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  1. wadlez

    Should i deactivate Facebook?

    I think you should not delete your facebook. There is a good reason that you have found yourself compulsively dreaming about the repercussions of your actions on facebook. A large part of your brain is dedicated to managing your social identity. Considering how what you do will will be...
  2. wadlez

    Are INTPs and ENTPs Cerebral Narcissists?

    It's really annoying that narcissism is accepted as the basis for explanation of behavior without any further explanation. In the quoted usage, it seems to me a definition without substance, and categorizes people into narcissistic or not (With not being the ideal normal person). Psychoanalytic...
  3. wadlez

    Several unconnected strands of thought seem to have one underlying explanation

    This is just typical INTP behaviour, particularly due to our primary iT function. See Introverted Thinking: (Ebook pdf) jung, carl the psychological types INTP's are great thinkers, but we are not practically driven like extroverts are, so our ideas will not really be productive and will be...
  4. wadlez

    Type This Jerk

    You couldn't possibly type someone with so limited information.
  5. wadlez

    I, a construct of the mind?

    "In another thread ( don't know how to link a past thread), the question had to do with the concept of 'self': Infants, within the womb are one with their mother connected by the umbilical cord and inextricably dependent. The differentiation process starts as infants outside the womb with our...
  6. wadlez

    Psychology isn't real

    This thread is retarded
  7. wadlez

    Psychology isn't real

    What do yo mean by psych isn't real?
  8. wadlez

    Is this the workings of Si?

    Yes I agree with that as this function does not stand in opposition to your primary function (Like Fe), so its contents are in a form acceptable to your ego.
  9. wadlez

    Brain washing, how? why ?

    I think you need to define what you mean by brain washed. I really don't think that people go to school, date in there own socio-cultural layer or work because they are brain washed. Sounds like some crazy conspiracy theory
  10. wadlez

    Is this the workings of Si?

    Hmmm ok, I suppose Si is a hard one to get my head around. I will have to think more on the third function and the role it plays
  11. wadlez

    Is this the workings of Si?

    I understand what you are saying, but Si in this regard would be the subjective response to the detail emanating from the conversation (So the voice of the speaker or particular words used). The unique INTP orientation could accentuate various Si factors to make them more interesting, but I can...
  12. wadlez

    Is this the workings of Si?

    I also have this ability, being able to recite stories my friends tell me to others without forgetting anything. How is this Si? I think it would be Ti, our primary function, as we remember things interesting to our Thinking function. I would actually be interested to hear how you guys think...
  13. wadlez

    Uses of Alpha traits

    Yes I think I understand now. This could explain the difference between Prisons and regular societies, we may only revert to the more violent alpha dominated system when under duress.
  14. wadlez

    Uses of Alpha traits

    I can't really follow the logic to this thread. Here you explain that some research has found that the common notion of alphas in animal hierarchies might be flawed and does not actually reflect real animal social networks. Makes sense, very interesting. Here is where I get a bit lost. It...
  15. wadlez

    Are INTPians Cyberbullies?

    Well if you had seen me on this forum before you would know that I am not breaking character to pretend to be someone else (so I could be trolling with the response), its just the truth. Sorry I shared that with you, I should of just lied and pretended I don't do it to keep you happy (you seemed...
  16. wadlez

    Are INTPians Cyberbullies?

    I love to "cyber bully" people. I do this in many ways, but the most severe is trolling peoples personal blogs etc by pretending to be someone who disagrees with everything they say and hates the person severely. Due to how successful I have been in some instances, I have had people try...
  17. wadlez

    Detail a cool trait which you would like to see evolve in humans

    Yes, just as those bastards are now. Not a necessary one though, as long as people are still breading. Those who reproduce the most would have their genetics passed on the most.
  18. wadlez

    Challenge: name an absolute moral (a moral that is true for every human culture)

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-aggression_principle This is the basis behind libertarianism/Objectivism, with many proponents of these views arguing that this should be the only enforced moral. The control of morals, both dictation and enforcement, is the basis behind all religious...
  19. wadlez

    MBTI facts?

    Use Google scholar to search for psychological research papers on the correlations between MBTI types and measurable psychological traits/behaviours/MRI results. Those experiments performed with vigorous scientific method can be quoted as fact. Even if this means removing all subjectivity and...
  20. wadlez

    Detail a cool trait which you would like to see evolve in humans

    An instinctual drive to live underground. This includes a strong motivation to build underground structures which are as hidden from the surface as possible. This need would be as embedded in the working of our brain as over drives, such as sex or social dominance of fellow pack animals. Having...
  21. wadlez

    How do you cheer yourself up/boost your confidence?

    What came first, happiness due to higher levels of functioning in the brain areas associated with happiness and the release of neurotransmitters, or is the brain looking like this because the person is happy. Breaking psychology down to MRI's and what we can physically observe about the brain is...
  22. wadlez

    How do you cheer yourself up/boost your confidence?

    Here's what I do: Open up face book friends list. Starting from the very top I look at each name and ask myself If I would rather be that person than myself. I always answer no for each. I think this cheers me up as many of my problems are due to not having a big group of friends and not going...
  23. wadlez

    can't stand "s" personalities

    @shortbuss I think part of the problem is the person your talking to is a female as well. Not that all females are like this, as there obviously not as there's heaps on this forum, but the female archetype is much more social and grounded in reality. I get what your saying heaps, I just talk to...
  24. wadlez

    personality masks

    I did not know these existed, awesome. I concur with naama and also direct you to learn of the persona, particularly the effects over over identification.
  25. wadlez

    Human Domestication

  26. wadlez

    Intellectual Stimulation

    An INTP with nothing to study/learn/read? I have to much I am interested in and too little time to pursue them all. "I was wondering what it is that makes different activity's interesting. What is it that keeps people preoccupied with their time." For INTP's we tend to like to study for...
  27. wadlez

    Personality Type : Predetermined?

