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  1. Total reboot

    Thank you, BurnedOut, there are several items on the list that i find very exciting, but did not know about before. Am doing some research to see which ones i can start soon. And, yes, some exercise for the body also i must include in my plans. Thanks once again :)
  2. Total reboot

    When i posted the questions, i had expected, at best, some passing remarks and, perhaps, some puns about my silly quest. It is really refreshing and humbling to know that you guys gave this so much thought. thanks guys :)
  3. Total reboot

    ` It took me a while to understand this. I read it a few times, and it does make sense. No matter what i read. unless i have an inquisitive mind i might not gain the most out of it. That being said, i do believe that some sources are better than some others, the difference being so big, in...
  4. Total reboot

    I do agree with this. I discovered ocw.mit.edu a while back. This looks promising :) True. I was being very naive, i realise. There are a few things i am very interested in learning, i think i can start from there. I will start with learning python, and there are a few goals i have set in...
  5. Total reboot

    Hello. I've been stuck in a place from where i thought there was no escape, a place which i did not enjoy, for the last 3 years. But for the past few months, i'm enjoying being in my line of work. But that required actually sitting down and shutting myself from the rest of the world, focusing on...
  6. Art of deduction

    Thank you for your time, QT, Hado, the distinction between inference and deduction i was not aware of :) brilliant.org seems to be a website i could get addicted to. Thank you so much for sharing AndyC! Also, coming to know that SH was based on a real person was pleasantly surprising, Adaire :)
  7. Art of deduction

    Also, if you happen to know any book which breaks it down for not-so-intelligent people to understand, please share it :)
  8. Art of deduction

    I was disappointed, as a child, that Sherlock Holmes was really just a fictional character, and so no such book exists, that was authored by him, and detailed his methods for the general public to read. I was wondering if you could share your experiences in deduction, where you feel you did a...
  9. Dunning-Kruger Effect

    I personally think there needs to be a third category in this order. The intelligent one thinks he is dumb, and the dumb one thinks of himself as smart. But one who has sat down and worked out what one knows and does not know about a particular subject, will then be in a situation to confidently...
  10. is suffering inevitable?

    You attribute your supposed limitation of novelty to the very fact that the beings in question are able to remember what has happened before. But, can i not as well argue that memory is the evolutionary mechanism to help us escape the mundane? It's purpose is to make a distinction between what...
  11. Are ancient greeks smarter than modern humans?

    One thing that has changed since the time of ancient Greeks is the amount of knowledge that we possess. Back then, any empirical thing anyone would discover would be an actual law, and just by probability, stumbling upon new laws has become exceedingly difficult and complex, given not just the...
  12. is suffering inevitable?

    If causality was instantaneous, we'd be stuck in a portrait. We experience life as a motion picture. I agree with you here. I don't quite get this part though. Why would novelty be limited because of causality? There are different levels of reality, and at each level, the experience and nature...
  13. Law of Accelarating Returns as evidence of evolution

    I guess this pretty much says it..! :D Thanks :)
  14. Law of Accelarating Returns as evidence of evolution

    I'm not sure if LOAR has caught up with a majority of the people...here, i'm posting a link :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zihTWh5i2C4
  15. Will humanity someday create "gods"?

    The potential for super-intelligence lies dormant in matter.
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