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  1. naberus

    INTJs are...

    Which of these do you think describes the INTJ the best? Or do you have other ideas?
  2. naberus

    Serious Thread

    This thread is for seriousness only.
  3. naberus

    The INTJ Club

    This is where Masterminds can come to relax and take a break from INTP chaos before going back out for more. And for all ye wandering INTPs, we welcome you but keep it orderly :D
  4. naberus

    MBTI Types of Game Characters

    I thought it would be interesting to see what people's interpretations are of video game character personality types.... Here's some of mine to kick this thread off: Altair (Assassin's Creed) - ISTP Nariko (Heavenly Sword) - INTJ Sora (Kingdom Hearts) - ENFP Gale (SMT: Digital Devil Saga) -...
  5. naberus

    What's you favorite style of Art?

    Self-explanitory title, this applies to all time periods, movements and styles such as anime, sci-fi, impressionism, barouqe, etc. and explain why you like it.
  6. naberus

    Naberus's Gender

    I noticed there was some discussion over on the "about you" thead and so I thought why not just make a separate thread on the topic. (Yes I am conceited, but I love it :D)
  7. naberus


    I curious to know what is it you guys do (individually speaking) that you consider un-INTP?
  8. naberus

    Chuck Norris

    Why do we care? (You're looking at a very bored INTJ, so keep it random... yes I said random)
  9. naberus

    INTPs for the Win

    I find that interacting here is far more relaxing than with other INTJs. Anyone want to suggest reasons why this is?
  10. naberus


    For reference: http://www.intjforum.com/index.php Anyone who's either browsed or has a account there, what are your impressions about us INTJ based solely on that forum?
  11. naberus

    Hello, INTJ here.

    I look forward to chatting with and observing you INTPs ;)
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