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  1. Game of Thrones

    Its not what it was for the first few seasons but still the best show on TV.
  2. How do people in the West avoid Nihlism nowadays?

    Most people just don't really think about it that much.
  3. Work and me. What's my best option?

    You're not wrong, and I'm not one of these magic professionals.
  4. Work and me. What's my best option?

    Kinda sounds like something forcing you to be social would be best in the long run. Otherwise, get good at something you can do from home.
  5. What is the greatest good?

    You've defined 'good' as acts beneficial to others. The idea that good can exist objectively is absurd. I have my own definitions of good which tend to align with yours, but they are subjective and incomplete.
  6. Why Do xNTPs Online..

    As someone who believes the bible existed, I dismiss all of your thoughts
  7. No Such Thing As Good/Bad

    Make your own good
  8. Up for a debate

    you didn't really refute his point
  9. From Humanities/Social Sciences to Math/Theoretical Sciences?

    Sounds like school is your comfort zone.
  10. The value of IQ

    Well if nothing else, the value of threads about IQ is apparent. :storks:
  11. Up for a debate

    ^ Agreed, Id like to add it could also indicate species at (or above) our technological achievement have relatively short lifespans in that zone.
  12. Sexual Identity?

    You have to be trolling, right?...right?
  13. is empathy, at its core, selfish?

    Basically, yes, but your issue with it arises in connotating selfishness as always negative, while in this case it is quite positive.
  14. Sexual Identity?

    That is alot of words to say "I'm a straight male but i accept currently accepted beliefs"
  15. You know you're NOT INTP when?

    Gold although Im probably not intp
  16. Ask me anything

    Does it matter if you aren't "real"?
  17. Do debates actually change anyone's mind?

  18. Are women more emotional and therefore score more often the feeling types or originated this stereot

    The stereotype is based on reality, but also promotes itself.
  19. We encounter aliens, now what?

    I think its far more implausible that if we discover life it will be civilized but less advanced than us. Whatever though, its hypothetical.
  20. Gaming Group

    Personally, I like competitive games and AI rarely, if ever, offers adequate competition.
  21. Confess all your sins here.

    Yea Id probably drink my piss if their was a decent reason, Id need alot more persuasion to eat my shit.
  22. Confess all your sins here.

    But you also think drinking your own piss is a sin. Hell half this shit is just like drinking your piss, frowned upon but not harmful to others(not sinful).
  23. Mentally Traumatizing Movies

    When I was a kid I was pretty freaked out by the curb stomp in America History X.
  24. I'm done

    Not from the guy who has never met his equal in debate.
  25. Civ 6

    From what I read tall is not a legitimate playstyle in civ6, so don't bother.
  26. Should I start smoking cigarettes

    Why spend money on an off putting habit that has no positive effects?
  27. Bronto's ban

    thought I'd repost this for you :storks:
  28. Bronto's ban

    unfortunate, prob unneccessary
  29. Genders?

    A numerical gender, a gender that knows what it isnt but not what it is, a gender that has been blown yo a million pieces, etc etc :confused:
  30. What do you eat

    Mine is also boring, mostly chicken, salad, fruit, eggs and chips.
  31. Should All Drugs Be Legal

    No more driving then.
  32. Should All Drugs Be Legal

    Yes. Legality has little to do with people's choice to do them or not. With drugs illegal though tons of money is up for grabs therefore promoting illegal and violent activity to seize it.
  33. Game of Thrones

    Uhh why the fuck was Varys in that last scene?
  34. How do you want to die?

    I kinda figured this might be the worst way to go if time slowed down as you approached the center, stretching your death longer and longer to infinity. In practice it probably doesn't work that way, but doesn't seem like something I'd wanna find out.
  35. ADD and ADHD scam

    I think we don't know how drugs like this affect a developing brain in the long term.
  36. Learning Math is Boring

    [ ] read op
  37. In search of proof

    Whose 'the man'? This depends on what you value. For most people its the easiest course of action to provide necessities for oneself and family.
  38. I'm an ENTP

    Mbti? Yup
  39. INTP and unjustified bad / negative thoughts in the head

    Sounds about right Seriously though, it sounds to me like you over focus on these thoughts most likely perpetuating the cycle. I wouldn't say embrace them but don't get too worked up about it, and try to get out of your head a bit.
  40. The Opportunity to Travel to Space

    Yea i have 0 interest in present day space travel. Spending months on end in a confined box, no thanks. Traveling to another world and having a way to skip the boring long trip would be intriguing though.
  41. Idiocracy

    Has the brain to body ratio decreased, increased, or stayed the same?
  42. Stardew Valley

    I'd choose to be imperfect and flawed, not even close. What's the point of observing when you are no longer living?
  43. Science is dominated by facts.(?)

    And before instinct, there were rocks, so what?
  44. Can a computer create art?

    I can't tell, obviously. Point is, it does depend on your definition of art. For me, art is as other members have said, an expression of self. It doesn't have anything to do with the beholder, which in this case is me. By this definition, computers are currently incapable of producing art...
  45. Can a computer create art?

    The one painted by a person.
  46. Universal basic income: Why not?

    Why are these people entitled to goods that they had no hand in making? What if all(or half) the people decided they'd rather not work?

    Why? You may be in it right now, you would never be conscious of the cycle, atleast not really.
  48. INTP and IQ Testing

    They measure one's likelyhood to do so.
  49. The Math Thread

    Many things could be said about the number, but it ranging from 40-60% seems to be the most meaningful, what am i missing?)
  50. The Math Thread

    60% of them (dog lovers?) like cats? Therefore 48%?
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