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  1. wadlez

    Should i deactivate Facebook?

    I think you should not delete your facebook. There is a good reason that you have found yourself compulsively dreaming about the repercussions of your actions on facebook. A large part of your brain is dedicated to managing your social identity. Considering how what you do will will be...
  2. wadlez

    Are INTPs and ENTPs Cerebral Narcissists?

    It's really annoying that narcissism is accepted as the basis for explanation of behavior without any further explanation. In the quoted usage, it seems to me a definition without substance, and categorizes people into narcissistic or not (With not being the ideal normal person). Psychoanalytic...
  3. wadlez

    Several unconnected strands of thought seem to have one underlying explanation

    This is just typical INTP behaviour, particularly due to our primary iT function. See Introverted Thinking: (Ebook pdf) jung, carl the psychological types INTP's are great thinkers, but we are not practically driven like extroverts are, so our ideas will not really be productive and will be...
  4. wadlez

    Type This Jerk

    You couldn't possibly type someone with so limited information.
  5. wadlez

    I, a construct of the mind?

    "In another thread ( don't know how to link a past thread), the question had to do with the concept of 'self': Infants, within the womb are one with their mother connected by the umbilical cord and inextricably dependent. The differentiation process starts as infants outside the womb with our...
  6. wadlez

    Psychology isn't real

    This thread is retarded
  7. wadlez

    Psychology isn't real

    What do yo mean by psych isn't real?
  8. wadlez

    Is this the workings of Si?

    Yes I agree with that as this function does not stand in opposition to your primary function (Like Fe), so its contents are in a form acceptable to your ego.
  9. wadlez

    Brain washing, how? why ?

    I think you need to define what you mean by brain washed. I really don't think that people go to school, date in there own socio-cultural layer or work because they are brain washed. Sounds like some crazy conspiracy theory
  10. wadlez

    Is this the workings of Si?

    Hmmm ok, I suppose Si is a hard one to get my head around. I will have to think more on the third function and the role it plays
  11. wadlez

    Is this the workings of Si?

    I understand what you are saying, but Si in this regard would be the subjective response to the detail emanating from the conversation (So the voice of the speaker or particular words used). The unique INTP orientation could accentuate various Si factors to make them more interesting, but I can...
  12. wadlez

    Is this the workings of Si?

    I also have this ability, being able to recite stories my friends tell me to others without forgetting anything. How is this Si? I think it would be Ti, our primary function, as we remember things interesting to our Thinking function. I would actually be interested to hear how you guys think...
  13. wadlez

    Uses of Alpha traits

    Yes I think I understand now. This could explain the difference between Prisons and regular societies, we may only revert to the more violent alpha dominated system when under duress.
  14. wadlez

    Uses of Alpha traits

    I can't really follow the logic to this thread. Here you explain that some research has found that the common notion of alphas in animal hierarchies might be flawed and does not actually reflect real animal social networks. Makes sense, very interesting. Here is where I get a bit lost. It...
  15. wadlez

    Are INTPians Cyberbullies?

    Well if you had seen me on this forum before you would know that I am not breaking character to pretend to be someone else (so I could be trolling with the response), its just the truth. Sorry I shared that with you, I should of just lied and pretended I don't do it to keep you happy (you seemed...
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