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    I want to be the Lead Developer

    Hey INTPs. I'm excited about this thing but I don't want to share it with friends/family yet, because it's so speculative. I just learned that there is a possibility that I could get the Lead Developer position at the 15-person web design & development firm I work at. I'm super excited...
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    The Magician & being a hero

    So I just finished Lev Grossman's book "The Magician King" it is awesome and dark and it will fucking rip your heart out. It's the sequel to "The Magician", which will also leave you bewildered and emotional at the end. Mild spoilers to follow. They won't ruin anything-- they'll hit you...
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    How to identify INFPs: They steal lawn gnomes

    Seriously. It's almost pathological. Two INFPs I've been close to have both been prolific lawn gnome thieves. I was just browsing OkCupid and found a cool girl (who's probably INFP-- they're my type, after all) and one of her interests is "lawn gnomes". Does anyone have any more anecdotal...
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    WSJ: Mental Illness & Leadership

    In case this emailed link gets turned off (the link is from my dad) I've copied the article contains, in the spoiler. The article is pretty short and didn't really go into the analysis (has anyone read the author's book, "A First-Rate Madness: Uncovering the Links Between Leadership and...
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    You're a horrible person

    And so am I! Horrible/hilarious picture, RIGHT MEOW
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    Add a forum theme?

    http://nskyc.com/ I'm really fascinated by the applications of this. I think it would be cool to make a forum style where the background (and possibly the text-- we would need to keep the text colors appropriate contrasted) would change with NYC's sky. If I made a vBulletin forum theme...
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    Tron's isomorphic algorithms as DMT machine elves.

    FREAKING SPOILERS But I'll talk about DMT machine elves first, so you have time to avert your eyes and torrent Tron: Legacy. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Machine_elf The colloquial understanding of machine elves in my seattle-hippy community is that they are actually, real, aliens who...
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    Airtight INTx pitfall

    This post triggered some thoughts from the past couple weekends. Two weekends ago I met this guy, Sam. I was meeting some people in one of Seattle's parks, and apparently he had just introduced himself and joined us, which is super cool. I wish I could do that more often! I talked to him...
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    F* empathy

    #hypomanic I am going through a lonely period in my life. I've needed the loneliness, to help apply myself to my non-social goals, but it's building up and I don't like it anymore. So I've been reaching out to people... girls. It's not going so well. I used to be active on OkCupid, but then...
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    push back

    I sent this out to a mailing list I'm on, and I figured you guys might find it interesting. ====================== Agh... I've been experiencing this too. I just recently got into programming, and the job market for it is amazing and I really enjoy the abstract problem solving! I also...
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    Ideas are cheap, execution is King

    http://www.paulgraham.com/ideas.html This is an article from a big investor (Paul Graham or 'PG' ) in the tech start-up community. His basic meme is that: "Ideas are worthless, execution is everything" or "ideas are worthless without follow up action". It's a meme that has found a strong...
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    Google Ad Prefs a.k.a. Google thinks that I'm a bigger nerd than you!

    Here's how you play: 1. On your usual computer, go to: http://www.google.com/ads/preferences 2. Paste your interests & demographics: (it also helps to do a quick 'replace' to remove the 'Remove'. Oh how meta...) 3. Ridicule Google, yourself and others. For example: Google found my secret...
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    Advice wanted: Starting a web dev. business

    Hello folks! Where I am: I'm 23, a bachelor, living in Seattle, WA, USA. I have a BS in Biochemistry w/ a minor in entrepreneurship. I'm 1/3 through a Python certification, I finished my first (night) class. I have other experience in programming, but these classes (and my extra work in them)...
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    "Holy shit this makes sens" introduction

    Has brought a new low in spelling, grammar, and general respect for language. I'm all for language transformation, and I embrace novel uses of old words, changes in constants, and other naturally occurring modifications, but his spelling is atrocious. Can we request a ban? He needs to finish...
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    Female-INFP bait!

    Assumptions: 1. You are an INTP male, like myself. 2. You are attracted by the opposite sex (yes, I am being heteronormative). 3. You are fascinated by female INFPs especially. 4. You would like to have more things to talk about or amuse INFPs with. 5. You have some things that have worked in...
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    RT in the haus?!?!

