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  1. Fedayeen

    how different are INTPs compared to other types vs any other type vs all the other types

    By that I mean from my perspective and time spent on this forum it seems like there is a drastic difference between INTPs and everyone else. with some similarities shared with other NTs and INTJs. however I dont know enough about other types to know if it is just a skewed perception that we are...
  2. Fedayeen

    well it isn't

    well it isn't
  3. Fedayeen

    is what? my avatar?

    is what? my avatar?
  4. Fedayeen

    Do you have a problem with others informing you of something you already know?

    i know logically from their point of view they are doing nothing wrong, and they are trying to be helpful (in some instances) however I have a knee jerk reaction to being told stuff and I know that I am probably being an ass....luckily me being an ass doesnt bother me as much as people telling...
  5. Fedayeen

    My thoughts, and questions.

    I didnt really care for anything either. but unlike a lot of people here I also didnt care that i didnt care. and i see no reason to try to find a reason to care
  6. Fedayeen

    Do you have a problem with others informing you of something you already know?

    well yea I didnt mean like exactly what they were saying, but i cut in and basically say the same thing they were gonna say...roughly.
  7. Fedayeen

    So I've come to the conclusion...

    not agree with sometime. agree on sometime....if your gonna make fun of a typo at least get the typo right XD
  8. Fedayeen

    So I've come to the conclusion...

    interesting idea. I've never been drunk so I cant comment. (I am 23, and I just never saw the value in getting drunk) Personally I have come to the conclusion that I dont need to be a part of society, and as such I dont care about talking or acting or having an exposed Fe. I'll just be myself...
  9. Fedayeen

    Do you have a problem with others informing you of something you already know?

    this is something I noticed about myself. If someone else is trying to explain something to me, and I already know it (or think I do) I will interrupt them, (or want to) and either let them know I already know, or prove that I already know by attempting to finish their sentence. I have a hard...
  10. Fedayeen

    A challenge anyone to beat my heli attack 2 score

    you guys give up? :slashnew:
  11. Fedayeen

    Video games are dying.

    just because there are some examples of bad shit happening doesnt mean thats everything. unfortunately this year has been a crappy year for gaming mostly because there hasn't really been a lot of good games. but from what I can tell darksiders 2, borderlands 2, and dishonored are 3 games coming...
  12. Fedayeen

    A challenge anyone to beat my heli attack 2 score

    you guys were starting to get competent scores so I played again, this time with weapons and such, doubled my previous score. got 168 helis this time.
  13. Fedayeen

    Can I have my old name back?

    yes. I really really like nobody hence why I made this topic to try to get it back. I created venngennce as just a name not really caring, then later changed it to nobody and really love it. its what I use for everything every where I go. I dont even remember exactly why I switched away from...
  14. Fedayeen

    Can I have my old name back?

    I will create a new account with that name if I have to. though pretty sure there is some rule against multiple accounts. but if I need to delete this one then I will.
  15. Fedayeen

    A challenge anyone to beat my heli attack 2 score

    now you just need to triple that score.:D some tips. I highly recomend changing the controls go to controls and you can change it to what ever you want. I prefer wasd controls with q or e being change weapon and using shift and space for hyper jump and time distort. time distort is really...
  16. Fedayeen

    A challenge anyone to beat my heli attack 2 score

    that'd be awesome. O and btw my sophmore year of high school I had a computer class, but we spent almost all the class just playing games. this was one of the main games we played. me and 3 or 4 other people would compete for high scores on this game. most of the time we were pretty close...
  17. Fedayeen

    A challenge anyone to beat my heli attack 2 score

    I look forward to it
  18. Fedayeen

    A challenge anyone to beat my heli attack 2 score

    yea, grappling hook is my favorite. Ill go and use weapons next time. but I can wait til someone at least comes close to my score. in the mean time im going to go try to top the arcade boards.
  19. Fedayeen

    A challenge anyone to beat my heli attack 2 score

    I challenge anyone to beat my heli attack 2 score Its a really fun game. much better then a lot of the games in the arcade. The current high score is from my first attempt. and I forgot how to change weapons (default is end, but the controls are totally customizable) so its just with me...
  20. Fedayeen

    Can I have my old name back?

    3 times over the course of 2 or 3 years is not very often at all. when I had the name nobody I changed my avatar all the time. always showing pictures of places where youd expect to find people, but they were void of people EDIT: actually thats only 2 name changes not 3
  21. Fedayeen

    Can I have my old name back?

    yes, but I am just asking to have the name that everyone knows me by back. not constantly changing my name like everyone did that caused that rule in the 1st place
  22. Fedayeen

    Can I have my old name back?

