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  1. snafupants

    Are INTPs fit for becoming a comic writer

    read the title.
  2. snafupants

    hello mods

    I am a previously banned member. What kind of site is this? ban my ip, will you?:storks:
  3. snafupants

    Shoot me twice and that's love

    It almost seems like a compliment to be assassinated considering this cast of greatness. John F. Kennedy John Lennon Martin Luther King Mahatma Gandhi* Robert Kennedy Abraham Lincoln I almost wouldn't mind being shot in the United States. In the US it seems to be a positive thing to be...
  4. snafupants

    Kill Yourself

    Most days I am disturbed when I see that on YouTube. I wonder about the ethical implications of such an invitation. If person A tells person B to kill himself (perhaps only via YouTube comment), and the latter actually does it that night, how (if at all) culpable is person A for person B's...
  5. snafupants

    The Bar is Called Heaven

    Are you happy? How often? To what extent? I would say that I generally sport a wry smile but, when I get depressed, I can become suicidally despondent. The latter happens less frequently nowadays. Anyway, I'm curious about the rest of you. What gets you off? Are pleasure and pain commensurate...
  6. snafupants

    The Welfare State

    Should aid to the lower classes be extinguished or severely lessened such that socio-economic inequalities would be sooner felt? Welfare doesn't even seem like a good solution to an imbalanced economic landscape. Presupposing entitlements aren't actually supported each year by taxes, aren't...
  7. snafupants

    Silicon-Based Alien Life

    Is silicon the second most probable predicate for alien life based on its chemical composition? Why might silicon be nearly or more probable than carbon? :confused: The bolded part in the second quote might be a few strikes against silicon. The Hollywood depiction of aliens, though, seems far...
  8. snafupants

    Paging Al Gore: Tonight, ManBearPig rides! 0-o

  9. snafupants

    Jung: Con Artist Extraordinaire?

    Did Jung plagiarize Kant's adaptation of Aristotle?
  10. snafupants

    Voice of one crying in the wilderness

    Are the Academy Awards that controversial? Does Oscar play for the pink team?! I wasn't aware that Hollywood had a "militant fag agenda" until now. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/24/westboro-oscar-protest_n_2756092.html
  11. snafupants

    Shiny Happy People

    Do INTPs dislike "happy people"? If so, why? :confused:[/FONT]
  12. snafupants

    What's in a Word?

    Do you use the word "retarded" or the euphemism "special needs"? I guess the question presupposes you employ one or the other, but come on. :D Honestly, retarded is much more specific than special needs. To wit, special needs could mean autism, down syndrome, dyslexia, blindness, cystic...
  13. snafupants

    Related to...

    I've noticed similarities between some members, if only in my mind haha. Like I associate Higs and MissQuote (good name) for whatever reason. So, in this thread, post the forum member you associate the person above you with...explanations are optional. :cat:
  14. snafupants

    Typing Help for Y'all

    Maybe this could be a companion piece to my function pairs thread haha but hopefully this article can help solidify or even identify your MBTI type. It's a different look anyway. Peace out. :smoker: http://www.celebritytypes.com/blog/2012/12/guide-to-jungian-function-axes/
  15. snafupants


    Dang, does anyone have experience with/in cults like Children of God?
  16. snafupants

    Owning Jung...

    EyeSeeCold thehabitatdoctor So I have an Amazon gift card, compliments of a thoughtful aunt, and I want to perhaps purchase some Jung...what should I get? The Portable Jung The Undiscovered Self Man and His Symbols Modern Man in Search of a Soul Memories, Dreams, Reflections Is the...
  17. snafupants

    Enneagram theory?

    I made this post in another thread but perhaps it deserves its own nook in INTP forum land. :^^: What do y'all think about the underlying ideas behind the Enneagram? Horseshit or gospel? This could be in an historical sense or a more cross-contextual theoretical sense - i.e., related to the...
  18. snafupants

    Flavor of the month

    I'm not sure why the fuck this thread is arising right now but what MBTI type flavor do I give off. Yeah, that's right. Take a big whiff and aver an opinion. Some kinda NT? ESTP? I can take it. Maybe forgo some intellectualizing and just spit out what you feel. :phear:
  19. snafupants

    Is that really Si?

