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  1. Meer

    Convince me to migrate: The Game

    Come to Canada, work in a hotel, say "ayos" lots. Canada is nice, although cold in some places sometimes.
  2. Meer

    Holden Caulfield in the Catcher in the Rye.

    A stupid book, complete waste of my time. It really was. Almost as bad as the perks of being a wallflower. It really was. What irked me most is that he did zero self-examination. He really didn't.
  3. Meer

    Who programs, or wants to get into programming?

    I am trying to make an Android app. I have almost started. I downloaded the things and IDE that Google recommended. I know how the app should work, in general, but the devil is in the details, as they (assholes) say. If you care, it will be a buffer audio recorder. So it will have a buffer of...
  4. Meer

    Show what could the worst day at your job could be like

    A speaker could fall over and smash through a second story window and kill a pedestrian. Yesterday, it just bounced off the window.
  5. Meer

    What are lower IQ people better at than high IQ people?

    Saving money, according to some random news article I am not going to link.
  6. Meer

    We must be damn near deaf

    Audio professional here. :phear::smoker: This needs some clarification. 'Distortion' can mean a lot of things. If what you're imagining is the waves becoming less coherent and different frequencies bouncing different directions and taking different amounts of time to reach your ears, you may...
  7. Meer

    Do you guys believe that this music composer/producer really has a mental disability?

    No. http://www.ronaldjenkees.com/about-2/ "I'm not a savant or anything remotely related. Lots of people make assumptions, but I'm normal and I also don't take myself (or music for that matter) too seriously."
  8. Meer

    Elliot Rodger, the Supreme Gentleman and his mass shooting [split from Psychology of the beautiful g

    This is why we need feminism. Dudebro feels entitled and insecure, so he hurts women. Also: guns. Feminism can help men see their own privilege, and you know, recognize women as human beings, but it doesn't offer a lot on the topic of male insecurity. There doesn't seem to be any movement or...
  9. Meer

    Did you have a tumblr or something, sometime? Maybe that was someone else.

    Did you have a tumblr or something, sometime? Maybe that was someone else.
  10. Meer

    I make music

    What kind of equipment are you thinking of? You have a guitar, but lack the means to record it? Or are you thinking of just doing MIDI sequencing stuff? Making music is the best thing.
  11. Meer

    What do you think of feminism

    No and no.
  12. Meer

    Ask me a music theory question

    Oops. I fixed my link. No, by power I mean energy over time. Here's another link, sorry. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_noise As for music theory resources, I'm not sure.
  13. Meer

    Ask me a music theory question

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harmonic_series_(music) 'Frequencies' are not actual things. Sound is made of partials (i.e., sine waves) of various frequency, phase and amplitude. These partials can be harmonically related to one another, or not. When they are, they are usually called harmonics...
  14. Meer

    Blurred Lines

    What concerns me is how piddly and nitpicking the arguments that men make are. It seems like, while not wanting to endorse rape culture outright, men are afraid of conceding the smallest bit of ground that might threaten their privilege. For example: Cool opinion, bro. You are doing a...
  15. Meer

    The Return, Pre-Postmodernist Art

    Well, I don't know anything about the various flavours of modernism, but art certainly took a wrong turn with conceptual art.
  16. Meer

    The Stanley Parable

    "Eight." The demo, which is free on Steam, is itself worth playing. I think what Cognisant means is disabling the self-destruct in the control room. Also, I couldn't figure out what to do in the broom closet.
  17. Meer

    MS Paint Thread, black and white, 5 min maximum, text must be included

    I broke the rules, but I don't give a fuck because I was at work and extremely bored. It's an 8U (maybe?) flight case with a power conditioner, dvd player, video switcher and a drawer. I pressed one of the buttons today.
  18. Meer

    you must listen to field recordings of one INTPf member's keyboard mashing

    Meer, because I have an audio recorder right here next to my keyboard. I use the delete key too much. https://soundcloud.com/ims-a-meer/meer-typing We have no soundcloud imbed thing? sad.
  19. Meer

    Modern Feminism/Feminism Problematic Merge

    Re: Modern Feminism The ignorance, it burns. Here you go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnJxqRLg9x0 In case you're impatient: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=tnJxqRLg9x0#t=476
  20. Meer

    Modern Feminism/Feminism Problematic Merge

    Re: Modern Feminism Okay, I think you misunderstood me. What I mean is that you should look for information that isn't from the viewpoint of "feminism is bad". It's very ignorant and irrational to make up your mind about something after only exploring one side of it. As an atheist, this should...
  21. Meer

    Modern Feminism/Feminism Problematic Merge

    Re: Modern Feminism I really like feminism, and I spend a likely unusual amount of time reading and watching videos about feminism and sex/gender bullshit and so on. I think I just like women in general. Weird. I don't understand the hostility that a lot of young men display towards...
  22. Meer

    MS Paint Thread, black and white, 5 min maximum, text must be included

    Thanks, the grotesque lines are probably a product of using a mouse more than anything else. It does look like that one of the guy in blue sitting on the chair, though. Also, to make big pictures, host it on some other site like photobucket or imageshack and then put img tags around the...
  23. Meer


    I'm on my third Casio calculator watch.
  24. Meer

    MS Paint Thread, black and white, 5 min maximum, text must be included

    and then i draw my pants
  25. Meer

    What do you do most of the time?

