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  • Well, an ESTP has the same four top functions as an INFJ but in reverse order. That's just something to ponder. I haven't looked deeply enough into the matter, particularly Burroughs the man, to develop a nuanced opinion either way. On a more abstract note, however, introverted intuition can basically be conceived of as this panoply, rather visual assortment of motifs. The Hail to the Thief album cover tends to convey what I mean especially well. Yes, As I Lay Dying is definitely solidly within that period of core Faulkner. There's an excellent biography, One Matchless Time, about Faulkner, with exegeses of around two dozen novels, by Jay Parini. I actually own that one because, one, it only ran one dollar and, two, it provides ongoing references and explanation to Faulkner.
    Another worthwhile book on Faulkner is Stephen Oates' biography. Although a little more pretentious - Oates is an academic par excellence - the writing is pretty top notch but, regrettably, the literary analysis isn't as trenchant. At any rate, and especially if you like multiple, complex narration, perhaps you should graduate to Absalom, Absalom! eventually. Faulkner has some rollicking, gothic, understated novels too, like Wild Palms, Sanctuary, and The Hamlet; The Hamlet is one third of the Snopes trilogy. You describe the temporal and experiential differences among narration well. I suspect this ilk of writing and seeing reality has something to do with introverted intuition. Both Faulkner and Kafka were probably INFJ personalities; although Kafka may have been INTJ. I love The Castle and The Trial...Kafka almost made it into my top five but he only wrote two great novels, dismissing Metamorphosis as non-novel, which made Kafka's possible inclusion promissory and provisional.
    I started 'As I lay Dying' based on the inclusion of Faulkner in your top five as well. I've had it for ages but never got around to it. I like the multiple authors, it reminds me of why I love Kafka's 'The Castle', looking at events from a labyrinth of perspectives. Feels like my life, I'll develop a split-personality some day. :phear:

    I think those the song describes are not quite to the standard of the fully fledged Burroughs hipster, maybe they will own Naked Lunch purely to show off on their shelf (it sits next to Kerouac's On the Road) but there's no way they'll get past the first page. Different category, same genre, I guess. :P
    I've seen a surprising number of douchebags reading Heidegger's Being and Time in coffee shops, as well.
    I wouldn't be surprised if Burroughs was an ESTP, albeit an internally based one. He heavily emphasises external observation and matching it up with your thoughts to create pastiches. Pastiche and cut-up seems like an Se or Ne kind of innovation anyway, it's very visual and involving, so far as you cut up the page yourself, and also creates by re-arranging what's already there.
    That's all right: I haven't met an INFJ yet who wasn't loquacious when turned on. Yes, that characterization of most Burroughs fans (i.e., hipster-wannabe douchebags) snugly applies to my experience as well. It's that particular brand of hipster with an abundance of intellectual striving and little insight about it. Hey, what type do you think Burroughs was? You seem to be in a unique position to judge with those six hundred pages of interview material under your belt. Anyway, I also enjoy watching and reading Burroughs' interviews, and I definitely agree that Burroughs was deliberating attempting to expand consciousness en masse, or at least among his ever-growing reader demographic; the Orgone stuff is rather eccentric. And, yeah, Cronenberg is basically an iconoclastic genius, what else is there to say? For the record, I do not consider you a hipster-wannable douchebag...you are a hipster douchebag...just kidding! :elephant:
    Sorry, I'm prone to ramble, unfortunately most Burroughs fans I know are hipster-wannabe douchebags. That said, I'm likely blind to my own douchebaggery; am I a doucebag, Snafu? :p
    I think Junky and the film Naked Lunch (which is probably my favorite Cronenberg film, by the way - I was impressed by how well he adapted Burroughs to screen) will give you enough context to start with Naked Lunch, if you already have it. All I can say is take it as seriously as you like and have fun with it, it's not intended to be read chronologically, so you can come up with some interesting combinations. :P

