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  1. doncarlzone

    New to the community...

    Hi there and welcome. I'd recommend that you make some paragraphs with spaces between. It is rather difficult to read your writing otherwise.
  2. doncarlzone

    Learning to become focused

    I laughed : D
  3. doncarlzone

    Join me in achieving self-discipline?

    Great thread. I think of self discipline as a finite resource. If you want to change something in your life, you have to be aware of what habits led to what you want changed and, or, what habits you will need to adopt in order to make the change that you want. Self discipline is required to...
  4. doncarlzone

    Pragmatism Vs. Nihilism: The Ben Shapiro, Sam Harris, Jordan Peterson Trifecta

    Is this a joke? Ben Shapiro. Steven Crowder? And Jordan Peterson? What has this place become? May the force be with you RedBaron! http://weknowmemes.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/gorilla-walking-away-gif.gif
  5. doncarlzone

    Writing a philosophy of my own.

    No (or yes, I agree with that). Nor do I think that the fact that you are going to die at one point is sufficient cause to even contemplate that life is meaningless, or meaningful, for that matter. Time in isolation, in this regard, means nothing.
  6. doncarlzone

    Writing a philosophy of my own.

    Sounds reasonable (as a start).
  7. doncarlzone

    Writing a philosophy of my own.

    I agree that Hitchens' quote is not a perfect analogy as few are, I could easily have left that quote out of my post. Well, perhaps when I am so old that I can't walk or even think coherently and will need assistance 24/7. Or perhaps at a point when I am old and very sick. These are just...
  8. doncarlzone

    Obsessing on the best possible option to do everything.

    Optimization is a trap I think most of us fall into once in a while. Though I have a suspicion that people identifying as INTP are less likely to do so compared to other types. A friend of mine once said that he refused to watch Parks and Recreation because he had yet to see "better" series...
  9. doncarlzone

    Writing a philosophy of my own.

    Interesting. You almost sound religious, and I don't mean this in a negative way, I just don't relate to your reasoning. Of course if you feel like a mortal life is less meaningful to you than an immortal one, I cannot force you to feel differently. While I do think you have a point when it...
  10. doncarlzone

    Writing a philosophy of my own.

    Because the definition of the concept we reject determines its relevant implications. If you define "an inherently meaningful life" such that it is conceptually incoherent, my only option is to agree with you. However, from this, it does not follow that the concept of "an inherently meaningful...
  11. doncarlzone

    Writing a philosophy of my own.

    Alright. So I watched this video. While I agree with some sentiments in the video, it still makes claims such as: "If the universe ends in heat death, every humiliation you suffer in life will be forgotten". Is this supposed to make me incapable of feeling humiliation because the sun...
  12. doncarlzone

    Writing a philosophy of my own.

    I agree. I don't want to say all Christians are like Craig, at all. And I also agree with you that epistemology is very relevant and the contemporary discussion is quite interesting indeed. People still use arguments, the structure of which was first used by epistemological skepticists, to...
  13. doncarlzone

    Writing a philosophy of my own.

    I understand. I should maybe be more upfront as to my exact position (we are of course not far from each other despite our initial polemic). To state it clearly: My problem is with nihilism. There is a reason why no philosophers take this position seriously, except Christian apologist. The...
  14. doncarlzone

    Writing a philosophy of my own.

    So you are fine with making a philosophical claim, you just don't want to back it up with actual arguments? And yet you claim that philosophers, the majority of whom are atheists, cling to their delusions? What's interesting is that you would probably agree with many theists philosophically...
  15. doncarlzone

    Writing a philosophy of my own.

    What would make life inherently meaningful, as you put it? And if your response is free will, then please define it and explain what it is about that definition of free will, should we have had it, that would have made life inherently meaningful? I will.
  16. doncarlzone

    Writing a philosophy of my own.

    lol. And what would be the existential uncompromising truth then?
  17. doncarlzone

    Writing a philosophy of my own.

