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    I come with a message.

    If you don't even have 1,000 posts, you haven't been here long enough to judge this place yet. Stick with it and you can be cynical just like everyone else. That is all.
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    Happiness Test.

    https://www.pursuit-of-happiness.org/science-of-happiness/happiness-quiz/ You don't actually need to enter any information to see your results. You will still get your results if you leave it blank and his submit.
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    Very important for Aussies to watch...

    I think this is a sign that Peterson is upping his game.
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    It's Valentines Day.

    You know what that means. Yup, it's Godiva's busiest day of the year.
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    3 idiots walk into a quantum mechanics

    It's pretty damn easy to spot in your own life. The reason it isn't true according to science is because science doesn't know what to do with that. Its too complex and science doesn't really answer things that are too complex. If there were one, two, three variables, sure, you can quantify it...
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    The Self, the Other, The Will, the Being, and God.

    The self is evil. Why? Because its' primarily concerned with the self and not the other. What is the self? The self is what one identifies itself as. It is the soul proprietor of its' own fruition as a manifestation of will by which is felt through the state of being the self experiences. The...
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    We need this here.

    Health and fitness or something similar. That is all.
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    How Does Your Personality Impact Your Life?

    https://personalityfactors.com/en I didn't pay for the full results, but I may do so in the future.
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    Here's a dangerous idea!

    What if rationality is a hoax? What if objectivity is a mear illusion simply to boost the egos of those who are more capable/put in a better position in life? Here me out. First, ask yourself if you know everything. Next, ask yourself if it's even possible to know everything. Do you see where...
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    Learning life lessons that cycle in and out of consciousness.

    I have recently found a pattern in my own behavior. What happens is that someone (usually someone and not something) will do something to piss me off. I will stew and be angry and it will come out in ugly ways. As such I observe that it comes out in ugly ways and I don't like that so I want to...
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    Unknown limitation of space travel.

    https://www.livescience.com/62000-scott-kelly-dna-twin-study.html?utm_source=notification Found this quite enlightening actually. We are still human, even in space.
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    Prediction of the decline of forums on the internet.

    I just watched a video: In this video, it talks about how big data is used and the dangers of it. Because of this video, I predict that within the next 20 years that forums like this one will be a thing of the past. I do NOT want that to happen. Why I think forums will either be changed...
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    What is your favorite mooc?

    I am an interested party and I want to shop around... What sites do you go to to edumacate yumselves?
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    Math idea.

    I ran this by serac (and he hasn't replied to the 2nd (or 3rd, I forget) PM), but I want to know what more people think of this. The idea is that an unknown quantity could be literally anything. Anything includes things that either change or are a representative of infinity in some way. I got...
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    When Calls the Heart.

    Honestly, one of the WORST shows I have ever seen. It is so cringe that I can only stand to watch about 30 sec of this show at a time and if I were forced to watch this in entirety, it would make for a pretty good way to torcher me, especially at high volume. Season 4 Episode 1 - When...
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    Organizational capabilities of Fi and their retrospective secondary.

    This is going to be sorta half theory and half asking what other people think of this. What brought this question into my head was being in the search for a particular sound in music that I was longing for at the time. Through this introspection, I realized I was consciously wanting to...
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    Article to read and a Big 5 Test.

    This describle the landscape of people who typically take these personality test and tells how even though Big 5 isn't very popular, that it is the most scientifically valid personality dynamic. This is the Big 5 personality test that is linked in the article. My results are as follows...
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    How charitable are you - especially to things you think give value to your life.

    Couple examples from things I have given money to or at least thought about giving money to: Wikipedia Mod authors to mods of my favorite mods for my favorite games Non-Profits (good ones like world vision, not shitty ones) Homeless people (not those fakes that hold signs up from 9-5)...
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    Discussion of CDPR development team.

    Chick talks about what it's like to work for CDPR Discuss.
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    Help me sort out my deep seated issues with my father.

    I will start with something that happened today. I, as an INTP, am very prone to misplacing things with my absent mindedness. I lose my keys somewhat frequently. I have stretches where I always know where they are for weeks, sometimes months tho. I had misplaced the keys to my Van some weeks...
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    Torment: Tides of Numenera.

    Anyone here play this game? I did a cursory search and didn't really come up with anything. I just bought it because I got a gift card for steam and it was just about what the gift card was worth and I have heard good things about it. So far I think it's pretty damned awesome. I spent way...
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    What is your favorite kind of soda?

    I have no idea why I am asking this, prolly because I am having a Mug Root Beer atm.
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    OCD Test.

    I mentioned how I could get obsessed with things for days (usually around a week, sometimes longer) with my therapy group today. Someone mentioned that I should get screened for OCD. I did this test because of that and was really surprised at my results. I was so surprised I did the test...
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    Jordan Peterson Big 5.

    If you have taken this test (it costs about 10 bucks), feel free to give your results here. Link to test. Agreeableness: Moderately Low: 32% Compassion: Low: 21% Politeness: Typical or Average 52% Conscientiousness: Very Low: 5% Industriousness: Very Low: 8% Orderliness: Very...
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    Disabling Java problem.

    If I disable Javascript, I can't open spoilers. Is this intentional? Is this how it is supposed to work? IDK because I am not a programmer, but I can tell you this prolly shouldn't happen.. What do?
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    Neuropsychological Testing.