    So yeah, not quite sure about favourites, if they ever restore the picture novel 'Ah Pook is Here' I'd be very interested in reading it though, due to my interest in comic books.
    Burroughs is one of those writers where I almost enjoy his commentary more than his writing: I've read around 600 pages of his interviews, one in particular which focused on the cut-up technique was mind-blowing for me; it led me to read his and artist Brion Gysin's commentary on cut-ups, Minutes to Go, which was useful as well. If you ever go on to read the cut-up 'Nova trilogy' I would recommend starting this way, I personally felt very lost with the cut-ups at first.
    With that and Naked Lunch I've found the process of it (the cut-up in the former, the vignette in the latter) and their application in my own life to be a lot more enriching than the ideas of the texts, though they're still interesting. Without sounding like a crazy hippy, Burroughs wanted to teach creativity and mind-expansion, the process always felt quite important.
    As a disclaimer, I think the current system is totally broken, rife with corruption and simply detrimental. In the last couple of years 40% the majority of people's wealth has been evaporated due to a broken financial system. It obvious that the status quo is not working. I am in total agreement with you.

    The purpose of me wanting to talk to you on skype is to not debate with you. I really want to encourage people to look into the issues you have pointed out in more depth. Yes, people were being "greedy" but that is a given. Yes, people were doing "sinister" things but that is also given. These explanations are simplistic. They do not provide useful information. I fail in my ability to encourage people to look into what occurred in more depth.


    The details and terms still seem to be in their embryonic stages but I agree that that's an interesting line of research. The observed correlation between intelligence and homosexuality definitely corroborates with my own observations between heralds of culture and gayness. :D
    No, I meant who. Just wanted to see how you would respond, really. Would you have preferred I asked how you were?
    Care to elaborate? That question would make more sense if you replaced who with how, but nevermind.
    Oh come now Snafu. We both know where I'm concerned your 'enticements' are anything but apathetic!

    And stop sending me nudes or I'll block you!
    I just finished watching 2001: A Space Odyssey around a friends.

    Oh my god - the proverbial OMG. I feel naive having written about Kubrick before without having seen that film. Incredible. I can't understand in comparison why Star Wars is seen as being so innovative with its special effects.

    It left me feeling disenchanted with modern cinema though, the amount of creativity that must have gone into those sets when people just splash out on CGI these days - it just doesn't have the same reward to it.

    I'm struggling picking between 2001 and The Shining at the moment, but I won't pick for a while, I'm probably still spell bound. :P
    The cookie goes a long way. I feel, however, that my two cookies are tastier and far more pretty.
    As well as you should dismiss your own reply.

    Bad? On the contrary, the second sentence was exemplified and the fulfillment of the first sentence.

    The second and third sentences were in perfect logical union with tenets laid out in the first explanatory sentence.

    Strictly aesthetic viewpoint? Well, on that ground, it might not fare as well: truths need not be beautiful to be truths.

    Often the absence of beauty, in this particular world, is a harbinger for truth, logic and honesty.
    pfffth! Your example of "mutually exclusive ideas" was a rather bad one. Views held by commons is a testament to the clear opposite! Your rather formally expressed observation doesn't dig under the skin in this particular instance as to the relation between "pimp" and "saintly visionary" when interpreted from a strictly aesthetic viewpoint. And since it doesn't, I'll do as the logical positivists would and dismiss your whole input as complete nonsense, even though I must most likely dismiss my own reply as well.
    There can definitely be some ontological ambivalence between almost mutually exclusive ideas; appearances are not always reality. For instance, there are some rather randy priests out there who have quite an appetite for little chaps. Well, I didn't say a saint, I said you looked like a saintly visionary, which could be equally true of Hitler and the Pope John Paul the Second. :cat:
    Deep throat? Is that some kind of new age thing?:rolleyes: You silly! No, I'd be the saintly visionary thank you.
    Nah, to heck with it. You can have me and act out your new age ideas, but this time it's your turn to cough up your credit card number. You don't have to bother with the ip-address nor your whereabouts, I've already handled that in case, you know, you refuse to pay up.