    It's impossible to determine without knowing the proper context. Depending on what you intend to achieve by your writing, I'd suggest that you start smaller. Say, think about writing a paper with a formulated argument. Of course, if you are more serious, you should demonstrate that you are...
  18. doncarlzone

    Re-defining Utilitarianism

    It is a bit hard to follow your logic. Some elaborate examples would be helpful. When you talk about pain feeling food, what exactly are you on about? Like someone pinching your nipple? (I had honest difficulties coming up with an example) If so, it is not at all difficult to distinguish that...
  19. doncarlzone

    Can you act against your conscience

    I say hopefully. If you are not capable of this then the implication is one of two things: A. Your moral beliefs are in perfect sync with your actions, in which case your sense of morality is still in its infancy and would require some reflection. Or B. You attempt to rationalize every single...
  20. doncarlzone

    Who here eats breakfast?

    This idea of breakfast being the most important meal of the day is thankfully an old myth that is constantly being disproven. Of course endurance athletes don't want to exercise too long fasted. But as for the rest of us, and this is include those among us attempting to put on muscle in the gym...
  21. doncarlzone

    Problem remembering names?

    Sorry for bumping an ancient thread, but this is getting ridicilous. I recently studied in the US and I of course couldn't handle all the new names I had to learn. I managed this particular situation atleast twice: Embarrisingly not remembering a name I should upon which I ask them to repeat it...
  22. doncarlzone

    High School Grades

    My high school/gymnasium grades were horrendous, however, I practically doubled my GPA, or my country's equivalent thereof, when I went to university. I wouldn't even have been able to get into my major had it not been for the fact that they accepted my motivated application. They basically...
  23. doncarlzone

    any of you read any of the Immanuel Kant

    Yes I read most of it (or the essential parts rather). Read Prolegomena instead, it's a shorter more condensed version which he wrote afterwards due to the length of the Critique. And don't just jump right into it without any prior knowledge of his terminology and philosophy. Ideally, you would...
  24. doncarlzone

    Does this logic hold up? Am I being an idiot?

    You asked about your logic. I take it that you're saying in simple terms that since you are a part of the world, and the world is physical, then your emotions, which are a part of you, too are physical. That seems about right logically - and it's quite sound too. Now from this you conclude...
  25. doncarlzone

    Favorite artists/genres?

    Haha. I'm seriously baffled by this list. How did you come up with these options if I may ask?
  26. doncarlzone

    Choice is an illusion.

    Right I see what you mean. And you may be right, perhaps it is better to leave out the concept of free will altogether for this reason - that's certainly a pragmatic argument. I am not in bed with the label 'free will' by any means. I just want the arguments that I use to make sense, and the...
  27. doncarlzone

    Choice is an illusion.

    Ok. Let me first point out that I thought the same thing about compatibilism before, now this is not to indicate than I am therefore right. The reality is that Philosophers who are argue compatibilistic theories are predominately atheists and most would require a complete reformation of our...
  28. doncarlzone

    Choice is an illusion.

    If you're replying to me then I think you may have misunderstood a crucial point. I was not attempting to argue that having the ability to have done otherwise, by replaying the tape, would enable a conception of free will worth wanting - quite the contrary. I am not even saying that we need more...
  29. doncarlzone


    I like his critique of Kant's categorical imperative in which he illustrates how Kant operates with implicit premises without which his imperative falls short. For example, according to the categorical imperative it is wrong to steal. Because if everybody stole then that would undermine the...
  30. doncarlzone

    How are you different from others of your type?

    I'm rather vain. Though I have little to no clothes, I do put a significant amount of thought into it. I tend to blame this on my sister.
  31. doncarlzone

    Choice is an illusion.

    I find what is most effective is to show that the intuitions behind "We don't have free will because B" can be turned around, intuitively. This B can be a few different ideas though all of them boil down to determinism which means that in essence, what I intent to show here, is a conception of...
  32. doncarlzone

    Choice is an illusion.

    I think your basic conception of free will is a bit confused though I do understand it, because I used to have the same conception. In essence, what you are saying is that I can't have free will if I have reasons for my actions. Because if I have reasons for my actions then I am a slave to my...
  33. doncarlzone

    INTPs bodies and subtypes

    Re: INTPs bodys and subtypes Who do you think you are? Hugh Jackman?
  34. doncarlzone

    Er der danskere her?