    1: Okay, for the past month... ~240 hours working, about 1/3 of the total time. 180 hours sleeping, assuming 6 hours per night, around 1/4 of the month. Many, many more hours lying in bed, doing nothing. Most of the rest of the time is spent on idle internet stuff, or other mundane things...
  26. Meer

    Aphex Twin

  27. Meer

    Wavelengths and Hearing

    Holy shit you guys are overthinking this. Also, what is the point of this thread? Sound is amplitude over time. If you're thinking about a single pure tone like a straight line, you have frequency on the y-axis, not amplitude. If you take your constant sine wave and plot its frequency over...
  28. Meer

    Does your son still play Minecraft? There's this great mod called Computercraft that lets you...

    Does your son still play Minecraft? There's this great mod called Computercraft that lets you make little robots that you program with Lua. Probably the most fun I've had with coding like, evar.
  29. Meer

    Here's your chance to spend my money.

    Give him a budget and let him put together his own desktop. Building a PC is a good experience.
  30. Meer

    wikintp, dear

    The bee is trying to escape. Without an exit, examining the flowers would be pointless.
  31. Meer

    Kerbal Space Program

    This evening, I successfully docked two satellites for the first time. Really makes me appreciate how hard it is to go to space.
  32. Meer

    Undo your Dis-Enlightenment!

    Re: Undo your Dis-Englightenment! I'm always glad to see people using loop pedals in more interesting ways than introducing a new part every 4 bars and stuff. Also, mic technique, yeeeaah.
  33. Meer

    Composing a piece for the piano

    Chop out anything unnecessary. Don't show any mercy. This to me seems like a very rigid and mechanical way to write music.
  34. Meer

    Qulaity Quantity and Luxury

    Buying cheap stuff just to have lots of stuff is stupid. It's much better to have few possessions that are each useful and valuable to you. You spend less time maintaining your crap, less time trying to decide which crap to throw away so you can buy more crap, and less space storing your crap...
  35. Meer

    Music You Recommend

    For enjoying music with vocals without putting importance on the lyrics, Ladytron. Especially the Witching Hour album. Also, for enjoying pop music with vocals in a language you don't understand, Yelle. I guess that's only valid if you don't understand French. These are both examples of...
  36. Meer

    Complex Instrumental/Electronic Music?

    Venetian Snares
  37. Meer

    This will not make me any friends.

    I think, or hope, that when people post short, incendiary responses, that they are mostly trolling. I don't think they are trying to be a meaningful part of the discussion. Yeah, not too tight-knit. Mostly distant and independent. Maybe it's just me. :phear:
  38. Meer

    Alarm Clock Slave.

    Today my alarm clock went off at 9:00. But then I stayed in bed for another four hours. So I guess no.
  39. Meer

    Hello, new person! I see you have some artistic interests. Somewhere, there's a thread where...

    Hello, new person! I see you have some artistic interests. Somewhere, there's a thread where people post their art. I am encouraging you to post in that thread. Welcome and stuff, too, I guess.
  40. Meer

    Day Destroyers

    Waking up...? Most of my days never get a chance. I'm hoping that a better environment will help that, and it won't be permanent.
  41. Meer

    is suicide selfish?

    No, not selfish, at least not in the way most people use the word. People do not choose to be born, and they alone have control over themselves. To me, it's like asking, "Is it selfish for a slave to flee?" Sure, the slave is acting with their self in mind, and no one else, but they don't owe...
  42. Meer

    ciao c:

    * Waves*
  43. Meer

    The INTPf invention ideas thread

    A silent microwave door. I wonder if the latches and whatever on them are standardized.
  44. Meer

    How to get a good night's rest

    100 mg or so of diphenhydramine. Any more and I begin to descend into loopyland.
  45. Meer

    Conspiracy Theorists vs Debunkers

    Yes, the ghost of Carl Jung has revealed to me the cause and reason of every coincidence.
  46. Meer

    Conspiracy Theorists vs Debunkers

    Hmm, unless they had real evidence, instead of flailing conjecture.
  47. Meer

    Validity of forums

    Anonymity is good. I liked to keep different parts of my life in separate boxes, and it would be uncomfortable if the boxes started mixing with each other. As for likes, +1s, votes and whatever, my favourite part of the reputation system on other forums is the way it lets you make short...
  48. Meer

    No proofreading?

    No proofreading?
  49. Meer

    So, are you Canadian, or do you just like jean jackets?

    So, are you Canadian, or do you just like jean jackets?
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