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  1. higs

    introduction to formal logic + truth tables with an annoying card question

    If there is a queen in the hand then there is an ace in the hand, or else if there isn't a queen in the hand then there is an ace in the hand. There is a queen in the hand. What follows? --------------------------- Stop reading here if you don't want the breakdown of my answer to this...
  2. higs

    Help Chelsea Manning pay legal fines

    Chelsea Manning has recently been released from detainment after a failed suicide attempt, she has been fined a quarter of a million dollars. You can help her out if you like. https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-chelsea-pay-her-court-fines
  3. higs

    National INTPf poll time + How cool am I

    Hello INTPf as a minor deity I declare the next 24 hours to be polling time which means that any thread you post in the next 24 hours must contain a poll in them or I ban you. K bye have a nice day.
  4. higs

    Are you responsible for infecting other people with a cold

    I have a work colleague who is angry that me and my other colleague are the likely "culprits" of infecting her with the cold that is going round at the moment. She says that if we are sick we should stay home and not take the risk of transmitting it. Do you think that this is legitimate ?
  5. higs

    Notre Dame cathedral is on fire

  6. higs

    O dark dark dark

    Anyway, poetry aside, how exciting is this !!? :)
  7. higs

    Characters in books you find hot

    I'm reading Milton's Paradise Lost right now and developing quite a big crush on Satan tbh
  8. higs

    Halloween costume plans + SUPER awesome Halloween masks

    Yo Halloween is coming up and if you're super cool at all like me you're already planning your outfit. I want to share this site which provide templates for really nice low poly masks. https://wintercroft.com/collections/all Even if you're not that diy oriented like me you'll be able to make...
  9. higs

    Have u ever done a nazi salute

    At the point of your life when you first read this, you are not allowed to do one just before selecting 'yes'. Obviosuly I mean ironically I am not expecting serious nazis to reveal themselves, though I guess now would be as good a time as any. Please do feel free to specify in comments reasons...
  10. higs

    For god's sake someone play this goddamn game

    https://store.steampowered.com/app/304430/INSIDE/ Come on nerds, it's cheap and brilliant. It's one of my favorite of all time. Total perfected work of art. It's beautifully and flawlessly put together, and will surprise you. Lasts about three four hours, play it in one go. (or not, whatever.)...
  11. higs

    Daemon game thread

    This is one of my favorite games. In this thread please post photographs of people’s daemon. A daemon as in the Phillip Pullman universe, their personification as an animal. If possible please juxtapose video or photograph of person in question with photograph or video of animal. Animals of...
  12. higs

    INTPf is migrating. Donate!

    Dear citizens of this forum, as many of you have noticed the outdated software of this place has been causing a myriad of problems such as popups and functionalities going amiss, which is why we will be porting the forum asap (so no posts will be lost as I understand it). The great Ragnar...
  13. higs


    Anyone reading it ? What do you think ? I've decided to stupidly believe it all without questioning. Well, not really. I take it to be a subjective interpretation of a perceptive sly manipulative journalist hanging around. Like a lot of news. It all fits rather well though hey?
  14. higs

    INFJ late night semi rational semi poetic intuitions and ramblings on love

    The defining element of so called « love » in the strongest sense is to let the other person possess you, to desire and accept that they do. This is what « love » means. Of course, in theory you can’t ever give yourself over completely, this is not possible, because the desire to give yourself...
  15. higs

    It’s my birthday

    Please cheer me up I’m sad
  16. higs

    Been away

    Hello my pretties, I'm currently starting my final year of masters, restarting my social life, job searching and writing depressing short stories about feeling disconnected from the environment because of technology and stuff. I'm also writing an article on SJW culture hijacking feminism. And...
  17. higs

    Unlimited free books and scientific articles.

    Okay so for anyone who doesn't know about this already I feel like I have a duty to share these sites, for people in academia it's life changing because everything you need to work with is always behind paywalls, and for anyone interested in acquiring knowledge it's just generally amazing. OPEN...
  18. higs

    Google images paedophilic results

    I'm sorry I don't even know where to put this but I'm horribly disturbed and I don't want to go back, but I at least kind of want to talk about it a bit and anonymous forum is the only thing I can think of. I typed in "teen porn" on google images to see what it would bring up and I didn't stay...
  19. higs

    My Lethargy is rebellion, not laziness

    I need no psychoanalysis bullshit to tell me what is going on with me when I stop all movement and become lethargic, when I spend days doing nothing, when I say I will not go on. I am simply rebelling against existence and what I feel it imposes on me : everything. FOR when you are forced to...
  20. higs

    I'm really tired of getting this stupid crap in my inbox

    I've had quite a few of these advertising different products. I have to admit the ads for virtual reality goggles were pretty hilarious and I thought it was a troll. I Don't consider it illegal to post private message from a bot, can it be stopped ?
  21. higs

    I have no opinions ever

    Help i need opinions
  22. higs

    ADD and ADHD scam

    I think ADD and ADHD and their treatment with ritalin are scams, with research being financed by out of control private American pharmaceutical businesses/lobbies who want to make money. Everyone who I've met who was diagnosed with ADHD are high IQ individuals who were bored in class and were...
  23. higs

