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Recent content by snafupants

  1. snafupants

    hello mods

    eradicates myself.
  2. snafupants

    hello mods

    It was more like I registred to be banned. I acted like a obvious troll. But I didnt do anything offensive. Its just because I am in some forum for troll, They assumed, I am some complete good for nothing, so they banned me. whatever may be they are right.
  3. snafupants

    hello mods

    my internet is slow too slow for those ip hiders. I am already dead. If something doesnt exist create it yourselves.
  4. snafupants

    hello mods

    But still I am very bored and depressed. I dont inderstand myself. Why I do what I do. AFter so many years I got outside, I saw the beauty of nature, diversity of people, so many things to do in the world, but just after one minute, I only see zombies, same scenery copy paste, so boring. I...
  5. snafupants

    hello mods

    Okay here is the truth I am an attention whore. :D
  6. snafupants

    hello mods

    why can the mods troll with my account but dont let me troll here? Its okay I asked to be banned, but they changed my account. Its funny though. Atleast got to see something new in a forum. Meh, do whatever you wnat mod. But know I will do the same too. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D: :king-twitter:
  7. snafupants

    What types do you attract?

    I can only repel. Even me myself is repelled to myself.
  8. snafupants

    hello mods

    Hello I am nameless, the op of this thread and I am nor snafupants. I was Psychic child. Why am I here again? If you are a true Intp you should not care. If they cant bant IP, am I immortal?
  9. snafupants

    Are INTPs fit for becoming a comic writer

    read the title.
  10. snafupants

    Anyone on INTPc?

    I am in every forum.
  11. snafupants

    Big Picture

    The size of the big picture is relative. One may think that the one is watching the big picture but may be for some other, the same picture can be pretty small. All is relative. According to the convention if watching the big picture is like watching the forest instead of wasting all the time in...
  12. snafupants

    hello mods

    This site is boring. every site is boring. everything thing is boring. then I realized I am the boring one so I see boredom everywhere. they say whomever you see is a mirror of yourself. I am so extremely bored. :borg0: I am being honest, I am a banned member, Ban me again if you want, I will...
  13. snafupants

    hello mods

    I am a previously banned member. What kind of site is this? ban my ip, will you?:storks:
  14. snafupants

    The Reason Why We Exist...

    why do we need a PURPOSE to exist?
  15. snafupants

    Hi, I was in a big group and we took the meyers briggs test and...

    Haha too late Nameless"01":)
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