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  1. Nick

    Is the Universe a hologram

    you might enjoy this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KcPNiworbo
  2. Nick

    I'm no different from a can of pineapple

    If you were given two million dollars to design anything over the course of 4 years, what would you focus on?
  3. Nick

    Is there a job which requires you to summarize a great amount of information?

    Give me a room, a ton of documents and a couple of days, and I'll take all the key points and lay them out so it's easy for the layman to understand. Sounds like my perfect career, someone put me in it!
  4. Nick

    when you're old

    I want to fantasize that when I was young prices were reasonable, politicians were noble and children respected their elders.
  5. Nick

    Manipulator wants break college - need your opinion

    Perhaps you should invest in a college English fresher-upper course.
  6. Nick

    Post Your Cool Photos!

    particle tracks:
  7. Nick

    Face memory test

    You got 57 of 75 questions correct. The average score is 63.7. Your score is higher than 7.57% of other people who take this test. Scores below 40 may indicate prosopagnosia.
  8. Nick

    Spirit animal.

  9. Nick


    Seeker. Not too keen on how the last 20% of the quiz is collecting market data to sell. :/
  10. Nick

    my friend didnt ask me out and ban me

    Have a lot of money so your extroverted friends can come over and use all your fun toys.
  11. Nick

    Thoughts On Space-travel?

    Outside of our own solar system is pointless for space travel, unless you're an unmanned probe. Like Cog said, there's too much to deal with, and even if we perfect our protection and optimize the speed of travel to 99.999% of c, we still won't get anywhere fast. There'll be a loophole that...
  12. Nick

    If you're feeling depressed don't read this!

    The trick is making your minds default option of feeling something good, supported by an environment you've created.
  13. Nick

    If you're feeling depressed don't read this!

    How many languages do you know Cognisant?
  14. Nick

    Website I am making

    Nice site! Do you guys accept lactose intolerant people into your society of wine and cheese?
  15. Nick

    strong intuitive feelings about shifts in the worlds dichotomy

    Taking in so much information on a daily basis, as we intps love the internet and all things shiny and new, our subconscious seems to be running faster and faster. The way people interact after the way the world spins in a certain way. Maybe its just my feelings being projected upon the...
  16. Nick

    How would the various types fare in a military setting?

    ^nothing but garbage, except the eyes, he hit the nail on the head with that one.
  17. Nick

    do any of you intp's work-out?

    I like the idea of how Tesla would dedicate 1hr a day to swimming in a river. The body is linked with the mind, and if one fails, the other will follow suit soon enough. Here's a recent picture of me from a couple weeks ago. :kodama1:
  18. Nick

    How often do you catch yourself staring into a mirror wondering

    who you are.. what this is... I usually catch myself when I'm alone, working out, just staring into my pupils. I usually just smirk and continue on.
  19. Nick

    How are you holding up during finals week?

    Finished history online class stuff by this morning at 2am. Been working on a 15 page screenplay I hope to have done soon. Have to figure out my NMR proton and IR spec graphs for lab, hopefully tonight. Microbio lab test monday I want to look over some notes so I have a chance of passing...
  20. Nick

    Plan to take over the world INTP style

    Us INTPs will just be chilling while the rest of the types nuke themselves from orbit, then we'll walk on over and pick up the scraps. :confused:
  21. Nick

    Memory and Memorization

    One thing I'd like to add, I hate having to memorize a shit-ton of facts/bullet-points for a class, which are all easily referenced in real life. My current teacher: here's 450 pages of powerpoints, I'll ask you 100 questions based off the material, good luck.
  22. Nick

    Chlorovirus ATCV-1

    http://www.techtimes.com/articles/19951/20141111/meet-chlorovirus-atcv-1-a-virus-that-can-make-humans-more-stupid.htm A virus found in ~1/2 the population, easily infects hosts, decreases cognitive abilities.
  23. Nick

    Supervisor professor

    Welcome to INTPf tieudietdich, but please work on your linguists.
  24. Nick


    I like their strategy, you pay us money and then do work for us because scripted work is hard for games.
  25. Nick

    Do you actively try to be the worse person?