    Jeg er dansk. Du er velkommen til at skrive. Which TV shows have you watched?
  35. doncarlzone

    Another free will/determinism question

    That's fair enough. Again fair enough. I made an edit in which I outlined basically the same thing again - probably wasn't necessary. I have nothing further to add. Thank you for the discussion!
  36. doncarlzone

    Another free will/determinism question

    When I wrote self-determination, I really meant just "determination". A problem here. You say that free will is freedom from causation and then assert that it is contradictory based on the correct premise of the will being caused. However, if free will is not freedom from determination, but...
  37. doncarlzone

    Another free will/determinism question

    Given your definition of free will, then you wouldn't even need to talk about determinism or indeterminism at all to to make this point. Essentially you could make the following argument: 1. Free will is the cause that is not caused but willed 2. Everything that is willed is also caused 3...
  38. doncarlzone

    Another free will/determinism question

    The classic Strawson argument. The problem with the free will term is that it's possible to turn it completely around quite easily. I suspect premise #2 has one or both of the following implicit premises: 1. If you could not have done otherwise, then the action is not free 2. You are not the...
  39. doncarlzone

    Space and Time

    Sounds like a Kantian approach flavored with some pantheistic spirituality. Even if we, as Kant proposes, form external matter (or things in themselves) in time and space, why would that be an illusion? I suppose you could argue that if someone thinks that a coke bottle looks like it appears...
  40. doncarlzone

    On amorality, relativism, nihilism, realism and determinism

    I think it's no more difficult to argue for objective morality than it is for subjectivism. Subjectivism or relativism is definitely not a safe zone intellectually :)
  41. doncarlzone

    On amorality, relativism, nihilism, realism and determinism

    It really depends on what you mean by subjective morality. I do believe that some form of objective morality is compatible with anti-realism. But I think morality is subjective in the sense that the values are human dependent. Even John McDowell, who is a realist, argues how color...
  42. doncarlzone

    On amorality, relativism, nihilism, realism and determinism

    Yep. And good post btw! It's actually difficult to figure out exactly what you are trying to convey, so I will have to guess a bit, please correct me if necessary. So, as humans, we are a part of physics and its determinism (I'm aware of quantum probability, just include that) and because of...
  43. doncarlzone

    Secret Sharing

    Damn. How does one get back at such a strong argument? I would actually have commended you for your honesty had you not tried to justify it, morally. Hell I do plenty of stuff that I find unethical.
  44. doncarlzone

    INTP TED talk

    Half way in, and loving it. I feel inspired. Let's go change the world people! Wait..
  45. doncarlzone

    University is just too fucking hard

    This is excellent advice. I'd also advise, if possible, to make use of ambitious study groups. It helps with discipline to have meetings and targets planned out, not just with yourself but with others, as it is more difficult to let other people down than yourself through procrastination.
  46. doncarlzone

    How does one use 'emotion' to make decidsion?

    Why would you begin to consider a better salary or a better location? Point being, behind all decisions there are underlying emotional motives otherwise there would be nothing to base any decision upon.
  47. doncarlzone

    How does one use 'emotion' to make decidsion?

    And how exactly do you come to that conclusion without emotions? Can you name a non-emotional factor for changing a job? I'll make it even easier. Name one decision a being has ever made that wasn't based on emotions or instincts.
  48. doncarlzone

    Why personality tests dont work

    And that's why the kings need to become philosophers and the philosophers kings - because the masses do not posses the intellectual capacity to type themselves accurately. Only the few have this godlike ability to reach the epistemological peak of an accurate MBTI type.
  49. doncarlzone

    Hum Dum Dim Dum Why do I exist?

    Makes sense. So what is your take on absolute subjective meaning? Suppose I devote myself to a cause - would I be able to make that distinction between the subjective and the objective? When considering a meaning - are we not attempting to bridge the gap between the subjective and the objective...
  50. doncarlzone

    Why do people get so fucking offended if i fucking say fuck?

    This is one of those things that can only be learned the hard way.
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