    Yup. I might be back for a bit. :eek: I've been taking this kickass class in Python... I've forgotten which one of you guys are software people. I want mentors & competitors! Right now I've been going through ProjectEuler.net problems. I'm also going to try to get some kind of...
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    Me as an INTP

    I went to burning man this year, by myself. Holy shit that seemed a stupid idea. My best friend was going to go with me, but he bailed a couple weeks before. So I was going by myself. Why? Well... it's a reason that's been 10 years in the making. When I was in elementary & middle school...
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    ISFJ vs. Me; Topic: Safe Driving

    My friend stephanie was driving on the highway, right-hand land, with an empty middle and left lane. And she was like tailgating another car in the righthand lane! She was following it way too close! And I was like "stephanie don't tailgate!" You know how you can count the seconds...
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    Where is your Feeling function?

    Okay. We sometimes talk about how the four functions, T, F, N, S are housed in different parts of our brains. There isn't a whole lot of good evidence for it... But let's move on. I was watching a TED talk by Rebecca Saxe. (One of my friends from college is going to be working in her lab...
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    Leary's 8-circuit consciousness

    http://www.erowid.org/culture/characters/leary_timothy/leary_timothy_8-circuit.shtml Interesting link that I found. It describes Timothy Leary's 8-circuit model of consciousness. The first 4 are basic everyday things that everybody has, everybody develops. The second 4 are more advanced...
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    Rejected "profound inspiration" images

    And these are the runner-ups:
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    ?profound? inspiration

    The next image is gigantic, so I'm putting it in "spoilers". I also <3 <3 <3 spoiler tags. They make posts so much more fun and interactive![/SPOILER]
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    article: How a new Jobless Era Will Transform America

    http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/201003/jobless-america-future (I couldn't decide whether to put this in: School & Work, Politics & History or Psychological. If I have to choose I'd say psychological, but I don't have to!) As an unemployed 23 year old, this article fucking blows to read...
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    Goose bumps

    I was just kinda curious, what do you guys think of goose bumps? When do you tend to get them? I found the wikipedia article particularly enlightening: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goose_bumps I look forward to hear your responses!
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    Default Gender

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I am having an extremely difficult time keeping track of the genders of different people. Not to mention some people LIE about their genders, or make up artificial ones, etc. So when I don't remember somebody's gender, I'm just going to use one of the gender...
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    I was joking around with a friend about an INTP-ruled society. And I used the term "INTPaucracy" and then decided I should google it to see if anything came up. Nothing did, but "INTPocracy" got a result! http://www.google.com/search?q=INTPOCRACY and awwwwwww, we should be so proud of lor...
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    The Gentle Seduction

    http://www.skyhunter.com/marcs/GentleSeduction.html Fantastic read! It talks about two people's views on the singularity.
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    Ishmael by Daniel Quinn

    I'm reading this... I'm maybe halfway through. It's fucking blowing my mind- and I really didn't expect it to be able to! I was hoping for some h(a/i)ppy finding-yourself story, and instead I'm getting philosophical cinder blocks dropped on me. Spoiler for people who have read 1/2 of the book...
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    Happy birthday to MEEEE

    gonna be honest. I'm drunk. I can see double-images of what I'm typing. It's kinda hilarious. I'm using my left-eye to focus on what I'm typing, because that's my strong eye. I'm also left-handed and left-hooded. I might *actually* have my brain reversed in it's function. How...
  30. Reverse Transcriptase


    This was posted by my friend Olive. She's a female. I went to high school with her, and I haven't really talked to her in a long time. She's into the Livejournal Roleplaying scene, which is strongly anime based. I honestly didn't totally wrap my head around everything Olive wrote... the most...
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    My favorite poems....

    (So I think the big difference between "poetry & blogging" and "literature" as that 'literature' is stuff that is not written by us, and poetry & blogging is stuff that we forum members have written.) I have this audio tape, "Images of Fire" by David Whyte where he shares some poems of his own...
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    in my mind

    Fun things are happening in the IRC in my mind. And it's happening without you in my mind.
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    Would you be your own best NEMESIS?

    Question stands. Potential sub-components of the thread: Would you be likely to become a nemesis to a copy of yourself? Would you be likely to be a successful nemesis against a copy of yourself? Would great poets write about the legendary conflict between you and yourself?
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    Help! What should I model?

