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  1. Rualani

    how women judge you (opposite sex)

    I do like the advice of trying to put oneself in a situation with more females and just continuously engage in conversation and improve on that level. That's the level I'm just focusing on right now, but there are certainly some barriers. It's very revealing when these awkward situations and...
  2. Rualani

    gender role test

    This test actually asked me how happy I was. WHAT!?
  3. Rualani

    Issues With Mindless, Repetitive Small Talk.

    I usually just jump to a different topic that's related. "It's interesting how such a job is paid so well in this society" Something that throws them for a loop and breaks their mold. I usually go for that. Sometimes I can rely on pushing back with the antithesis to whatever their talking...
  4. Rualani

    Gamify Your Life!

    That's an interesting point. Then again, could a vision ever cover all of humanity in general? Personally, I come from the side where people with depression and apathy find themselves sinking tons of time in video gaming. It's led me to believe that there is probably a way to hook everybody in...
  5. Rualani

    Skyrim SE release.

    I had a game going with Frostfall, Campfire, Immersive Wenches, Wildcat Combat, and book covers. Apparently, they allow for modding through a bethesda portal which requires no third party apps to manage. Kind of nice, but it's not fully updated. I had to go to nexus to get Campfire, for...
  6. Rualani

    Gamify Your Life!

    You get quest scrolls that you can do with a party. First rule is you have to party up, though. This is found in the social tab, where most of the fun stuff is as combat is party oriented in this game. Most of the quest scrolls unlock just by logging in a certain number of days. When you fight...
  7. Rualani

    Gamify Your Life!

    Gamification uses those fun things in video games and attaches them to other products, services. What's most interesting to me is how this tool could be used to further someone's own development. Here's a video showing it with some examples if you want the long version...
  8. Rualani

    Pedagogy & How to Raise Actualized People

    I was looking at the budget for my county in Indiana and roughly half of it was being sunk into K-12. No one knows how to make the budget work well I guess O.O
  9. Rualani

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    If reality doesn't give a fuck and we simply rot and die at the end, I'm just going to indulge in whatever delusions please me. Bow down and worship the almighty lord of cheesy mashed potatoes.
  10. Rualani

    Pokémon Go

    I went instinct due to being the underdog and because I thought the lightning type were the bees knees first gameplay. I loved Magnemite for same reason. I had a moment at a park nearby, where a group of Go players and I headed out running through the park for a Drowzee. It was pretty fun...
  11. Rualani

    RWBY season 3

    Infp/Intp party with some snowflake FJ's mixed in. What a party!
  12. Rualani

    Interpret my dream.

    Loss of control and ideal life path broken. Attempting to survive and find life path. The struggle forever changes you.
  13. Rualani

    What is authenticity?

    Authenticity is a hard thing to grasp as it requires a good understanding of what one Desires from the world. That's already a grey area so authenticity becomes grey as well. I think the pursuit of this desire is where authenticity can be seen. Many times I see that word used it's in the realm...
  14. Rualani

    Choice is an illusion.

    Free Will as a concept contains a lot of information that I agree with, assuming determinism. It's the, extra entity, outside of causation that causes the issues. @Quick, In this thread it's difficult to determine which concepts of Free Will is the baby in the bathwater being thrown out for...
  15. Rualani

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    It's mind-boggling how combating negative thoughts can best be tackled by healthy choices that don't really have anything to do with what I'm thinking.
  16. Rualani

    Great INTP career thread...

    That's a very good point. I usually find that these conversations happen to people who find themselves knocked out of societies 'flow' so they must individuate to survive. I suspect that the way people got knocked out of the 'flow' alters their self-type, but that's neither here nor there...
  17. Rualani

    Rate What the Person Above You is Listening To

    8/10 It has a great thing going for it, but it felt like a never ending march instead of ... whatever I would consider a 10/10? Sorry for soundcloud, but I couldn't find on youtube https://soundcloud.com/black-lab-band/hole-in-my-heart
  18. Rualani