    I've had the user names Venngennce, nobody and fedayeen. I doubt anybody knows me by anything but nobody. I rarely posted as venngennce, and I switched to fedayeen right before I stopped posting all together. if anybody remembers me from way back when I did post it was likely under the name...
  23. Fedayeen

    Interesting Article on the Perception of Time with Age

  24. Fedayeen

    Are INTPs Good At Math???

    almost every topic goes off topic by page 2
  25. Fedayeen

    Are INTPs Good At Math???

    generally that is, but giving a hypothetical question there are too many variables I am not aware of. Like I would assume that the river would be too strong/deep to swim across, and given that I was asked to figure if the tree would reach I'd assume I for some reason have an ax or saw or...
  26. Fedayeen

    Are INTPs Good At Math???

    yea, except I'd just cut down the tree and see if it would work. even if the tree isnt long enough to reach it still might be able to get enough for me to hop the rest. plus instead of estimating angles and how many feet down river the boulder is, it seems more practical to just guess the...
  27. Fedayeen

    Are INTPs Good At Math???

    that is the school type math i hate
  28. Fedayeen

    Are INTPs Good At Math???

    I hate math and I love it. School type math I hate its boring. its all use this equations in this way to solve these problems. Now do it 50 more times. I like having a real life problem to figure out and using math in my own way to solve the problem. Unfortunately I dont generally have...
  29. Fedayeen

    Suicide. Why not?

    I wouldnt commit suicide because it would require too much work. and Im kinda lazy. The way I see it is it would be easier to just go on living then to go to all the trouble of suicide. If I die I die, but I wont force it upon myself. also I'd really hate to deal with the consequences of a...
  30. Fedayeen

    Intuitive "bad feeling" about something

    that reminds me one time in class the teacher was going on about something and was about to ask a question, and he sarcastically asked me what the answer to the question he was about to ask was, assuming I had no clue, but I answered the unasked question perfectly. He was so shocked he gave me a...
  31. Fedayeen

    Name Changes No More

    Could I be permitted to have my name changed back to what it used to be? nobody. I dont anybody recognizes this username. but at least a decent amount of the older users remember me as nobody
  32. Fedayeen

    Google Ad Prefs a.k.a. Google thinks that I'm a bigger nerd than you!

    I had 2 things related to body care which I am thinking someone else had to of been on my laptop for, because I cant think of any reason at all for google to think that.
  33. Fedayeen

    Intuitive "bad feeling" about something

    it is my opinion that the intuition is your subconscious telling your conscious brain the end result of something it has figured out. Similar to an INTP making a deduction and telling it to an ESFJ (as an example) Many times I will make an intuitive leap to something and just know it, only to...
  34. Fedayeen

    Cool new IM service

    YouTube- What is Glass? its invite only though, and an email is required. I can invite anyone if I have there email
  35. Fedayeen

    Control + V

    Since the release of Tales of Vesperia on the Xbox 360, which was followed by a Japan-only release of a Director's Cut version of the game on the PS3 which appeared to have been in the works from the beginning, as well as a plethora of Japan-only titles in the series, many have wondered if the...
  36. Fedayeen

    Favorite series canceled before their time?

    john doe, it had just gotten really good when they ended it
  37. Fedayeen

    Which fictional character do you identify with / would you like to be?

    I see house as similar too me. except I don't externalize my thoughts. (but Im talking mentally, not physically. I have 2 working legs
  38. Fedayeen

    How long can you go without playing video games?

    I play video games all the time. I could probably stop without much problem if I actually had something decent to do to kill the time. (I don't count socializing as something decent to do)
  39. Fedayeen


    lol, I think my username was infact nobody when It was like that. and no matter where I am in my room I feel perfectly safe.
  40. Fedayeen


    I used to have a bed in the very middle of my room. I liked it because of its function. almost everything in my room was within reach without having to get off the bed....everything but the toilet. As for that prospect-refuge thing. Assuming I am understanding you correctly, a simplified...
  41. Fedayeen

    Guess Who?

    He couldn't get lindsy from angel, tried several times to get him to get it, but I don't think it is in his data base, even though lilah morgan was. though it is a bit "different". for some of the questions there were not a clear answer. For example "does he fight?" well he doesn't, not...
  42. Fedayeen


    there is a different way to display posts you can set it as, that is similar to that. I used to use it
  43. Fedayeen

    I have been inactive a very long time.

    I have been inactive a very long time.
  44. Fedayeen

    is your name your original name? I don't remember it

    is your name your original name? I don't remember it
  45. Fedayeen

    Death Note

    I think it would be interesting to use it to kill a specific country's world leader, and then as soon as another one replaces him, kill him, and continue this process. I wouldn't do this because I would want the country to suffer, or anything like that. I am just curious how that country and...
  46. Fedayeen


    Also, I am currently laying on the floor using my mattress as a pillow. When I realized this, I couldn't help but laugh at the irony (not quite sure if that is actually ironic, don't think it is)
  47. Fedayeen


    damn it! why did I have to change my user name
  48. Fedayeen


    1st of all I don't have a couch in my room, second of all, the bean bag is 6 feet in diameter.
  49. Fedayeen


    its not about "needing" the space. Most of my room is open floor, so I can stretch out. a bed isn't too much more comfortable then a bean bag or the floor, assuming you have decent carpeting
  50. Fedayeen

    Mass Effect 2

    In the 1st 5 days it was out I spent over 90 hours playing it. (beat it 3 or 4 times in that period) Haven't played it much sense.
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