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  1. Animekitty

    edit button error

    When I try to edit a post I get a server error. I was wondering how I can edit my posts again?
  2. Animekitty

    Unlocking the Anima

    So when I was in the hospital I was in the cafeteria I stared at the clouds that transformed into a kitty and bunny. I prayed to god as I stared into the sun asking to keep them safe. Twice I imagined they spoke to me, first "keep your faith" second a week later "you better not have skewed us...
  3. Animekitty

    What is the true nature of Introversion?

    What is Introversion really? I do not talk to myself in my head. I do not see things in my head. I seem to feel nothing in my body. The only thing I get is like / dislike preferences. I do not have the traits steeming from introversion it seems. I have a question: What is introversion all...
  4. Animekitty

    mental imagery (voive and vision)

    Do you talk to yourself in your own voice or the voices of others in your head? Do you pretend to talk to others in a different voice than they have? Do you listen to memorized music in your head? I do not have a voice I talk to myself with, it is too weak. I almost can't listen to music in my...
  5. Animekitty

    My low processing speeed index

    Here is the definition. At its core, the processing speed index measures a child’s ability efficiently to scan and understand visual information and complete a task with the data. … Processing speed measures assess a child’s speed and accuracy of identifying visual information, making...
  6. Animekitty

    A Resolution

    I am an INFP that is caught in their tertiary Si which is dissociative. I reject my senses and am in a fog most of the time. I am in a blank space often. but now I am ready to go into Se. I realize that under stress I become an immature ESFP. I need to expand Se. It is how my emotion will grow...
  7. Animekitty

    Otaku - a short history

    Japan. Otaku - Has no life. Has Hobbies. Is outcast by Japanese society. America and Japan. Otaku - A nerd, smart, understands Japanese culture, may believe it is superior. Otaku - A consumer of Japanese culture. normies. America. Otaku - now has the definition previously under Weaboo. Weaboo -...
  8. Animekitty

    Tactility in Dreams etc.

    Basically, can you touch objects/people in your dreams? The other night I dreamed I was holding someone and it felt like I was actually touching them. Normally that does not happen. Normally it is as if I do not have a body in my dreams at all. I do not replay the events that happened to me...
  9. Animekitty

    Psychoanalyse the Avatar above you

    Actually, you are allowed to analyze more than their avatar so long as it's not cherry picking. If you think you know the person well enough you do not necessarily need to do that. wikipedia defines psychoanalyse as. "Psychoanalysis is a set of theories and therapeutic techniques related to...
  10. Animekitty

    I am a wizard

    I am 31 today. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wizard_(1989_film)
  11. Animekitty

    anxiety and depression

    Disclaimer: Not seeking medical advice, just others opinions. The reason I have been feeling bad (anxiety) is that I hold everything inside. This blocks me from feeling things. Like physical and emotional pain. I hold my depression inside. If I am able to inhibit myself rather than repress it...
  12. Animekitty

    Maths and You

    OK so sometimes Maths is hard. And people do maths in different ways. People are good at some maths but not others. Some do it in their heads and others need formulas and calculators. I know how to add and subtract 3 digit numbers in my head and I know how to multiply and divide 2 digit numbers...
  13. Animekitty

    Carl Jung and the concept of Libido

    Extraversion and Introversion work by the direction energy moves in the psyche which we can safely say is just energy moving in the brain changing the plasticity making new paths energy moves along. The simplest example to understand is Se and Si. In the case of Se constant looking at things...
  14. Animekitty

    Need dating advice as a male ISFJ

    I am a very shy kind of person. I don't often walk up to people and start a conversation. I do not get out much and I do not know any places I can just meet people. I am 30 years old and do not know where people my age hang out. As an ISFJ I understand people as to how I have experienced people...
  15. Animekitty

    enough useless advertising threads ak.

    I don't get this. An advertisement is meant to sell you on something. What I posted was not useless it had good information. If I am spamming or something like that by posting to frequently I can understand. But I do not see how I am violating any rules just by posting a video in a subforum it...
  16. Animekitty

    Why Males Are Increasingly Retreating Into Videogames

    Jordan Peterson Explains Why Males Are Increasingly Retreating Into Videogames w/ Warren Farrell
  17. Animekitty

    Finally got my frontal lobes working

    The front of the brain's job is impulse control and selective attention. Because of my anxiety, my brains frontal lobes were working too hard. Doing normal things burned me out. Everything took effort not to have a nervous breakdown. Impulse control allows the brain to self-organize. It allows...
  18. Animekitty

    I have high functioning Autism

    was mistaken. ignore
  19. Animekitty

    Boston Dynamics Robot Running

  20. Animekitty

    Rare glimps at the skills of ISFJ

  21. Animekitty

    How fast is Intuition?

    Let's just say that intuition is the rate at which ideas pop into your head, Ni or Ne. So the further down the function stack the less frequent "new" ideas/insights happen. An N dom/Aux will also have larger insights, more entangled and concentrated. Ne dom/aux will have large imaginations of...
  22. Animekitty

    Earth Chan day

    Happy Earth Chan Day April 22
  23. Animekitty

    Cinematic Functions: Michael Pierce

    Cinematic: Introverted Sensing (Si) Cinematic: Extroverted Thinking (Te) Cinematic: Extroverted Intuition (Ne) Cinematic: Extroverted Sensing (Se) Cinematic: Introverted Thinking (Ti) Cinematic: Introverted Intuition (Ni) Cinematic: Introverted Feeling (Fi) Cinematic: Extroverted Feeling
  24. Animekitty

