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  1. Adrift

    How to "hack" studying

    I really agree with the first quote in the OP. I've never been good at memorizing dates, facts, or other important data. I've always been a quick learner and it has been because I link the concept or topic that I am learning to past events or data. This is the reason I am able to learn new math...
  2. Adrift

    INTP Relationship Troubles

    What you're doing is the right thing. I think if she doesn't want to discuss things that make the both of you feel bad then it's not worth it. Being annoying for asking why? Isn't asking why a general part of who people are? (maybe more so INTP) In the end it's all up to how you feel. Don't...
  3. Adrift

    What Are INTP's Passionate About?

    Re: What Are INTP's Passsionate About? This in every way. My #1 passion is learning about how things work. The above is closely tied into my passion, though.
  4. Adrift

    I'm Often Afraid..

    I'm not afraid of it but now I'm curious as to what shows through...
  5. Adrift

    Are you Arrogant?

    Yes, top 10%. Is my choice a good enough reason for you to think that I believe myself to be arrogant? I have a neutral outward experience. That is to say that I can be humble and arrogant at times. It changes based on the audience. The reason I didn't pick we're all equal is... every time I try...
  6. Adrift

    Constantly fighting myself

    Pity from others is never wanted by me either. I don't care what others think about me, though. I am my own person that can live with my choices. Let them be my own. Others may say that being extroverted is great. That would be like me telling those people that reading a book for 5hrs...
  7. Adrift

    Most horrific popular media

    I don't pay attention to popular media or news. Most of the stories are too boring or just pathetic stories of people's ignorance to me. To me, it's just a city/state/nation wide gossip show. There are something that are of importance, though. The things I find important are usually global...
  8. Adrift

    Accept my presence

    Sounds quite INTP to me... I am no expert, though. Self proclaimed INTP and I feel the same way you do.
  9. Adrift


    I would think knowing any psychological background of said subject would be beneficial. Some others have said, though, that it likely matters on what the end goal is.
  10. Adrift

    Mental Disabilities

    I've thought this for quite some time now... I'm glad I'm not alone here.
  11. Adrift

    What is a choice?

    We have an illusion of free will. All choices are made based off of a previous experience. Anytime a choice is made there is a reason that choice was made. I don't really feel like going in depth explaining why I think this way because it is late. As of now I am "choosing" to sleep but the...
  12. Adrift

    opinion poll : greatness vs happiness

    I have to agree with this. I don't think it would be possible for me to have one without the other.
  13. Adrift

    So I finally started living in my van full time...

    I have thought of doing something similar. I wouldn't want to live in a van permanently but I do want to travel the country in say... an SUV that I've made into a mobile "apartment". It would have nothing but clothes, food storage, and a bed so I wouldn't have to pay for hotel rooms. I would...
  14. Adrift

    If you click on this thread, leave a post!

    Trap sprung...
  15. Adrift

    Do you have a problem with others informing you of something you already know?

    I find it to be more annoying when someone tries explaining to me something that I already know but they are wrong about the subject. Please, don't "teach" me incorrect information.
  16. Adrift

    Achieving financial independence

    This is a definite goal of mine. I must finish school in order for me to achieve it, though. So, a slave I will be until I can buy my freedom.
  17. Adrift

    Have you ever done this while driving?

    Those bike racks... they are annoying. I don't usually get to the degree of paranoia but I do wonder after while. It usually ends with me remembering that not many people know me. Why would a stranger follow a random car?
  18. Adrift

    fellow female INTPs views on casual sex?

    You should probably explain your reasons. Don't just bluntly state that X is bad without a reason. That is idiotic. Moving on, I don't think it is a bad thing at all if both people are understanding of the situation. Casual is just that. Don't expect more of the relationship. I personally...
  19. Adrift


    I found my self in many situations when someone would say the classic "excuses, excuses" meme. I would then proceed to say, "No, these are my reasons." It's not really my place to make them like my reasons enough to excuse something.
  20. Adrift

    Fun Logic test...

    What ads? Ad-blocker ftw. :cool: Oh... 14. IQ 124 I think
  21. Adrift

    Were you military?

    I should revise my statement to mean "creativity". Anything outside of what has always been done if frowned upon. Unless, of course, you channel through the right people. That's takes ages and sometimes get's no where. That said, I was an electronic tech. I can't go too much into detail other...
  22. Adrift

    For the INTPs

    Yes, indeed.
  23. Adrift

    Nostalgia - Are you drawn to it?

    I like it when I find old items from my past. It can be a nice feeling to "relive" the events that may have coincided with said item. That said, I make no effort at all to keep anything. I usually go through modes of cleaning and find things... I then think "why the hell do I still have this?"...
  24. Adrift


    It's quite late for recognizing the welcome but thanks anyway. I didn't realize anyone had made a response.
  25. Adrift

    Were you military?

    That makes sense. I was assuming you were in the US. Shame on me.
  26. Adrift

    What's your ideal occupation?

