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  1. naberus

    'What's your Archetype?' Test

    Sage Sages find freedom through understanding the big picture (global or cosmic) and a capacity for detachment. At the lowest level, the Sage may have little interest in the ordinary, mundane pleasures of life. At the highest level, however, the Sage combines detachment with love, wisdom...
  2. naberus

    Reincarnation placement test

    Borg Cube 43% Intrigue, 59% Civilization, 27% Humanity, 62% Urbanization. Placing you was easy. According to your answers, you like things civilized, sophisticated, and uncomplicated by things like human nature and adventure. We have just the thing: A Borg cube. Welcome to The...
  3. naberus

    Fantasy/Sci-Fi Character Test

    Kosh A reclusive seer shrouded in riddles, you reveal very little and only what is deemed congruent with your plans. Understanding is a three edged sword. Your side, their side, and the truth. Kosh is a character in the Babylon 5 universe. You can read a few tidbits about his race at The...
  4. naberus

    Daily routines

    I love routines and structure... often very lazy about doing them (at least some of them anyways).
  5. naberus

    The Grand Census of May 2009

    I tend to lurk a few times a week, but only post once in a while.
  6. naberus

    Hi, tell me I'm good.

    Why do you want to be told you're good?
  7. naberus

    Serious Thread

    Now you're getting it.
  8. naberus

    You know you're an Intp when...

    When someone says to you "you can't knock that down, it's a supporting wall", and your response is "sure I can, but I'll do it after lunch".
  9. naberus

    Serious Thread

    Stay on topic you slackers! :mad:
  10. naberus

    FYI, the outsiders are invading!!

    Given that we have had good practice with Face and Melkor, this shouldn't be too difficult ;)
  11. naberus

    You know you're an Intp when...

    118. When you chose to risk your neck by questioning, critizing or correcting an INTJ's logic.
  12. naberus

    The Alliance

    I'll support you guys in spirit :D......cognisant too *breaks out the popcorn for all to enjoy*
  13. naberus

    You know you're an Intp when...

    49. When you lecture, you turn a one hour session into five.
  14. naberus

    Back (again).

    Be prepared for lol filled intellectual discussion because that's all you're gonna get :D
  15. naberus

    Unusually well developed tertiary functions?

    My Fi too is pretty well developed, in fact when I was really young it was much stronger to the point where I could have easily been an INFJ. I love visual art and my mother is also ENFJ, she both admires and dislikes my Te. I wouldn't say that my Fi is so strong that it operates as an...
  16. naberus

    I predict...

    I have evolved.
  17. naberus

    INTJs are...

    I love how no one has voted saviours of mankind...I would be worried if someone did.
  18. naberus

    INTJs are...

    Which of these do you think describes the INTJ the best? Or do you have other ideas?
  19. naberus

    Suggestions for a puppy?

    If you want something calm, make sure it's fairly submissive rather than dominate. Dominate dogs no matter the breed will always be more energetic, although that isn't to say that they can't be calm either (I have an akida mix who dominate yet has a wonderful temperment when it cmes to humans)...
  20. naberus

    Serious Thread

    Get back to seriousness people.
  21. naberus

    Hi, new guy.

    Welcome, I'm one of the resident INTJs... Your sense of humor will fit right in (you'll find a lot of comedians here, am I right guys?)
  22. naberus

    World Domination

    Finally, the fabled world domination thread i've been hearing about. I won't mind allying myself with one of you, although if it's anything like George Orwell's "Animal Farm" the partnership will be equally shared on the surface, but secretly I'll plot to overthow you...But what are the odds...
  23. naberus

    Serious Thread

  24. naberus

    What's the story behind your Avatar?