    Since reading Psychological Types, INTJ type descriptions, and Si overviews, I have been consistently flummoxed at MBTI's inability to explain how an INTJ (Ni-Te-Fi) could have an excellent memory. It's said by many experts offhandedly without really weighing the applicable cognitive functions...
  20. snafupants

    War on X-Mas

    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ralph-nader/the-commercialization-of-_b_2346538.html Although this article seems somewhat like a luddite's clarion call for sanity, it makes some keen points. I find the effect and intent of aggressively gearing advertising to children vaguely disturbing as well...
  21. snafupants

    The Fallen Adymus

    The bullshit at the beginning basically sounded like MBTI fused with MOTIV but all right. After that it appeared as though some retarded sign language reader was stroking out. At one point Adymus says "forensic, irrefutable evidence" whatever the fuck that means. I'm mentally checked out of...
  22. snafupants

    daily psychic crucifixion or spice of life variety?

    Is the behavioral pattern of introversion suboptimal psychic functioning?! Pathological?! Are ambiverts more psychologically healthy than extraverts or introverts? If so, why? What are the root causes of introversion? Mainly heritable or experiential factors? Is introversion a cause and/or...
  23. snafupants

    Words that piss you off

    For me they are: organic, gaffe, regime change, successful, bro, republican, resonance, implement, trickle down, soulmate, congratulations, gluten-free, brony, adorable, chakras, alt-rock, alimony, great, literally, okey-dokey, family-friendly, huggable, spunky, chastity, swell, all-around...
  24. snafupants

    typing and deducing (functions) in real time

    What's the optimal way to type in real time? How do you go about it? Here's one tack. Te - Says "right?" after assertions Ti - Awkwardly pauses mid conversation Ne - Connects seemingly arbitrary points; meanders Se - Seeks new experiences and foods This was clearly meant to be somewhat...
  25. snafupants

    Forum Enneagram Types?

    What type are you? :phear:
  26. snafupants

    Enquiring minds want to know...

    Does the fact that pedophilia is so widespread mean that pedophilia is endemic in human nature?
  27. snafupants

    Another narcissistic thread...

    When I wash my hands they feel disconnected from my body. Bureaucracy and willful ignorance really rub me the wrong way. I rarely care for sports. Music, literature, and philosophy are three beautiful and edifying things in my life. Many of my efforts are focused on personal betterment and...
  28. snafupants

    Top five writers

    This list is intended to be totally personal. That's my caveat, anyway, against any infighting or bitter debates. Rather than an objective list I want to know your go-to writer; go-to in the sense of intellectual guidance or emotional upliftment. An optimal literary candidate might be a writer...
  29. snafupants

    Forum Type Census 2012

    Please identify your suspected MBTI type in this anonymous poll. Spanks. This was MissQuotes' idea. I felt it was a good idea, hence the thread.
  30. snafupants

    Electoral College

    Why are the elections in the United States taken seriously? The owners of the country tend to cherry pick their candidate well in advance, and the peoples' vote is worthless. The quaintness of media outlets covering trends in voting characteristics among certain demographics is hilariously anal...
  31. snafupants

    Spearman's hypothesis, g and explication of black/white IQ differences

    Perhaps, before we get started, I should elucidate three subtly disparate yet related definitions. Here we go: Spearman's g (general mental ability) is one's ability to understand and manipulate complexity; g is obliquely gauged by IQ tests, which are fallible predominately because they are...
  32. snafupants

    Philip K. Dick: Prophet/Menace/Lunatic/Schizophrenic/everything?

    Apparently there has been some mistake: Adobe is wonky on my computer. That's irritating. Anyway, if you type in "philip dick" and "matrix" conjointly on YouTube a four/five minute clip should come up. The short speech dates back to 1977 but the events outlined occurred three years prior. I'm...
  33. snafupants

    Why do women have lower IQs than men?: The case for plebeian intellect in females

    Why do women have lower IQs than men?: The case for plebeian intellect in females Women historically have been intellectually inferior to their male counterparts. Simply, why? The reasons could conceivably range from disenfranchisement to innate feebleness of mind. There are merely one/three...
  34. snafupants

    Benefits of Psilocybin Mushrooms?