    Getting pwned by computer science

    Yeah, that's, essentially, the plan right now. I think that if I was more heavily networked in with other people I would have been more stable. I also, should have cut it down to three classes since I have to work. Going full time while working to survive was a bad decision. Well, gratz...
  19. Rualani

    Getting pwned by computer science

    Last semester was CSCI 101 and now I’m doing CSCI 102, JAVA (SDEV), HTML. Those are the classes that actually relate to my curriculum. So, studying for… 1.5 semesters? I decided upon the major based on two sources. The attempt to find my personality via MBTI and my cousin. He went into CS...
  20. Rualani

    Getting pwned by computer science

    So, essentially, I'm shrinking my lens of focus more and more to a few classes just to keep up. I'm not even keeping up on that front either. My main question is, how do I know if programming is even viable for this brain of mine? Or is it always the stoic answer? Try again, till success...
  21. Rualani

    sexual dimorphism in humans

    I thought it was to compete in male hierarchies. Thank god we don't do that anymore.
  22. Rualani

    A moment of your time please.

  23. Rualani

    Universal basic income: Why not?

    I'm in full support of streamlining parts of the welfare system with a sustainable UBI. A lot of our tax dollars that go to welfare aren't seen by the people they are supposed to be helping. When people don't have basic resources they are worse at many things. Even making good choices becomes...
  24. Rualani

    Let's beat the facial cues horse some more

    I agree. This being said, I have found an interesting home at cognitivetype for now on that issue. Remembers all the times that English teacher said phrases like ,that being said, was a sin. Noooooooo
  25. Rualani

    On disliking the question " What are you thinking"

    At first, I was annoyed with the question as no one really 'wanted' what I was thinking. They would sideline me as being 'deep' when I was just... doing what I do. It got kind of annoying. I don't even mind is as small talk, but the question, inherently, leads out of 'small talk' territory. I...
  26. Rualani

    Why do people drink alcohol?

    I just spend my evening in some crazy dancing circle with a bunch of older ladies in a state of flow and I gotta say it would a blast. Not sure I would have embarked on this adventure while sober. In the end, it wasn't that big of a deal.
  27. Rualani

    Cannabis use.

    Written by Brontosaurie Gah, I've seen this behavior so much in the past it's mind boggling. It just makes me more mad as the legit conversation that NEEDS to be had on marijuana is being blocked by said demonization. It's one of those few moments where I just want to... scream! AGHHHHHHHHHHHH
  28. Rualani

    Would/could you kill someone?

    In self-defense and to survive. Ideally, I would not want that person to, actually, die, but if I'm using such force in a critical moment, I acknowledge that his/her life would be the last thing on my mind.
  29. Rualani

    Last movie you watched

    Citizenfour Documentary with Edward Snowden interview and conversations on NSA network. It's kind of surreal. I had heard about most of the information, but seeing how it was transferred made me realize the impact of it.
  30. Rualani

    What is your excuse for not being vegan?

    I do have the feeling that it is a better option to let animals compete fairly instead of the complete domination we have over them currently. Still, my excuse is that I'm a lazy asshole and don't know how to plan out my meals optimally like a fucking adult. I love salty food and end up eating...
  31. Rualani


    Yeah, I had a friend do that too. It was amazing how well they pimped out their van before the went traveling. My problem is the idea of ownership in general. Where would I live, without, having to purchase property? I remember when I was traveling with just a car, and simple problems like...
  32. Rualani


    Getting to such a point where I can AFFORD such an opportunity is the game plan for me. I do find the notion of isolating oneself from all contacts interesting. Mostly from the perspective of trying out isolation tanks, though. I'm not sure about full on hermit mode, hence the curiosity.
  33. Rualani

    Have you noticed that some people don't know what "logical" means?

    Sometimes I feel like it's a mixture of cultural connotations of the word and a sort of feel for how a person goes about solving the problems. However, if you apply logic as a label, I can only see problems in the future. Point #1The only way to determine a what's 'logical' is to follow the...
  34. Rualani

    How frequently do you want to post but dont?