    What is happening

    What Is happening. Did a mod go crazy or something?
  24. higs

    Weird incident in light of terror attacks

    I literally just walked down to do some grocery shopping (am based in Paris for those who don't know) and a guy was leaning out of the window in my street, several floors up yelling at me as I walked passed (in french) " 18 and not veiled, you display your hair, might as well display your ass...
  25. higs

    sexual dimorphism in humans

    So what could possibly be the reason for the comparative physical weakness of human females in relation to human males on average? I think it does occur in other mammals to some extent also. When I say reason I mean from an evolutionary perspective. theories and stuff. INTP things. GO. And no...
  26. higs

    Dreamscope gallery

    As per condescending bastard's (<3 <3) idea, this thread is for photographs that have been modified using this: https://dreamscopeapp.com/ I'll re-post mine again as an example. You can combine filters until it's unrecognisable. It's more interesting if you include the original photo with...
  27. higs

    Cool photo filter app

    https://dreamscopeapp.com/ Kind of in relation to Cog's thread on whether or not computers can make art (they can't...yet.) I did this with the site for example by applying two seperate filters to the photo.
  28. higs

    PUA derail from "friend or more?"

    Whaaat ??? Girls don't do that...unless they were proper fucked up idiots...PUA is obviously full of shit...probably some guys wishing girls who considered them friends when they liked them justifying their attention as ego stroking instead of normal friendly behavior...
  29. higs

    How to delete an account

    mods, I wish to delete myself. I want a new name and persona on here, how do I erase me? Or change my name at least? Is it somehow against the rules? Do I have to make myself get banned? I don't want to upset anyone... I suppose I could stay Higs... Dunno..
  30. higs

    Someone explain this to me plz...

    2. A bat and a ball cost $1.10 in total. The bat costs $1 more than the ball. How much does the ball cost? Many people give the first response that comes to mind—10 cents. But if they thought a little harder, they would realize that this cannot be right: the bat would then have to cost $1.10...
  31. higs

    Flat earthritis

    INTPS UNLEASH YOUR POWERS OF DEBATE ON THIS FORUM http://forum.tfes.org Or just lurk and experience a cocktail of emotions like I do. Anyone been there already out of curiosity?
  32. higs


    Manosphere :facepalm: A section of the internet where males who are upset that all the female individuals they have met do not want to sleep with them can go to vent and elaborately justify their resulting inferiority complex by blaming feminism and the emancipation of women as the cause for...
  33. higs

    Other forums

    Does anybody here know any other forums that regroup (at least some) intelligent people on a regular basis to debate? I looked around at philosophy, science, art and writing forums but they were all so badly organized and messy that I just lost interest. List the other forums you belong to if...
  34. higs

    Anyone interested in consciousness must read David chalmers

    I'm sure the Australian INTP's must know him. Shame on you if not, he should be a national pride. He's so smart and also he looks like a nice cuddly bear. <3 <3 David chalmers. Here is a paper, it's quite short and well worth reading, there's a good chance he'll blow your mind...
  35. higs

    Psychonauts. Enlightenment or drug induced illusion of enlightenment?

    hang around the LSD sections of bluelight and other such places and you'll see loads of members claiming they have been enlightened by the experience of taking acid and various psychedelics. Many of them have this mentality which I find really comical of "me vs the sheeple who never took drugs"...
  36. higs

    MBTII re-mastered.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, mighty INTPforum: As far as I know, Carl Jung is responsible for creating/discovering/labelling the cognitive functions, and it's Myers-Briggs who created the system where each type has four functions arranged in a particular manner, you have an introverted function and...
  37. higs


    Where is my love??? what did you all DO TO HIM???? I leave for two months. Just TWO MONTHS and you idiots screw everything up!! *sob* Oh I'm so cold and alone... THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU, YOU RUINED IT. AND...And... WHY IS THERE NO CRYING SMILEY ON THIS BLOODY FORUM TO...
  38. higs

    Return of the queen.

    Well not exactly, more the return of a vaguely active forum member you didn't really notice. I have been exploring the real world my fellow INTP's, but it's oh so cold out there so I'm withdrawing back into the warm cuddly safety of the internet. I return to you with bitter streaks of nihilism...
  39. higs

    Teaching myself maths

    So I always hated my maths teachers and thought it was the subject I hated (I was a bit of a brat). In my last three months of mathematical education I finally got a good maths teacher and started to love the subject, though still had difficulties due to the fact that I had missed so many levels...
  40. higs

    Are men and women naturally different psychologically?

    My last thread got slightly de-railed (which is good, I like a good de-railing) and made me wonder about this. Many people seem to view the opposite sex as inherently different to their own, the whole "men are from mars, women are from venus thing" is a notion that seems to have permeated...
  41. higs

    What's your occupation?

    Just curious as to how life plays out for INTP's, if you're a student like I am, tell me what you would like to do instead. I have absolutely no idea, I'm moving to Paris to study philosophy as a method for putting off having to make a decision. Plus it sounds cool when I say it. Makes people go...
  42. higs

    I love this site

    Not expecting any answers for this, mods can even delete it if you want :D Just wanted to say this forum's great, and i apologize if I'm over-saturating it with my presence. But seriously, I love it here. That's all.
  43. higs

    isolated holiday, yes or no?

    So my mum, in her infinite knowledge of me made me a great offer for my half term: A bed and breakfast somewhere fairly remote and quiet, with a pub near me for meals (think small english village) basically she's offered me isolation for about a week, obviously I'll have to order food and stuff...
  44. higs

    A ate introduction

    So I've been lurking for a while now, not actually contributing anything intelligent or thought up, mostly because I'm terrified someone on the forum will prove to me forever I'm stupid (that's what I worry about most in life) I go through phases of thinking I'm far more intelligent than those...
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