    What have been your experiences? We can interlard the thread later with neuroscience and psychopharmacological research, but for now I'd just like to hear your subjective appraisals and impressions. These can take any form you'd like.
  35. snafupants

    March Madness

    Who do you have winning this year. Duke already lost to Lehigh! Holy crow! My personal pick is Kentucky. Their overall record is tied with Syracuse's (33-2) but they're undefeated (16-0) in a damned competitive conference and they always have a wildly athletic/imported club. Syracuse looks...
  36. snafupants

    Sadomasochism and Evolution?

    Could there be a link between deriving pleasure from sexual violence and human evolution? That is, are women, perhaps partly because of their physical and musculature-deprived subservience to Paleolithic sex-crazed and testosterone-flushed men, conditioned neurologically to extract pleasurable...
  37. snafupants

    Salvia - Gone in Sixty Seconds

    In the profound, paternalistic wisdom of US politics at the state level, Salvia has been deemed unfit for human consumption in my state. Why am I complaining/telling you this? Because my state has recently been affected by the overreaching hand of Fasci...well-intentioned legislatures and law...
  38. snafupants


    Put bluntly, how often do you masturbate? And I'm pretty sure this wasn't the original intent of this particular graphic's creator but here we go...:alteseisen:
  39. snafupants

    Anathem and Intellectuals

    The book discussed, among a diffuse range of topics, the Many-Worlds Interpretation and the ethicality of free market capitalism. The book also talked about what it meant to be an intellectual. A part of that talk that resonated with me, moving somewhat away from definition, was this idea of...
  40. snafupants

    Sonic Youth

    So it looks like the band's days are numbered...does anyone give a shit? Do you think the band sucked? Has it been going down the tubes for years? All opinions welcome - this is an equal opportunity thread; unless you randomly call me a fag or something. Sonic Youth - Incinerate - YouTube
  41. snafupants

    Gore Vidal

    Maybe this will be a regret on par with a night of abandoned drinking and unprompted philandering, but I feel compelled to post, and (dammit!) I'm going to post. Has anyone else read Vidal's collected US essays from 1952 t0 1992. I was cleaning up my recently deceased grandmother's apartment...
  42. snafupants

    Introverted Feeling and Introverted Thinking?

    What could it mean if both of these things commingle to form the primary and secondary functions to a personality? This is what I think I experience, and what results from tests come out indicating, but there isn't a veritable personality that cleanly translates to include introverted thinking...
  43. snafupants


    Has anyone played around with them?
  44. snafupants

    Narcissistic Thread

    Okay, I want to put this to rest and find out definitively what my MBTI type is. Accordingly, perhaps folks could ask me insighful, telltale questions to unlock this type. So questions like what's your favorite ice cream should be excluded immediately. The thing is, I think I have amassed...
  45. snafupants

    So that was it?

    The outside world should probably hold more sway with my emotions, but the effects are basically nil. This isn't to say I am impervious to depression: some days are tough for reasons I can't consciously comprehend, and other days I inexplicably feel like Buddha. The issue is I wake up either...
  46. snafupants

    You put your right leg in?

    For those of you who are currently browsing or contributing to the forum, why are you not at a Super Bowl party of some kind carousing with others?
  47. snafupants

    How to Live?

    What is a good ratio between good times and enjoyment and, contrastingly, asceticism and longevity. Three to two, four to one, two to three? Granted these are not necessarily mutually exclusive ideas, and this is an abstract way of viewing life, what should folks be aiming for? What are some...
  48. snafupants

    Self Concept

    If you would be so kind, provide five words which you believe characterize yourself. Be honest, and pepper the list with your good qualities and bad qualities - resist the temptation to sledgehammer home the way you want to be perceived and do try to maintain some intellectual integrity...
  49. snafupants

    David Lynch?

    YouTube- Hermann Vaske's interview with David Lynch YouTube- David Lynch on iPhone What type is Mr. Lynch. A lot of disparate guesses have been put forward, but he is somewhat similar to the Joker from Dark Knight: some characters repel categorization. Try to limit yourself to one answer and...
  50. snafupants

    Thoughtful Posts?

    Often we look at the post count to see/infer if someone is a maven, newb, inveterate bomb thrower, etc. This may be misleading. Not going to name names, but some forum goers have 3000+ posts with little or no substance and other forum goers have -500 posts of consistently stimulating and, well...
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