    Simply to let everyone else outshine you, seeing how everyone else works and how relationships evolve over-time.
  26. Nick

    INTP Nomads/Wanderers

    I've been to 30 countries, I love the world and feel at peace when interaction between people is known to be temporary, allows us to be our full-selves with small sporadic groups. Now I'm landlocked and looking for a way out :x
  27. Nick

    What is the subject of your theorizing?

    I fall in and out of love with things, but over the course of many years. Retaining all individualist knowledge that comes from that interest, could actually only be a handful of things that I'll hold onto for life.
  28. Nick

    Light doesn't exist

    Then you come into the realm of dark-this/that, shit that we cannot physically/scientifically observe at all, but we know its present and accounts for most of the universe, and its pushing everything faster and faster away (more entropic state). It's still a mish-mosh of shit we don't know...
  29. Nick

    Music used to concentrate

    I usually Pandora "Brian Eno", headphones on, ear plugs in. Idk...I just like the muted ambient music in the background at a drop above what I can really hear, kinda just enough for my subconcious to float along to it while I piledrive out all my work due the night before.
  30. Nick


    you can just be an IxTP. There are many muddled people in this world that fall in the shallows when testing for their types, neither adherent to the polarity of a specific function. Think of yourself as well balanced. I'd also put some money down that you're a bit older than 18 and have had...
  31. Nick

    All Hallow's Eve / Hallowe'en

    good stuff here!:segen:
  32. Nick

    Hello Fellow INTPs

    another unique snowflake in the blizzard. welcome.
  33. Nick

    Does anyone else think in the form of conversations?

    Wait,. what's going on in everyone elses head if they're not holding debate class in their mind 24/7? This behavior is also potentiated if I'm lost in a shower. :kodama1:
  34. Nick

    Why can't I stop crying?

    Crying is cathartic Aza. Hopefully you'll get something out of it, if your crying exists and continues for longer than 4 hours please seek medical attention as crying is not for everyone. Please ask your doctor before you prescribe yourself some cry and think twice before burdening these...
  35. Nick

    Failed Dreams?

    Because if you're an INTP time doesn't really exist for you, shhhhhh don't tell anyone...., any once you've come to fruition in this beautiful world, you'll want to do everything and anything because you understand just about everything... then you remember there's a P at the end of INTP and...
  36. Nick

    Spearman's hypothesis, g and explication of black/white IQ differences

    So do we still keep striving to see who the 'smartest'? Measure brain volume and density? The interconnection of neurons? I still think we're not at the point of understanding how anything really works and our intelligence can't be correlated with the empirical units we've derived thus far.
  37. Nick

    wtf hobbies u have?

    hobbies require money, time and good will. Can you plz give me all 3 thx.
  38. Nick

    Spearman's hypothesis, g and explication of black/white IQ differences

    I'm 2.6% Neanderthal. Do I win a cookie?
  39. Nick

    INTP premium profile on 16personalities.com

    if you're quite curious about us, your type, you might want to check out this work about the day in a life of an intp: http://oddlydevelopedtypes.com/content/book-devoted-intps Anna also has some cute comics from different MBTI viewpoints...
  40. Nick

    New Job!

    Congrats to him! dose he need another INTP to do inquisitive work with him, or press buttons all day long :D
  41. Nick

    xNTP here

    So, have we moved on to bigger things?
  42. Nick

    Very Important. Urgent!

    Tight sweater
  43. Nick

    Time travel back to a war...

    The war between Eve and the snake. :kodama1:
  44. Nick

    Would Einstein have smoked weed?

    WALKYRIA: What do you think about waiting until 25.
  45. Nick

    Would Einstein have smoked weed?

    most bitches are pussies.
  46. Nick

    Would Einstein have smoked weed?

    how else would you explain the marriage of space and time?
  47. Nick

    Magic, The Gathering

    I have a bunch of friends that still play, I played from 4th-9th, Urza block was my favorite cause thats when I was coming of age and understanding the stack and creating my own decks. I'll do some sealed drafts with friends maybe once a year, 1box and 6-8 people, just to play and have fun.
  48. Nick

    Best video game for INTP

  49. Nick

    Careerswitch towards Craftsmanship?

    Don't second guess yourself and time is finite on this tiny rock we spin on. Pipefitting grabs your interest?! Go for it! Find a way to learn the trade, become an apprentice somewhere, do it, do it yesterday. Figured out 6 months from now after you've learned how to play with pipes that you...
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