    I recall Hado saying something about being able to use this info some way... Something about having individual results or some shit. IDK if I am remembering correctly or if my reading comprehension is just poor. In any case, my psychiatrist ordered a neuropsychological test for me. I'll be...
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    IN Halloween Forum.

    I'm scared, hold me. :kodama1::cat::segen:
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    Middle mouse button.

    Do you use it while browsing the internet? Sometimes I hotkey my middle mouse button to Home, sometimes I just keep it the same. I imagine it's a button most people don't think about too much, but I use it a fair bit.
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    Trying to find a new use for this Forum.

    What is this song about? "Sioux Lane Spirits" Daddy, she has your eyes And when she grins you can only realize The guilt she manifests so deep inside you That your thin veneer of catechism can no longer hide The voice you hear, her secret pain As she digs the shiv into her placid veins Now...
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    Psychopathy and Sociopathy - derail from [Is an emotional response necessary to illicit empathy?]

    This sounds more like Sociopaths than Psychopaths, but what do I know?
  31. QuickTwist


    I have always had a weird relationship with compartmentalizing. On the one hand I do do this sometimes as anything with a brain does. On the other hand, and what may separate me from other humans is that I really have no control over this. I don't really have separate boxes for all my stuff in...
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    Eureka moment regarding trans people.

    So I am pretty sure I have figured out why people identify as a different sexual orientation than what they were born with. Pretty sure it has to do with an inferiority to independence. They desire independence, but don't have the capacity for it. Hear me out. You have to ask yourself what do...
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    Online IQ test that is supposed to represent WAIS.

    http://www.freeiqtest.info/ My results: Want to see just how inflated these scores are.
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    Why does facebook want you to have more friends?

    I've noticed something about facebook and it took me way too long to figure out. I recently pruned my friends list down to 130. What I noticed is that my home page on facebook is all the sudden completely polluted with shit I don't give a flying fuck about, worse than the shit my friends post -...
  35. QuickTwist

    How to consciously be aware of music you may like (and is this necessary?)

    So I had a thought recently that I wanted to reduce the kind of music I like very specifically into very concrete objective criteria, so I could have a much better ability to consciously know what music I like and what music appeals to me. So far, I have been able to determine that I like...
  36. QuickTwist

    What is the hardest video game you have beaten?

    I'll go first. XCOM 2. I only beat it on the second easiest difficulty. But I played enough of it to know its the hardest game I have ever played.
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    Lyric videos with incorrect lyrics that were corrected.

    LOL. That is all.
  38. QuickTwist

    About a thread I made when a bunch of stuff was erased from the forum.

    I remember I made a thread about how apt someone is to change things. Does anyone remember what the dichotomies were? I remember there was some discussion about what exactly fit and I was adapting my dichotomies based on people's feedback. Anyone remember this?
  39. QuickTwist

    I found this bite sized article interesting.

    I don't check out every article on this site, but every one in awhile, when I am in the right mood, they post something like this that is just fascinating. https://www.livescience.com/60053-is-space-full-of-quantum-foam.html?utm_source=notification
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    should I go back to school?

    Yes, no or maybe.
  41. QuickTwist

    I want to kill him because of his hair.

  42. QuickTwist

    Factor of openness in factor five for a factor of grounding.

    I have been interested in factor five for about a week now, but its a little fuzzy on when the threshold was reached. Pretty much every damn big 5 test I take gives me at least above 50% openness. My finding of this relates to a concrete example in my life as a patient of DBT therapy. There...
  43. QuickTwist

    How can you sleep when you can't sleep?

    I have this happen to me occasionally where I cannot sleep. I do every thing correctly before bed and yet when I go to lie down (because I am tired and it is my routine to sleep at this time) I just lay in bed with my eyes closed trying to sleep all the while my mind is racing with thoughts...
  44. QuickTwist

    Have you ever: The Introvert excuse.

    I am wondering if anyone else has ever actually used the excuse to get out of a conversation by telling them, "My introversion is getting to me, it was nice talking to you"?
  45. QuickTwist

    My therapist says I have 'toxic shame'.

  46. QuickTwist

    Analytical vs Intuitive thought process.

    I saw this on INTJf and thought you guys might like this one so I am posting it here as well. http://www.labinthewild.org/studies/analytic_test/ My results:
  47. QuickTwist

    Build a 1 hour mix.

    Here is mine. The Birthday Massacre > Prolog + Lovers End 4:52 Marilyn Manson > Devour 3:46 Linkin Park > Heavy 2:50 Nyves > Pressure 4:02 A Perfect Circle > The Outsider 4:08 Nine Inch Nails > Burning Bright (field on fire) 5:50 Metallica > Now That We're Dead 6: 59 Mastodon > Show...
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    About my therapist.

    I've started to psychoanalyze him. It started out innocent enough, just a simple question of what his degrees he had. Since I have been trying to "figure him out" without him noticing. I don't think he has caught on yet, but he is likely to. I usually keep discussion on topic and am more...
  49. QuickTwist

    We are invited!!!

    I just got a PM from Thingyman (the originator of the Mafia Championships) telling us we are invited to the Mafia Championships Season 4!!! :D This is the official invite: Thingyman tells me that we have to make our selection on who we are going to send by 04/23/2017. Naturally I think...
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