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  • Well, I see "herbalist" so... Either. Explain yourself, sir! NAO!

    I'm experienced with ID, wildcrafting and such with natives in northern Appalachia. Mostly curious about what you're trying to get into next. That and if you've come across any sort of beneficial data about anything regarding the issues brought up in my forum dirty laundry, I'd be interested in reading it.
    I'd love to take credit for it, but it's something I dredged up from the interwebz.

    However it is generally representative of how I've felt as of late, and the truly trippy part is that it's/I'm both simultaneously. Helluva visual, no?
    Perhaps I should say a few words on Plato's theory of forms/ideas. For whatever reason, I'm mildly stirred up right now. So, there are two important things to remember from the outset - the distinction between opinions and knowledge and what makes a philosopher. On the former, things which are paradoxical (e.g., beautiful and unaesthetic) are of opinion and of the sense world; things which are fodder for ideals are knowledge. Knowledge is truth and nothing paradoxical or equivocal could be true. You have perhaps already been apprised of the distinction between the sense cat (opinion) and the ideal cat (knowledge), yes my friend? Pursuit of the latter information, or beatification of vision of truth, makes a philosopher. Because philosophers eschew sense data, in favor of pure ideas, and supplant opinions with knowledge, or seek to anyway, philosophers are deemed otherworldly. Well, that's all for now. :D

    @kantor1003 - That's definitely not working!
    I love you Snafupants, in a very storge-philia way. You don't have to waste your time arguing with those undereducated children anymore. It's hard not to post replies to that second amendment thread, my jimmies are rustled like no ones business. Let us hope they learn, and not by submitting them selves to the oppression of a police state.
    What meditation practices corresponds with Jungian function instances?

    INFJ semiotics?

    I cant visualize, but my dreams seems where i become in touch with my subconscious.
    I think if the PTSD (<-you're curious about this...) diagnosis was made at some point in the past, it would be more valid. Admittedly I've experienced my fair share of trauma that started essentially from birth, but it's a series of different events as opposed to a single incident. I think generalized anxiety would be a better fit, but I'm only anxious in certain situations, except those situations have nothing to do with past events.

    I don't experience flashbacks, but OFTEN dissociate, so perhaps there's some early, irrecollectable trauma at work?

    I think Kiersey got that part right. Gotta read up on it.
    I actually agree with the SPD and was hoping for ADHD (but apparently that means I can't get the meds I was after... Adderall)

    I'm thinking that the lower-portion manifestations of the schizophrenic and bipolar spectra correlate strongly with iNtuitive MBTI groupings. Schizoaffective- bipolar = ENTP, INTJ = schizoid (languid/affectless), INTP= schizoid (remote/depersonalized), bipolar reeks of xNFP, etc. I know there are other threads that have addressed this somewhere.

    Likely not even type correlations, but function correlations.

    Construct validity implications?

    Anyway, the PTSD surprised me.
    I am still quite a number of posts behind you. Responding to the politics, economics, philosophy threads is tiring me out. I can't motivate people to inquire into the subject more than a superficial level. As a result I will be taking an extended break from it. In turn, my rate of posting will significantly decline. Well, unless a fad in statistics starts...
    I agree with your supposed opposition (<- that CAN'T be a gramatically correct verb to noun transition series). I hope me and ol' Proxy are in the beginning stages. I view it as me seeing said spheres from the outside while he's looking out from the inside. Or maybe visa versa...

    As for you a vs Proxy comparison again, I'd suggest comparing the threads started by each of you. Very different, IMO, at least since I've been here.
    I apparently glean energy in the same manner, IMHO. I can live in my office for months on end or go clubbing at will. The latest manifestation is grad student nerf wars...

    "Could this be an illustration of that idea though? You: ENTP. Me: INTJ."

    I'd say no, because if you're an INTJ then what the hell is Proxy? You are to Proxy as a majestic eagle is to an aye aye (<-google it). IMO Cog (ENTP) and Proxy (INTJ) also show mirror relations, with their occasional get-togethers and what not, just not the same type of cutthroat vibe I get from our relationship (<-2nd paragraph in the socionics link); I'm assuming because they've known each other longer, share more cultural norms, and have interacted in person.