    True dat. Its good to see someone who really understands Jung and MBTI. People say they are a hypochondriac when they believe they have some major illness when they simply have a cough or convince themselves they have a psychological disorder just by reading the diagnostic criteria. They...
  28. wadlez

    Cheers buddy

    Cheers buddy
  29. wadlez


    I was projecting a character onto the image which I assumed people would perceive of me when they read my posts. At first this believed shared perception of the person behind the posts was based close to reality, as I based this on peoples reactions to actual statements that I made. As my posts...
  30. wadlez


    Yep, obviously. Does this negate my point somehow or did it throw you off from understanding it? LOL, I love how you state this as fact and like your enlightening me by saying this. A babies brain has not yet developed to be able to utilise the intuitive subsystem for recognising guilt, along...
  31. wadlez


    Yeah its not learned, its inherent in humans due to our evolution as social animals. Learnt that in psych. To understand, look at the difference between dogs and cats keeping in mind that dogs were pack animals before being domesticated by man. Notice a missing (or very undeveloped) range of...
  32. wadlez


    LOL, this song could of been written by a teenager. Its hilarious that your analysing this so much. I remember when I was younger and thought this type of shit was really cool and looked up to African American rappers, its sad looking at them now I've grown up and seeing that there all so old...
  33. wadlez

    Psychology of Death Metal

    People who listen to death metal would certainly like you to believe that they have had some childhood trauma or some dark twisted history. The clothes, music and style are meant to represent a depth to their personality which differentiates them from the typical person. The truth is that the...
  34. wadlez

    Dopamine and caffeine

    I think you may be having a manic episode. Not severe enough to be labelled as true mania but rather that state of up which will be quickly contrasted with a state of down. I think this as I'm assuming you are experiencing something I go through periodically. I could be diagnosed as having...
  35. wadlez

    Analyzing the decades, 2000's

    Alright, didn't really want to discuss this here, but I didn't expect it to get brought up. ---------------------------------------------- Capitalism and Consumerism!!!!!!!!!! ---------------------------------------------- Firstly inline with the topic, consumerism cannot be seen as a...
  36. wadlez

    Analyzing the decades, 2000's

    Each decade is seen as having an overarching theme of which the trends and culture can be summarized. EG the 60's: peace and love,hippies, flowers, flair pants etc I would like to limit this discussion to start at the 60's as I am unfamiliar with the ones previous, probably because color...
  37. wadlez

    Am I Mad?

    Yep, your repressed Feeling function was aware of what was happening but your primary logical side couldn't see it. Not mad
  38. wadlez


    Lets break it down. As for the J I would like to refer to the above explanation I gave to lobstrich. The S on the other hand is another story. INTP's can understand S but a move towards it is very hard for us, and identifying with it as a something we are proud of is a bad idea. We see the...
  39. wadlez


    @ lobstrich I see where your coming from. I don't think it will increase your J though because: J means that the types Extroverted function falls on a Judging function, so the first Extroverted function is T or F. INTP's first Extroverted function is N, so we are a Perceiving type, hence...
  40. wadlez


  41. wadlez


    I don't think the hypersomnia discussion is going anywhere, so may I derail your thread by asking SpaceYeti, Why is the military good for you? I think I understand the induction process,risks and rewards for the military and can say that no, no its definitely not good for you. And thats before...
  42. wadlez


    Remember with these types of diagnoses thats its more of a label than a actual medical condition. Take the DSM with psychology for example, having depression isn't a real thing like having diabetes. It can be an inescapable biological defect which is real or due to a transient subjective state...
  43. wadlez

    Opinions on Feeling (F) of MBTI

    This isn't Socionics dark, your in my world now. That would make sense except it negates there primary function iN, which is there true master. There eT is like a factory which is directed by iN and nothing can come from it which is counter to this. So they will talk like they have their...
  44. wadlez

    Ego & Alternate Ego

    I don't think we have two selves which are separated in our minds. We have ideals and a self we perceive we truly are (the fantasy self) which might not get confirmed in reality, but for each setback or time we cannot act how in a way congruent with this self we rationalize it away such that we...
  45. wadlez

    Opinions on Feeling (F) of MBTI

    I agree with EyeSeeCold. Your confused as you don't underdstand the MBTI definition of Introverted and Extroverted. There not how social you are, sociability is just something they have an affect on. The two orientations are the source of energy, whether you get this from objects within...
  46. wadlez

    Acting a personality

    FFS, are you an INTJ? If you dont like typology why are you here?
  47. wadlez

    MBTI "Debunked"

    From skimming over the article it has heaps of flaws in this statistical proof. EG: He assumes that MBTI would predict there to be bimodal distribution when divided by I and E, when in fact there Isnt expected to be so this actually evidence towards MBTI. This is meant to be taken as proof...
  48. wadlez

    Laziness & Intelligence

    Work doesn't have to be physical. Your brain doesn't absorb so much energy as to make you physically tired. Intelligent people haven't been found to be lazier than non intelligent people (well not that I know of). No offense, but this theory is like something a kid made up. Its funny seeing...
  49. wadlez

    Dissociative identity disorder and religion

    LOL, Awesome thinking. Answer that resident intpforum religious nuts (da blob etc). I like to ask Christians questions like this, if only to annoy them. I like to ask if dogs go to heaven or if someone who has been genetically modified with the arm of a monkey would go to heaven, then build up...
  50. wadlez

    Shadow types

    Your shadow type is just the opposite to your primary function. INTP's primary is iT, so their shadow type is eF.
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