    Neuropsychological Evaluation

    I took one in January, I am interested in these two results. I want to know what they mean. What does it mean to score 50 on the TOMM test. The Test of Memory Malingering (TOMM) What is the; Law. Act. D.L. (self): Z 3.10 PR 99.90
  25. Animekitty

    Educational Neuroscience

  26. Animekitty

    Empathy Intelligence

    This intelligences are actually abilities but if we take intelligence to mean broadly (handle information) then these are intelligence colloquial. emotional intelligence knowing how a person is feeling (that's it) knowing where the boundaries are social intelligence associated with theory of...
  27. Animekitty

    2 PetaFLOPS NVIDIA's Largest Ever GPU

    350 pounds 512 Gigabytes Ram $399,000 10 kilowatts 5 gigaflops per dollar
  28. Animekitty

    universally preferable behaviour

    I have problems with Stephan Molyneux trying to prove morality. His arguments in spoiler I have a problem with numbers 10. 11. and 12. 10. Enforceability morality can only be personal involving only the individual's actions. Collective enforcement is called Ethics because it involves more...
  29. Animekitty

    No Thought and Social Atrophy

    I was trying to think of the reason why it seems that people much younger than me are better at social dynamics than I am. One point of consideration is intelligence and another point is cognitive development. With me, I should be above average in mental capacity but I may be delayed in...
  30. Animekitty

    Axes and Quadras

    Michael Pierce video allowed me to write these descriptions. Contextual Perception Ni-Se Aware that insights are coming from the self. They are internalized so ideas involved revel themselves from one's own mind creating something new in the subject. With the vibrant sensation of reality...
  31. Animekitty

    Intelligent but not always right

    I have a friend that is intelligent, intelligent the same way my brother is. Mechanical and things based. But when talking to him we had a disagreement. First, he says that half the earth (one hemisphere) is complete ocean (Pacific ocean) but in google maps, it looks like 1/3 of earths surface...
  32. Animekitty

    Neural Correlates of Fluid Intelligence

    Neural Correlates of Fluid Intelligence via Functional and Structural Network Connectivity Measures https://philoneuro.files.wordpress.com/2016/12/vuong_purc_2016_final.pdf Animekitty: The topology of each region (14 of them) would explain separate abilities and the topology of connecting...
  33. Animekitty

    What am I

    I was taking my friend's little girl to the park and two other little girls were there. They were 10, 10, and 5 years old. They were playing on the playset and I was playing with a stick, the two ten-year-olds were saying "what is he". Is he a martial arts master. Then the 5-year-old said, "he...
  34. Animekitty

    (Science) as a tendency to repeat

    About 3 or 5 years ago I saw a video about how a person was studying science in China and he asked the Chinese Scientist to give his translation of science. The person said tendency. If the sun will rise today it could rise tomorrow or it could not rise tomorrow. There is only a tendency for it...
  35. Animekitty

    Crash Course Psychology (Explains intelligence tests)

    Brains Vs. Bias: Crash Course Psychology #24
  36. Animekitty

    More on Personality

    I made a video
  37. Animekitty

    MBTI and neuroscience verification?

    Michael PierceHas made a summary of the 4 function by their orientation. So I am wondering about how we can apply this to neuropsychology. I do not know the neuro connection yet but I will describe the functions the best I can. Here is his description list. Ni contemplative Se...
  38. Animekitty

    The year is 2018

    Trailer 2 Funny that A.I. went mainstream just last couple of years. Development of machine intelligence will only accelerate. The movie could have been better, James Cameron is making three more Terminator movies.
  39. Animekitty

    Yale Neuroscientists Can Now Determine Human Intelligence Through Brain Scans

    How the network in the brain is connected up is more accurate in determining how a brain handles information by manipulating it. And more ways information can be manipulated than simple IQ tests but by the network structure itself...
  40. Animekitty

    Explaining Intelligence (video)

    This is my video I made. (15 minutes)
  41. Animekitty

    A Merry Anime Christmas

  42. Animekitty

    My new WAIS-4 scores

    On Nov 21 I had a neuropsychological evaluation. Took an intelligence test and other such tests. I failed to mention to the evaluators that I lack visual thinking because I did not realize that visual thinking was to correct term to use. This explains why my working memory would be 92. I do not...
  43. Animekitty

    Thinking in another language

    My aunt thinks the bible is perfectly translated but I told her that this cannot be true because words exist in other languages that do not exist in English. Also, I do not get why new books cannot be written and put into the bible. My aunt says that the bible was inspired by God and I said that...
  44. Animekitty

    INTP forum makes my computer rev up

    Does INTP forum put more workload on my computer to make it noisier? I was confused before because I did not know what was making it so loud. I always assumed people were trying to get into my computer because I know that stuff happens. Since I am a very interesting person I would think computer...
  45. Animekitty

    I am 30 years old now

    I am 30 years old. So now I must begin to act more like an adult than when I was 20 something. I am a 30 something and that comes with new responsibilities and new relationships I have to those older and those younger than me. I was never one to go on dates so the last time I could have was in...
  46. Animekitty

    Top 5 Stats not loading

    For me, the current threads are not loading in the box for updates (recent threads). I hope this can be fixed soon.
  47. Animekitty

    Can We Guess Your Highest Education Level?

    Do not cheat and use Google. The test is 80 questions long. http://offbeat.topix.com/quiz/16503/qidx1?tr=quiz/retake-quiz/////,1508791399,n6hf8rnj My results
  48. Animekitty

    Calm Down!

    I am Calm!
  49. Animekitty

    Do NT's have an advantage with Computers?

    You need logic to understand computers. So thinking types would understand. Intuition recognizes patterns. So they would solve problems creatively. machine code compilers software development kits Object-oriented programming Operating system I do not know about these much at all. I might know...
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