    I can't decide whether I should just let my words fly freely, or if I should make sure they are to some standard. Where I place that standard restricts how many times I will, actually, speak -Post?- up. Give me liberty or give me well-placed wording!
  35. Rualani

    The Goals Thread

    I suppose I'll state my goals for march. Mindfulness meditation every day Exercise @ gym every weekday Now I have skin in the game, so whenever I visit this forum... I'll know what I did, or didn't do. Also, the goals thread idea is pure genius.
  36. Rualani

    I like sad ambient music ... Do you?

    Your embed gave me an eargasm and I know I love trance sooooo... yes As for the sadness, I'm not sure. I'd say it feels like something growing very distant. I can, certainly, see how sadness would intermingle with that feeling. Actually, I can't of just feel like things are fading away when I...
  37. Rualani

    Let's beat the facial cues horse some more

    An idea has circulated around before that pieces of a persons personality can be picked up through various non-verbal cues. The pattern in which people give off these cues could be used to determine a persons cognitive functions. Interest in this concept has waxed and waned and now I'm here...
  38. Rualani

    Jung: Types can be divided into subtypes...what are the implications?

    The problem is with the speculation about what thinking is as a judgement function and what thinking is as understood in our culture. There are many sub-categories of thinking, yet the thinking function is some vague, subjective, personal, logic of some sort. If I were to accept the premise, I...
  39. Rualani

    A question about how to homework

    Attaching a behavior, like turning a lamp on, to study habits is an intriguing idea. I might make a ritual where i simply pour a cup of tea and get all the homework stuff out, then just... chill for a sec. I've ruled out ADHD, but I've been getting a disturbing amount of feedback in the...
  40. Rualani

    RWBY season 3

    I've enjoyed it so far. Plus it generates some really cool fandom interactions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERykhX5O1xI
  41. Rualani

    Recreational drug use/experimentation

    I, sadly, realized that I have a very stubborn mind when it comes to Hallucinogens. My friends witnessed me taking the largest dose of essence of machine elves they had ever seen. I fell back for a few seconds, than immediately sat back up and started trying to 'control' my environment and put...
  42. Rualani

    Do you talk to yourself in your head?

    I used to have the old spice commercial dude as a motivating voice inside my head. Maybe I should bring him back.
  43. Rualani

    A rant on tradition.

    It is rare that I attempt to share such overreaching perspectives, so frail and weak are they. I wish to attempt to attach words to try and give them life as a seed that takes root in the soil. It is my own perspective, so much objectivity is going to be lost, but this rant is made with minimal...
  44. Rualani

    Life is crazy

    That's something that has always messed with my head. I am the product of perpetual fucking throughout all the generations. I'm in awe of the bare branches of this process and the probability that I might be one. The pressure. Hnglksfhgnghnh
  45. Rualani

    Blogs worth following

  46. Rualani

    Why Must Stories Have Conflict?

    The stories with conflict out compete the stories without conflict in story marketplace conflict. A lot seems to be based on taste, and many people don't know why they get into the shit they do. People tried to answer that question and now they are passing down the information in writing...
  47. Rualani

    MBTI: ultimately a bad thing for you.

    I always took MBTI as a journey through the psyche. You start at one point and make your way to the other. Your primary functions are your home base where you equip up, assess strategies, and prepare to go on an expedition. Once you fell ready you must go on a journey. Also, I feel like OP is...
  48. Rualani

    Broken shapes floating in my head.

    Thinking back upon my past, I had a period in high school where, occasionally, I would try to rotate or think about shapes in my head. Whenever I would do this, it would loop rather annoyingly and, also, appear broken. It was like an incomplete picture trying to complete itself indefinitely...
  49. Rualani

    What are you currently playing?

    I played it a bit with a old D3 friend. He couldn't D3 due to hardcore death by suicidal explosion in ACT III. Been playing Endless Legends recently. Workers are overpowered, though.
  50. Rualani

    Causality/Determinism/Physicalism/Free Will/Time Travel

    I think you would end up floating in space when traveling back into the past. Maybe the time-travel would have to consider the frame of reference for all moving objects when making the jump so you don't go kersplat. Agree with deterministic reasoning. On the notion of free-will, that...
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