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  1. Rualani

    Gamify Your Life!

    Gamification uses those fun things in video games and attaches them to other products, services. What's most interesting to me is how this tool could be used to further someone's own development. Here's a video showing it with some examples if you want the long version...
  2. Rualani

    Getting pwned by computer science

    So, essentially, I'm shrinking my lens of focus more and more to a few classes just to keep up. I'm not even keeping up on that front either. My main question is, how do I know if programming is even viable for this brain of mine? Or is it always the stoic answer? Try again, till success...
  3. Rualani

    Let's beat the facial cues horse some more

    An idea has circulated around before that pieces of a persons personality can be picked up through various non-verbal cues. The pattern in which people give off these cues could be used to determine a persons cognitive functions. Interest in this concept has waxed and waned and now I'm here...
  4. Rualani

    A rant on tradition.

    It is rare that I attempt to share such overreaching perspectives, so frail and weak are they. I wish to attempt to attach words to try and give them life as a seed that takes root in the soil. It is my own perspective, so much objectivity is going to be lost, but this rant is made with minimal...
  5. Rualani

    Broken shapes floating in my head.

    Thinking back upon my past, I had a period in high school where, occasionally, I would try to rotate or think about shapes in my head. Whenever I would do this, it would loop rather annoyingly and, also, appear broken. It was like an incomplete picture trying to complete itself indefinitely...
  6. Rualani

    The ask me anything thread.

    I'm bored, so I figured I would just answer whatever questions people can throw at me. Could be interesting or boring. Bring it.
  7. Rualani

    Achilles heel of this forum

    The brief time I've been engaged with the forums, I've noticed a lot of practical advice for helping INTPs succeed. The pace at which threads seem to come and go with the random probing style that I see, seems to bury everything under a pile of new ideas. I haven't engaged with many forums, so...
  8. Rualani

    A question about how to homework

    I'm trying the computer science major path starting with a community college and I was wanting to ask others about strategies they used to focus and 'make it'. Personally, I'm having severe issues avoiding distractions and mobilizing myself to Calculus and Computer Science. I'm getting through...
  9. Rualani

    Hello, everyone. I don't forum.

    Hello INTP forum. I've lurked around a bit in the past (witnessed the whole pod'lair thingy). Kind of a terrible example to show which times I have lurked in the forums, but I promise that I have been more interested in the many conversations that have taken place here. I welcome any questions...
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