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  • Exactly. And then the other girl, perhaps less heavily sexed, is pulling back but you somehow know she's interested despite her reticence and gentle facial curves. Your mind fills in the gaps.
    I agree, the picture itself is not arousing. It is just something about the tongue. Like she is going to consume the other person like an icecream.
    Oh, that was just some fleeting thing Melkor brought up. Apparently relating to my trademark font, lascivious avatar and so on. Some dumb discussion a while back. The picture at times distracts me too. What's really remarkable about that picture is its ability, at least in me, to distract but not to arouse. In spite of the kissing I don't find it that sexual; more like seeking connection and experimentation.
    I don't believe anyone hates you.

    By the way, I get distracted by your display picture while reading your posts. :S
    I would feel better understanding why everyone hated me, if in fact a large majority of people did dislike me on the forum.

    My intention usually when posting is not to be liked or disliked but rather to elevate the conversation. Sometimes this involves controversy which the more prudish and conventional among forum folk find unappealing. That's fine.

    I don't care too much either way. My suspicion is the newbs find me brusque but I really only write for a few ears, and those ears, while discerning, are probably not as prickly.

    Without more information, I can't say a whole lot more...
    Oh, hahah, it was a sarcastic reference to a conversation between two members who were slating your avatar and favored font. I find it amusing, the things that rile people.

    You know, hatred is great for publicity!

    Do you perhaps need an agent? I'm wonderful at PR!

    Yes, so you'd best not port your huge collection of softcore Lesbian erotica to your new mac. Nor should you add to it!

    Aw hell, nobody can possibly have too many lesbians. :D
    Great post sir, made me beam. :D

    (I can't remember what the avatar was meant to be! I think it was L though.)
    As for Lolita, I viewed it straight after finishing the novel, which is never a good idea. :P I like what he did with Sellers's character. I guess it's not a fault of Kubrick's I'm just not sure if Lolita works as a film. In the novel Humbert can have a consumated relationship with a 12 year old girl, you put a 12 year old girl on the screen, and yeah... "How did they ever make a movie of Lolita?" I think they actually changed her age to 14 or 16 in the film, and the actress looked about 18. The book felt like an exercise on the capibilities of the imagination in literature, where as the film felt like the opposite, on films censorship. But that's assuming it can't standalone I guess, it was good, just not a favourite. (:

    I haven't seen that disney one, it sounds good. I think I agree that Blue Velvet is the best of Lynch I've seen. The Elephant Man is a personal favourite though I think, it has an emotional depth I wouldn't assume Lynch was capable of in his other films. (:
    Hmm, not sure I remember it being homoerotic, though I guess with all the semi-naked slaves clambering about that makes sense. :P I think it just came off as a little.. pretentious, maybe? (I don't like using that word either, but I think it's appropriate.) I'm not sure, it was just political and dry, his other films could pull off the same subject matter just because they were done in more independant and interesting ways. I like it that Kubrick's political stance is not always so clear in his other films, where in Spartacus it felt a bit preachy.
    Yeah, I definitely agree, I can't say I've enjoyed every film he's made (in honesty I found Spartacus a bit of a bore, and I didn't really know where he was going with Lolita) but Clockwork Orange is probably the most thought provoking one I've seen - I haven't seen 2001 yet as I've been waiting for the opportunity to see it on a big screen.

    I think The Shining is the one that most demands a second viewing though. (: I first saw it as a King fan who didn't really know who Kubrick was, but I've watched it every few years after, and every time it's definitely gotten more chilling (maybe for getting older, maybe for getting more of the possible genocide references.)

    Sounds like something Lynch might say: do you have a favourite film of his? This seems pretty standard linking now as far as Lynch goes :P

    David Lynch on iPhone - YouTube

    The top comment I found hilarious: "you know you're really out of it when David Lynch tells you to get real" :P
    Is The Shining your favourite Kubrick film? Just curious, I know it's old but you posted it in your top 5 list ages ago (I was just scrolling through). I've nearly caught up on his features and I think Shining is still up there for me. (:
    Paranoid? Ha! you don't know the half of it. But, I'm sure you've seen your fair share of paranoid individuals in your day...so maybe you do :P
    yeah, this japanese psychologist akiyoshi kitaoka does that optical illusion, trippy sort of stuff. in other words, you can loosen your grip on the coffee mug and rest assured that you are not experiencing an acid flashback. or maybe you are: paranoid?!?
    nope. :( I watch it on HBO sometimes. I really like the show. I should probably get all the seasons and watch it.
    Ah, your avatar plays Jedi mind tricks on my brain. It looks like it's moving, but I'm sure it's not.
    You keep deleting your messages after I've read them. I wish you'd left the gif in the 'attractive people' thread. "This one goes to 11..."

    The cake was Oprah.
    Googled him. I think I see what you mean, although it appears to me to be a rather small similarity
    I fear the real World's greatest collection of aquatic mammal porn, might be too much for the fine netizens of INTPf. (google if you dare!)

    Anyway, that's a play on an old joke from the IRC channel.
    Just noticed the Insomnia quote. I don't know why, I've read a lot of King's novels and that one always stood out to me.
    Pussy on Vinyl... or Star Pussy on Vinyl.. or Universal Pussy and Vinyl Galore! Yeahhh maybe Pussy on Vinyl would be most appropriate. Names are a tricky thing.
    *Laughs as the blade disintegrates and Snafupants loses all feeling in his arm*




    Agh, hell, I'm sick of this shit.

    *Sits mace down*


    Want to go hang out some place?:)
    Just noticed your comment on the '5 favorite bands' thread. What would you say is your favorite Captain Beefheart album? :)
    I knew "prolix" and "leviathan" but "ludic" was new. "Infundibuliform" is less useful for Scrabble. Ah, the joys of Catch-22.
    Freud also refused to relinquish the habit, although he knew it was contributing to his death. He was over 80 though, so he can do whatever the F$$$ he wants in my book.
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