    Oh, and just wondering, how can you be confused as to whether I look like a pimp or a saintly visionary? What kind of saints have you gotten yourself involved with exactly??
    Aw. Can't you at least pretend to struggle? Or better yet, sexually assault me?

    Give in to the smilies!
    Maybe I should try making such faces while debating?

    You're moving!

    Ehm.. well, yesXD I was pretty sober (I rarely get drunk anyway) and in full control of my faculties. I was rolling earlier that night however, but it wasn't really all that effective, but it might explain me appearing so serene.
    You look quite comfortable and pimped out. I trust that you returned from that party sober though, in full control of your faculties. :cat:
    Yeah, flirting back might not be fun because then it ceases to be sexual assault.

    Those fucking smiles. I guess I find the contrast between those cute smiles and your sardonic attitude basically hilarious. Aw gawd, I'm doing that thing again. :D

    You're free to court that lawnmower at your leisure, but it's generally inadvisable to stick anything into it while in operation.

    Anything that moves, huh? *Gesticulates wildly*
    What happened to you Snafu!? You've become so easy.
    You know, it's no fun when they actually flirt back. :{
    Well, I'm actually the least violent drunk ever. It's quite pathetic. If anything, I'm the cuddly, masochistic, violence inducing drunk! Think the Joker only with a better swagger.
    'C'mon! Hit mehitmehitmehit *hic* meeee!'

    Ah. Indeed. ' , '
    I put rather a lot of work into my smilies. ^_~
    Not so sure about the homoeroticism, it's more just a tendency to make advancements on anything that moves.
    *Chases after a lawn-mower*
    We can morph it into a dirty advance... *sleazily unbuttons shirt*

    Hopefully those Americans didn't use the term mooch before they solicited you for a few swigs of your thirty quid whiskey. They would have, most likely, seen Melkor's incisors in that case, perhaps followed by a long-nailed scratch to the face.

    For my part, I appreciate your homoeroticism, your one-liners, and the sheer creativity and delight you take in combining characters to form human faces and little people. Those somehow always bring an only-noticed-later grin to my stubbly face. :o
    At first I thought it was some sort of dirty advance, but then I remembered some Americans using the term 'Mooch' before. Or maybe it was an Abe's odyssey game...

    At any rate, I certainly can't say I don't respect and occasionally your random bouts of word-wizardry.^w^
    Well, mooch means to take something or borrow something without paying for that item. So that's the first part. Hooch is an antiquated term for a prostitute or, particularly in this case, liquor. (They use it in the Orson Welles' movie Touch of Evil in an opening scene involving a bordello.) Hence, mooch the hooch means to freeload liquor off of someone else without shelling out your own cash...that might otherwise go to, say, gameboy entertainments. I can never quite resist a chance to rhyme terms, especially ones that weird.
    Indeed. That certainly was thoughtful of the brunette to fish out the food, masticate for the suicide blonde (dyed by her own hand) and then regurgitate her work to provide energy to the blonde vixen there. :slashnew:

    The brunette does charity work and is available for small parties, birthdays and that sort of thing. She's really something else. :D
    It's so nice of the brunette to pre-chew the food for the blonde! The blonde must have some kind of deficiency that she can't chew her on food.

    I would be proud to have such an act of human kindness as my avatar.
    Not too much. Just haven't been many interesting posts, and I've been busy with family.
    Yes, there are different times elswhere mi'lad!

    I hope that wasn't some sort of lewd sexual advance!

    They're skinny jeans actually, I have some ordinary green trousers, but not like these badboys. They are extremely difficult to wrench off, preventing you or anyone else from misbehaving!

    I'm Irishy, it's Saint Paddy's, what more do you need to know? :o
    No sir. On the sweet shores of Hibernia, t'is only ten in the morning.

    I'm out shopping for a t-shirt, some green jeans for Paddies day and possibly a new 3ds game. :D

    Well! It's important that I know my position in this new triumvirate! Presumably as the most macho and impressive I shall be the alpha dog? :D
    The effort with which you are trying to lead me into a homoerotic encounter is both frightening and heart breaking. D:

    (I thought what we had was SPESHAL!?)
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