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  • No worries Drake, thanks for getting back to me. Look forward to hearing from you when things die down.

    May I ask you a question? (Sorry I know that is likely rhetoric, as I will follow with one regardless, but it feels more polite.)

    I noted on one of your threads you posted a link to a wiki page on transcendental perspectivism. I was wondering whether they argue that in the search of an other they transcend perspective, or rather the pursuit is only to trascend ones individual perspective?

    I think Nietschze might have been suggesting that absolute truth was unattainable because we could not break the boundaries of perception, even as a collective, not that we are bound by a unique perspective.

    Is it not so much a universal, absolute truth TP seeks in terms of an inherent truth to the universe, but rather one that encapsulates all known perspectives?

    Your thoughts would be appreciated (:

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