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  1. Solitaire U.

    e-cigarrette = awesome (ramblings of a nicotine addict)

    I bought it 4 months ago after sampling it in a local shop. Previously, I only considered e-cigs as a 'fake plastic cigarette' novelty/fad/cool kid thing, complete with ice-cream esque flavors like "Pink Bubble Gum" and "Tuti Fruti". Total turn-off...I'm simply not a cool-kid, tuti-bubbly type...
  2. Solitaire U.

    Too much salt or too much sugar?

    I actually asked my kids this exact question a couple nights ago. We were out late, hungry, and the only food source was a gas station convenience store. So I told them to go pick out 1 snacky thing each to tide them over till we got home. My eldest went straight to the candy section and...
  3. Solitaire U.

    Who is Mr. Cafe Bot...

    ...and why did he form-reply to my intro thread at Personality Cafe? I only joined to explore my ISTP leanings, but now I'm worried. That place is way too squishy feely welcoming. Any experiences with Personality Cafe? Better to just let Mr. Cafe Bot scare me away with huggs?
  4. Solitaire U.

    Will it fit?

    The other day, my wife and I went to buy tables, chairs, and other assorted junk for one of her daycare playrooms. She immediately picked out two 8' folding tables and twelve folding chairs, which touched off an all too familiar argument. I asked her, "How are you planning to arrange these...
  5. Solitaire U.

    Sleep or shut down?

    Ok computer nerds, I want your opinions. Lately, I've gotten into the habit of putting my comp into sleep mode instead of shutting it down. I started doing this because my 1TB HD is at about 85% capacity, and it's taking from 3 to 5 minutes to boot up and become fully functional from a cold...
  6. Solitaire U.

    More aware of machines than people

    My wife just told me that I'm more in tune with the family car than I am with her. She meant it as a joke but (ouch) I kind of suspect she's right. I know every inch of our car. Every strange sound it makes, every little operational anomaly, every trouble code thrown by its PCM. Nothing...
  7. Solitaire U.

    There are no subscribed threads to display in this folder for this time period.

    Is it just me, or are we slooooooowwwwww? :(
  8. Solitaire U.

    Is 'highly educated' synonymous with 'highly intelligent'?

    This seems somehow flawed. Are exceptionally intelligent students obligatory to effective teaching? I'm getting kind of mixed up with this. It seems more like "Highly wealthy is obligatory to highly educated, but highly intelligent isn't necessarily obligatory to highly wealthy or highly...
  9. Solitaire U.

    Your career ascent (or downward spiral)

    What jobs have you had? List them in order from earliest to current/most recent. 1. Warehouse box packer (industrial tools), then manager, then manager + driver, then manager + driver + purchasing agent. 6 years. 2. Equipment rental yard worker: customer service and equipment maintenance. 3...
  10. Solitaire U.

    Sweet corruption

    While driving yesterday I decided to make an illegal U-turn instead of taking the extra two minutes to circle the block. Of course, a traffic cop was waiting for me up the street and waved me over. Once I stopped the cop informed me that I'd made an illegal U-turn (which I already knew) and...
  11. Solitaire U.

    What languages do you speak?

    What is your native language? English What other languages do you speak? Spanish Are you fluent? Reasonably. Why did you learn your second language? It was an obligatory element of living and working in a Spanish-speaking country. How did you learn? Six months of formal Spanish lessons...
  12. Solitaire U.

    What are you currently playing? Rate it.

    Alright, I didn't find a similar thread on the first two pages of this forum, so I'm throwing this up. Currently: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Type: Stealth-themed FPS Pros: Sneaking around is a lot more fun/challenging than indiscriminately blasting away. The computer hacking component...
  13. Solitaire U.

    Am I becoming too prolific??

    Damnit, now I'm paranoid. I'm stuck at home for the next few days recovering from a back injury. There's nothing for me to do except sit in my big comfortable desk chair in front of my computer and post on INTPf. My daily post ratio has already skyrocketed from like 0.30 to 1.31. I'm almost at...
  14. Solitaire U.

    Movies that messed with your head when you were a kid

    Halloween (the 1978 original with Jamie Lee Curtis). The Michael Myers character really screwed me up as a pre-teen. Didn't help that I lived three blocks away from the actual 'Myers House' that was used in the movies.
  15. Solitaire U.

    Working with Kids

    I teach ESL privately to kids and adults. I used to generally despise kids, even my own to a certain extent, but now that I've discovered that I seem to have a natural ability to quickly establish strong rapport with kids, I actually enjoy working with them. I enjoy teaching adults too, but I...
  16. Solitaire U.

    What do you drive?

    And why? Is there such a thing as an INTP-ish vehicle? 2001 Chrysler Grand Caravan. I chose it because: A) I like its flexibility. It can comfortably transport 7 people, or with the removable rear seats removed it can carry a lot of cargo. B) I have two kids that need to be ferried around...
  17. Solitaire U.

    Earthquake resistant adobe block house

    I love this house. Warning, narration is in a dreaded foreign language, but fear not! For those of you who slept through your high school Spanish classes, the visuals are easily interpretable. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPdMAIqNyYU&feature=related
  18. Solitaire U.

    Bird Banned?

    Just curious...why?
  19. Solitaire U.

    Rate What the Person Above You is Listening To

    Shamelessly ripped this idea from another forum. See if it works here. Post whatever and rate however the hell you please. Start the ball rolling with something short, sweet, and stereotypically...me. Sons of OTIS - Mississippi Queen - YouTube
  20. Solitaire U.

    INTP teachers

    Please discuss... Are INTPs well-suited to teaching In the context of... Teacher-Centered Learning vs. Student Centered Learning.
  21. Solitaire U.

    Just looking

    for another void to fall into, I guess... INTPc deserter.
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