    Well, it seems my prior choice to become an electrical engineer should suit me well. I might dual degree with computer engineering as well. I would say that's my practical place. I think my ideal would be "Wizard" in another universe. :P
  27. Adrift

    New Thread!

    Keeping with the original theme... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHkKJfcBXcw
  28. Adrift

    Were you military?

    I'm sure he means per month for three years or experience/time in the service.
  29. Adrift

    Book about INTPs

    It's probably a funding issue but I'd prefer paper. :( I can't stand reading a screen for too long. I might get it anyways... hmm.
  30. Adrift

    Nonverbal Communication And Mediation

    I will have to look into this more. I've always liked being able to tell how one really feels based off of how they look. I think this might be of some value in debates.
  31. Adrift

    I Tried To Kill Myself

    I left my previous job for school. I'll be getting paid to go by the government so in a way it will be my job. And, I'm 23.
  32. Adrift

    I Tried To Kill Myself

    Your weary mind needs rest!
  33. Adrift

    I Tried To Kill Myself

    I am soon to start school... in five days. I'm also broke having no income until after I start schooling.
  34. Adrift

    I Tried To Kill Myself

    I would so join you if I was in that part of the world. I plan to eventually go on a week trek alone. I'm just not sure on the where or when.
  35. Adrift

    I Tried To Kill Myself

    I would not do it even after kids. I mean to say that afterwards biologically speaking it would not matter. Which is also what I mean by DNA having purpose. It exists to exist. You're body and mind are its' host. I get this from Richard Dawkins' - The Selfish Gene. I agree with his point of view...
  36. Adrift

    I Tried To Kill Myself

    We are part of the universe. On no matter the scale of which we can control its' outcome. So in a sense it is us and we are it. As said before though. Self achievement is my driving force. Similar to what thehabitatdoctor said. If I kill my self before I have kids, my DNA has failed in its'...
  37. Adrift

    I Tried To Kill Myself

    I never got to the point of knife on skin but the thought crossed my mind. Life seemed pointless and in the grand scheme it is. We live, we die, and the universe moves on without us. I've realized though that in the meaningless of it all I find enjoyment in learning about the universe's details...
  38. Adrift

    Were you military?

    No I meant actual officers sorry about that. I'm not sure about the Army (sorry again) but I do know the Air Force has an engineering department. Your experience doesn't matter as far as I know. In the enlisted world as long as you made it through school you were as good as anyone else. I can't...
  39. Adrift

    Were you military?

    Reluctantly If you have a BS of whatever engineering your best bet is to go officer if you're seriously thinking about joining. You get twice the pay and you can even get an actuall engineering job where you really aren't even military anymore. You still are but it's different from most everyone...
  40. Adrift

    Extreme sports

    I played paintball as a young teen. I then realized I don't like to be in teams. :\ So, no, I do not play sports... at all.
  41. Adrift

    Sad / depressive songs?

    This is how I see it. It's not just sad songs but any song that invokes an emotional response.
  42. Adrift

    Were you military?

    I don't regret my four years at all. If you want the challenge of it then go for it. I will say it's not as hard as everyone makes it sound though. All anything takes is just a little willpower to not quit. I do think the time I servef made me a little more open with my thoughts. I'm quite a...
  43. Adrift

    Were you military?

    Summed up quite well. It's possible but not ideal. I was an electronics tech so I had a lot of things to puzzle over and fix. The problem was I always had to be in a team due to the nature of the job. Also, political BS was too much to deal with. Like I said though, possible but not ideal.
  44. Adrift

    Morning / Evening People?

    I become more "alive" at night as well. Although, I seem to be analyzing everything from the time I wake up no matter what. It just get's a little more active at night.
  45. Adrift

    Were you military?

    A jobless father is never good. That would have been the only thing that could have kept me in the service. I couldn't deal with having a child that I could not support.
  46. Adrift

    Are you ever happy?

    Happy >90% of the time. I chose that only because I am content with life. I'm seeing this a lot in other posts so you probably should have had "meh" as an option. :) When I hear/read something about someone's life being terrible in 1st world countries due to something meaningless I die a...
  47. Adrift

    Were you military?

    I recently separated from the Air Force after only four years due to the overwhelming lack of appreciation for intelligence. I felt as if I had solutions to tons of issues but I lacked either the rank or voice to get it done. I also hated the lack of freedom. I know, "Why did you join if you...
  48. Adrift

    Home Alone

    If I remember right my parents started leaving me home alone at 9 or 10. It may have been earlier but I know it was no later than that. It really just depends on the child's maturity/intelligence level. Trust must begin somewhere.
  49. Adrift

    You know you're an Intp when...

    Great list! I might have to use it sometime in hopes of making some of my friends understand me a bit more. I know they won't care though.
  50. Adrift


    I just wanted to say hi like everyone else. I joined this forum in hopes of some true intellectual conversation. It's something that is quite lacking in my life. I'm not entirely sure on how others may feel but I think this is how it usually is for "us". Anyways, I look forward to meeting some...
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