    Hey folks, I want to learn how to use Smoldyn http://www.smoldyn.org/algorithms.html Which is a simulation system for molecular biology. You can create membranes and objects to try to create simulations. I'm just.... totally out of interesting ideas to do. And it doesn't have to be...
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    My 1000th post

    Here it is. You're looking at it. I've been putting this off in the hopes that inspiration would hit but.... no. I've got poop for brains. First things first: Back when I first joined the requirement for a custom user title was a 1000 posts. I really really looked forward to hitting that...
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    I was extroverted (it was tiring)

    So I went to a Burner potluck in Seattle. For people who've been to burning man, or want to go.... I'm in the latter. It was pretty cool! I was worried about being teased for bringing a neon-green waldorf salad, but they were chill. There were many times when I felt there was a large...
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    Enhanced Hemispherical Task-Division

    I'm reading a sci-fi book ("Consider Phlebas" by Iain M. Banks), and ran across this bitchin idea. And if we follow some variant MBTI theory: T&S reside in the left half and N&F reside in the right half. So what do you think of this? If you could have the ability to do this, would you? As...
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    New Years Resolutions!

    Okay folks. I've never taken New Years Resolutions seriously. I often had no need to have some kind of goal or promise to myself. If I want to do something, I'll do it, and I can decide then. But recently there's been two things that I want a little more inner-strength on. So, at 22, this...
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    Inferior Function cannot be satisfied directly

    I thought of this quote when I read: "Feeling" http://www.intpforum.com/showthread.php?t=5613 and I almost replied... but decided that this was thread-sized not reply-sized. http://greenlightwiki.com/lenore-exegesis/Main_Propositions Extroverted feeling is our inferior function, and we suck at...
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    http://brodhe.com/blog/2009/12/23/thinking/ Questions/comments/concerns/criticism/reaction/thoughts? And.... do YOU need to join Thinker's Anonymous?
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    List of Assumptions

    I didn't want to derail this thread http://www.intpforum.com/showthread.php?p=134115 again, so here's a new thread. Posted by Decaf: My (incomplete) list: SJs are bad people Science Fiction is the best tool to imagine alternative situations, and is a fundamental and underrated tool for...
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    Personal Wiki / PDF organizer?

    Hi denizens, I was recently introduced to the idea of having a personal wiki page to organize my notes. It sounds great, (even kinda sexy), since I kind of detest using word documents for very individual tasks. I usually have thoughts crossing between school/work/personal projects, not to...
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    White Knights (and Amazons)!

    In another thread: http://www.intpforum.com/showthread.php?p=125894 (To his credit, Darby said I should create a thread about it. And Nicholas & Kuu bantered about how TVtropes.org will ruin your life.) So, Do INTPs have a White Knight streak? Is White Amazon the appropriate term for a...
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    420 celebration!

    I think that in celebration of some recent 420-friendly members (420munkey, dude2k5... and I'm sure there's others) we should have a 420 celebration thread. Yaaaaaaay!
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    Space Fountain!

    All the info I can find on the Space Fountain is just a re-hash of the wikipedia article. (Or visa versa?) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_fountain In brief summary: The particle stream are magnetic pellets accelerated by the cyclotron. The Cyclotron is a coil/rail gun. The station has...
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    Na-No-Wri-Mo 2009! The year I win!

    Hey INTPiss, I am participating in NaNoWriMo 2009. You should too. We can co-motivate! (I know this isn't in the literature forum... but NaNoWriMo isn't about producing literature. It's about pounding out the first 50,000 words that come to your mind.)
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    A little fellatio goes a long way

    in bats! http://sciencenow.sciencemag.org/cgi/content/full/2009/1030/2 teehee
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    Teach Me!

    I love learning. I've learned a lot in my time on Earth, but I find that I usually just seek out to learn things within my own realm of interests and strengths. I trust you guys to also be interested in fascinating things. Often my ego gets in the way of fully appreciating other people's...
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    Terrorism for Good?

    The "How much would you pay for your rights?" thread got me thinking... These rights are really important, and to some people (myself?) they might be worth dying & fighting for. Obviously, this is going to lead to guerrilla warfare (I can't just make a standoff against the whole US Gov) and...
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    I give you: Jorder (The kind of order that comes from Judgers) & Pisarray (The kind of disorder that comes from Perceivers)
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