    Not familiar with the Mars Volta outside of a few songs... :-\
    Function-wise I mesh very well with the description of everything being a puzzle piece apparently used to describe Ni-Te, except for me each of these Legos is a system like one of these spheres:

    All connected holistically into an integrated cosmic whole. Yet I'm Ne-dom. I insist I'm Ne-dom. Case in point, Proxy and I show this relationship (although the functions differ between Socionics and MBTI, the mirror relation should hold regardless): http://www.socionics.com/rel/mrr.htm

    This leads me to believe that there are only 3 functions (each can conveniently be placed on it's own axis, mirroring the spectral DSM-IV), and that Ni and Ne are the result of synergy between them.
    It's too easy to imagine Gingrich as an angry little troll atop the throne for him to be anything other than ENTJ. That and the so-called policies he put forth in the GOP primaries *shudders*.

    You're an ENTP, as far as MBTI goes. But different, and I'm in flux myself, but also different. This all ties in with a theory of mine that I've been sitting on that combines that thread on the inferior function that I keep putting off with Dabrowski's Positive Disintegration and the three axes of the "spectral" DSM-IV (schizo/bipo/aut); under the guise that this whole thing is polygenically inherited with epistasis and likely environment-dependent expression (which is how I came across the cognitive genomics study). And then you introduced me to the term "ambivert" which I'll probably squeeze in there as well.
    I'll come back to your pm Snafu. I'm just not quite sure regarding the timeframe. Perhaps we can do as usual and blame it on the INTP temperament.
    Haha, I'll try to stay of the PUA route. Been there, done that - it works, but I think I'm going to try a different route. I know how it will end however; my pursuit towards something real will end in failure and I'll retort again to the comforts of cynicism and show all bitches who's boss.
    Hello Snafu. I was just finishing replying to moccow, otherwise I don't frequent this forum too much anymore. Mostly, I keep to private messaging. I'm tired of the forum format and prefer one to one's.
    The last few weeks have been spent reading, playing games and.. that's pretty much it I think o.0 Unfortunately, some girl attending the same university as me has managed to capture my interest, so I might have to put my head on the chopping block again and wait for it to be cut off.
    Whats up with you then, GAnGstA?
    do you mean you're in a tree in france by your location or am I missing something?
    Your range of vocabulary really does puzzle the fuck out of me. Are you monolingual? ... Oh, I bet you are! ;)
    Oh yes, INTPs make great material. ;)

    And no worries, I know not expect too much...we are Rationals after all: criticism comes easy and praise comes hard. I guess if I really wanted strokes, I could start posting in the ENFJ forum on PerC. XP
    Boy, you sure nailed me. ;P Every time post I feel like I'm putting my arm into a cage of wolverines. XP Thanks for the understanding!
    *reads* :phear:

    This is definitely getting a thread of it's own in the future. There are many other linkages to explore :cat:
    How about we include the fourth function in the hierarchy, and say that mania acts only to raise the position of one's extraverted functions (potentially bringing the fourth forth into the conscious)? And/or depression acts only to lower them?

    Both theoretically have basis in neurology/anatomy that could be shared.

    Let's triangulate. From a bipolar forum survey of MBTI type: http://www.psychforums.com/bipolar/topic87047-30.html

    INFP 5
    INTJ 4
    ENTP 4
    ENFP 4
    ESTP 2
    INTP 1
    ISFJ 1
    INFJ 2

    8 Ne-dom
    6 Ne-aux
    2 Ni-dom
    4 Ni-aux
    2 Ni-inf
    1 Ne-inf

    ^Cool trend, ignoring the small sample size.
    My operational verdict has changed, and actually coincides with the notion of a cognitive function gradient from INTP to ENTP:


    Someone's has do it. :P

    I dislike that attitude of blaming things on other people when the other has the capacity to rectify the situation.
    Left this on my own wall instead...

    Only you can evaluate your own experiences here.

