings seem so irrational and illogical most of the time that I can't make much sense out of them, let alone put them accurately into wording. I could try though, what sort of information would you need? What's your type I'm curious? I'm usually good at not indulging in depression (I do think it's self-indulgence). But I won't deny that I qualify as the "unhealthy" levels of type 4, according to the website anyway, which might be rubbish. If I were you, I wouldn't venture into being my online psychiatrist snafu my love, it may bore you rather quickly :D
    *Cries because her new found love is so far away* Oh well, we'll just meet on the astral planes and do it all there. I'll be the one with flowers in my hair and the bright red shiny apple in my hand. Approach if you dare...
    Long Dryad hair's the coolest, wether we're talking male or female (I've been assuming you're male, as one does on the internet, but my love transcends your gender anyway so who cares).

    You've never had post asylum sex? It's the best :D although very slightly dangerous if some form of medication has not been consumed beforehand it is true.
    sweet dreams of Heiddegger and Girls making out in moonlit pools and stuff. Whatever rocks your boat.

    mental checklist:

    Likes rock n' roll/punk/alternative , check
    Engages in drug experimenation, check
    talks philosophy, check
    bisexual, check

    All you need now is a style or demeanor that slightly freaks people out and messy hair and I shall have to stalk you and find you, and then engage in sinful activities in your company :twisteddevil: Mwaha see you soon, I'll find out where you live :twisteddevil:

    Okay I should sleep too now, I'm starting to post rubbish on internet forums.
    Must Not...Fall in...love...over...internet...Gnnnnnnnnnnn...*Face turning red with effort*
    Also I go to the same uni that Sartre and De Beauvoirs went to (they met there) so they're sort of role models now.
    I liked Sartre for "La Nausée", for the philosophy and the actual literary quality, despite the fact that my existential crisis' promptly tripled over night. I also like Simone de Beauvoirs for "Le deuxiéme sexe", as a 13 year old girl it seemed great anyway. Also generally a fan of the couple and their take on relationships. You aren't the first I've heard to say he's a Heiddegger rip off, but I can't tell you if I agree or not yet because I've only just started reading Being and Time, I have to admit I'm a huge fan so far, complex but cool writing style. I should learn German so I can read it in the original. Or perhaps I should favor an English translation over a French one... Heiddegerr constantly goes on about how translations make texts lose their meaning. On another note, I think it was you who mentioned the "Siamese Dream" album to me on the forum a while back, it's steadily moving up my "albums I love" list. If it wasn't you...uuuuuhh...Listen to it and sorry for the mix-up.
    INTJ 745? Oh schnap!
    You do tend to become Proxy-esque when discussing IQ...

    Re-reverified myself as ENTP. Awesome article!
    Yeah, you're my current forum crush too. I'm going to have to fight with @The Introvert , then if I win we'll ride off into the sunset on one of the local elephants.
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