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  1. wadlez

    Analyzing the decades, 2000's

    Each decade is seen as having an overarching theme of which the trends and culture can be summarized. EG the 60's: peace and love,hippies, flowers, flair pants etc I would like to limit this discussion to start at the 60's as I am unfamiliar with the ones previous, probably because color...
  2. wadlez

    Social skills to pay the bills

    There is no such thing as social skills. ‘Social skills’ is a common term which is generally used to explain why some people excel in social situations while others are as awkward as a boner during a prostate examination. Most people use it and everyone has heard it, but have you ever...
  3. wadlez

    MBTI public identifiers

    I was thinking today that it would be awesome if people into mbti wore t-shirts with there type written in big letters on the front. That way you could immediatly have an insight into the personality of everyone you see. So if you were an extroverted person for example, and saw someone wearing...
  4. wadlez

    Thematic Apperception Test

    Hey party people, Here is a really good Thematic Apperception Test. It gives you a score after compared against averages. Could you please post your score table and what you wrote on this thread please, If you would be so kind. You dont have to if you think its too personal. It would be very...
  5. wadlez

    Animal typology

    Animal typology. I begun applying MBTI to different animals about a year ago to try and get a better more practical grasp of there personalitys. Animals do definately have different personalitys within each species ,any dog or cat owner can tell you this. Most people attribute the differences to...
  6. wadlez

    Debate me

    Anything you want, I'll take the opposing view
  7. wadlez


    Government laws which regulate prostitution, in combination with government enforced media censorship and political correctness, has repressed sex and sexuality and has made exchanges of any kind for sex immoral. The current social norms and shared morals which people understand sexually...
  8. wadlez

    Introverts have higher levels of cortical arousal than extraverts.

    In my last psychology lecture I learnt about Eysenk and his personality trait theory. His theory states that there everyone can be measured on a continuous scale on only 3 traits. They are: Extraversion - Introversion, Neuroticism - stability (Worried vs calm, insecure vs secure), Psychotisism...
  9. wadlez

    Taking and meaning offense [thread split]

    If god did not want us to have abortions why did he give us coat hangers?
  10. wadlez

    Hey hey

    Hello everybody, I'm new to this forum and looking forward to talking to my brother and sister INTP's. I'm 22 and live in Adelaide Australia. I currently study psychology. I am into conspiracy theories and anything tripped out. I think unicorns are kick ass
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