    *Avoids saying "Only you can prevent forest fires"*

    I agree, in part based on my perception that you appear to lack a "cause". Perhaps the difference between yourself and others is that '180 number' of yours.
    I wouldn't respect my knowledge in this area enough to ask my opinion of this, but it ultimately comes down to assessing Ne. I don't think I've ever seen you post anything resembling a wild leap of possibility, which I describe as an almost literal flash of light.

    Look at my thread history as an example. Mostly reading for mental floss and hoovering up connections to my ideas, very little actual substance. Based on my experiences here, all 3 types you've been exploring (including INTJ) have a similar narcissistic aspect, yet you differ from Cog, and you differ from Proxy.

    You're no INTJ. They can't relate to overarching theory for the life of them. So which is it, Ne-dom or Ni-dom?
    Where did the Boulding quote come from? I recognize him as a contributor to Toward a Steady-State Economy, 1973.
    Fail. I already would have changed most of what I wrote, but what can one do? I'm going to let it stand as is. Someone at least thought those thoughts at some point, ill considered they may be. But, as you said, you have to put out your neck eventually. Might as well get comfortable doing it.
    (Luckily, I tried to write all this down as quickly as possible to avoid considering options. I should make an effort not to read it again. Fat chance.)
    With regards to ideas, sometimes, after I have made an elaborate point, I can notice, when suddenly considering the 110th hidden variable that somehow popped into existence (damn thing!), what I'd consider a mistake, or a weakness.. something I hadn't considered in full. However, if I were to align the content to this revised view, I will often loose something critical. That's why I guess I'll just have to accept that that's how it is. That sometimes, one have to sacrifice making certain observations in order to not obfuscate, or render sterile, what already is.
    I find it somewhat odd however, that you also experience analysis paralysis, or similar experiences as those you get when writing in general, in ordinary conversations as well. I'm not sure whether I experience that regularly (perhaps you could elaborate?). Alcohol helps, but I know it isn't the best advice ever... not to mention that it's painfully obvious.
    Thoughts constantly evolving, changing, having to put them into a static form as in writing reaps conflict(?). Conversation is, in that sense, easier, or perhaps more aligned with thought structure, or movement, because one can with someone else evolve ones ideas in a sort of symbiosis, much like one would on your own when you scrutinize everything you want to put down - often with the result of scrapping, or revising most of it. When writing, in that sense, even when it isn't supposed to be an article, one strives to reach that allusive end-product. Emphasis isn't so much on thought exploration in that sense, perhaps, when compared to an ideal conversation. If you want to make it as correct as possible, it's reasonable to assume that the more intelligent you are, the more screwed up you'll be - yes, analysis paralysis is a frequent one (even for me), procrastination, and the lot.
    Yes, as a matter of fact I just thought to myself "Damn, this, if my estimations are correct, should amount to about 5 more months", ha!
    I know exactly how it is. And to be fair, even though I no longer can remember the exact content of the message, it probably was pretty much all over the place making it a horrendous task to address all the points I managed to scramble down. I'm not good at structuring longer texts unless I have to. One thought leads to the next and after 2 hours, what I have is...well.. as you saw, a mess. Yes, it was sincere. Not sure why, but in addressing individuals here, I'm almost always honest and sincere. But yeah, relax, you don't have to go through the trouble of replying, even though I would be interested in the answers. Could you, however, be so kind as to send what I sent to you to me? I'm curious to know how scrambled up it really is:)
    ah, I know, just to balance it out a bit, I now remember sending a pm to you some 6 months ago, one which you promised to reply to, but never did. You BASTARD!
    Can I be so bold as to do a laconian treatment of "a touch for total tactlessness, recidivistic nihilistic, and absurdist humor" even though I loved that description? What about... "A touch of class" (some intercontextuality for you:))
    Ok, enough flattering for today:D
    "Asphyxiates himself with a dog collar while masturbating to Carl Sagan specials." XD I loved that one. Wish we had a "like" button though so I wouldn't have to mess up your wall. For that, my apologies.
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