    Something I made in photoshop one day, it's one of my best digital paintings to date. It compliments me as an INTJ and my username (naberus= biblical bird demon)
  25. naberus

    Serious Thread

    This thread is for seriousness only.
  26. naberus

    MBTI Types of Game Characters

    Cloud definatly strikes me as a T, he's emotional but not always sensative.
  27. naberus

    The INTJ Club

    And there in lies the problem...fear not we have night courses and a patrol car to pick you up, afterwards you are then dropped safely at home within 1 hour before your college starts :D.
  28. naberus

    The INTJ Club

    Well you will be sent to a very sterile concentration camp where you will be given strick schedules and be fitted with a very handsome shock collar that we have personally modified to be impossible to get out of without the written consent of a staff member.
  29. naberus

    The INTJ Club

    Only if you're willing to go through an intense 60 day program.
  30. naberus

    The INTJ Club

    Well the dry blood and severed heads were his idea, but they're disinfected.
  31. naberus

    The INTJ Club

    Oh no, we had proper team of cartographers to do that.
  32. naberus

    INTPforum Slogan

    "The best place for unfocused analysis" "INTJs without the focus" "Absent-minded professors procrastinating for a better tomarrow"
  33. naberus

    MBTI Types of Game Characters

    Oh wow I get my own section...well ain't I lucky xD
  34. naberus

    What were you like in Primary/Elementary school?

    Painfully shy and nearly a mute, in fact for many years my report cards consistantly said "too quiet" and in middle school I was voted "most quiet" in my class. Now I'm the complete opposite...
  35. naberus

    MBTI Types of Game Characters

    Thanks LoR
  36. naberus

    The INTJ Club

    This is where Masterminds can come to relax and take a break from INTP chaos before going back out for more. And for all ye wandering INTPs, we welcome you but keep it orderly :D
  37. naberus

    Best Careers for Types

    Do you want us to come up with our own?
  38. naberus

    MBTI Types of Game Characters

    Gah, I'll move this to the MBTI section.
  39. naberus

    MBTI Types of Game Characters

    I thought it would be interesting to see what people's interpretations are of video game character personality types.... Here's some of mine to kick this thread off: Altair (Assassin's Creed) - ISTP Nariko (Heavenly Sword) - INTJ Sora (Kingdom Hearts) - ENFP Gale (SMT: Digital Devil Saga) -...
  40. naberus

    new INTJ in an INTP forum

    Order has cupcakes.
  41. naberus

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    God: I have come for you my child. Random person: Wow,hey why are you a dog? God: What's "God" spelled backwards? Random person: Hmm...Oh My Dog!? Really bad joke, I'm sorry XD
  42. naberus

    new INTJ in an INTP forum

    No, resist!
  43. naberus

    INTPs are the homicidal, sociopathic type.

    Scary to think, although I already knew that you guys can become frightening when your Fe takes over. As demonstrated here (Keep an eye on the ugly creature with the green poncho and vertical mouth): YouTube- Digital Devil Saga 1 Cut-Scene: 12 [Muladhara]
  44. naberus

    What's you favorite style of Art?

    Self-explanitory title, this applies to all time periods, movements and styles such as anime, sci-fi, impressionism, barouqe, etc. and explain why you like it.
  45. naberus


    My deviantArt is full of it: http://naberus.deviantart.com/
  46. naberus

    new INTJ in an INTP forum

    Hooray, another one for my army of fellow INTJs. Together we will res..impliment order to the madness that this forum is so aquainted with.
  47. naberus

    INTPforum Slogan

    "What a grand idea...we'll do it later" "Come for the intellect, stay for the madness" "Where insanity and intellect collide in the strangest ways..." That's all I can think of for now.
  48. naberus


    Interesting... where are these fabled "world domination" threads?
  49. naberus

    Melkor 2000 - hugs!

    Tries...to...hug...... *Epic Fail*
  50. naberus

    Whats going on

    Welcome, I'm one of the resident INTJs here. You'll find a few of us scattered around, mostly cleaning up the messes INTPs make and telling them they're doing it wrong even if they're doing it right :D
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