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  1. Animekitty

    When did you realize you exist?

    When I was 7 I was outside at night watching a lightning storm in the pitch-black clouds. It was then I realized that the universe was empty, a giant void and I was alone. Everything felt very nihilistic the first time I realized I exist.
  2. Animekitty

    INxJ and Je

    I was wondering what the difference between Fe and Te is. I am supposed to be INTJ yet others have typed me as INFJ in the past. So I am confused. What I think the difference is is this: Fe is essentially flat affect, Fi is more bubbly. INTJ has Fi so has a core humor. Fe really has no core...
  3. Animekitty

    blocked emotional valence

    I feel a pressure. I feel like I can't be close with anyone. My emotions are pent up. Being vulnerable is a problem. I can't really trust anyone. It is very lonely and isolating. Bluntly I am very insecure. Two problems are that I can not feel music or empathize with characters on tv. I numb...
  4. Animekitty

    Learning Disability

    I took an IQ test and got Perceptual reasoning 127 Verble reasoning 120 Working memory 95 Processing speed 89 Highest to lowest is a discrepancy of 38 points. 38 points constitute a severe learning disability. The reason for such discrepancies is my vision. I have what is called "visual field...
  5. Animekitty

    Need Help understanding my depression

    It seems pretty bad this time. I am not interested in things I used to be interested in. I have headaches, trouble regulating my temperature. Racing thoughts. And blurry thought. I had blackouts before I went to the hospital and could not read. I have irregular sleeping paters because of the...
  6. Animekitty

    Blunt Functions

    consciousness is oriented. It has direction. There is perception an judgment. These are where the orientation/direction is. Subdivided Sensing, Intuition, Thinking Feeling. Here is the distinction I discovered in feeling. One can be impassioned or dispassion but spirited in belief. Fe is...
  7. Animekitty

    Amateur advice wanted

    I have manic depressive bipolar. At times my energy levels are really high. And at times my energy is really low. (I stay in bed allot) I only sleep when I need to, not based on a schedule. I only stay up because I feel I cannot sleep. General anxiety changes these patterns. Amplifying or...
  8. Animekitty

    My Hero

    Sharks are just the best I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully
  9. Animekitty

    Bunnys to replace dogs as mans best friend

    Bunnys, as we know them, are small and fragile. Yet there are breeds the size of large dogs. With enough time smart bunnies could be our future. Normal bunny Giant bunnies
  10. Animekitty

    My Software Development project

    I am working on a big data a.i. analytics engine. I am not a software engineer so it will be a challenge to get started. I am interested in feedback and advice on where to start @Cognisant What I need to do is create a hierarchical stack that organizes files and creates insight from them. I...
  11. Animekitty

    Craming for exams

    I have a problem where my short term memory is really low. I was never able to cram for exams so instead, I would learn all the materials beforehand because my long term memory is rather high. I never understood why they say school is all about rote memorization. This must mean everything falls...
  12. Animekitty

    23andMe results

    I paid for the 23andMe genetics test. Here are the results: European 82.7% British & Irish 32.6% Scandinavian 13.0% French & German 12.5% Broadly Northwestern European 16.2% East European 3.2% Southern European 2.3% Broadly European 2.9% Sub-Saharan African 10.4% East Asian and Native...
  13. Animekitty

    The new case for Jungian Functions

    When I realized that Ni is going into the back of the eyes that changed everything. I now know how functions work. Perception Ni - The eyes look into the back of the head looking for internal patterns. Si - The eyes look into the back of the head but without moving. This is on the instinctive...
  14. Animekitty

    Extraverted Feeling and Agreeableness

    I noticed I am very agreeable. I was wondering if this has anything to do with Fe. That is the impression I get from Auburn and Nanook.
  15. Animekitty

    Myers Briggs Type Indicator Text analyzer

    https://www.uclassify.com/browse/g4mes543/myers-briggs-type-indicator-text-analyzer I found this text analyzer for MBTI typing. I had it analyze my blog and this is what I got: INTP 34% INFP 27% INFJ 17% ENTP 11% ENFJ 2% INTJ 1% ISFJ 1% ENFP 1% ISTP 1% ESTP 1% ISFP 1% ENTJ 1% ESFP 1% ESTJ 1%...
  16. Animekitty

    Mental illness on the forum

    It was mentioned that since so many people on the forum have a mental illness that this forum is really a mental illness forum. Now I am not making this thread to harass anyone, this is not a witchhunt. I am just curious how the forum is run knowing so many people have such conditions here. My...
  17. Animekitty

    edit button error

    When I try to edit a post I get a server error. I was wondering how I can edit my posts again?
  18. Animekitty

    Unlocking the Anima

    So when I was in the hospital I was in the cafeteria I stared at the clouds that transformed into a kitty and bunny. I prayed to god as I stared into the sun asking to keep them safe. Twice I imagined they spoke to me, first "keep your faith" second a week later "you better not have skewed us...
  19. Animekitty

    What is the true nature of Introversion?

    What is Introversion really? I do not talk to myself in my head. I do not see things in my head. I seem to feel nothing in my body. The only thing I get is like / dislike preferences. I do not have the traits steeming from introversion it seems. I have a question: What is introversion all...
  20. Animekitty

    mental imagery (voive and vision)

    Do you talk to yourself in your own voice or the voices of others in your head? Do you pretend to talk to others in a different voice than they have? Do you listen to memorized music in your head? I do not have a voice I talk to myself with, it is too weak. I almost can't listen to music in my...
  21. Animekitty

    My low processing speeed index

    Here is the definition. At its core, the processing speed index measures a child’s ability efficiently to scan and understand visual information and complete a task with the data. … Processing speed measures assess a child’s speed and accuracy of identifying visual information, making...
  22. Animekitty

    A Resolution

    I am an INFP that is caught in their tertiary Si which is dissociative. I reject my senses and am in a fog most of the time. I am in a blank space often. but now I am ready to go into Se. I realize that under stress I become an immature ESFP. I need to expand Se. It is how my emotion will grow...
  23. Animekitty

    Otaku - a short history

    Japan. Otaku - Has no life. Has Hobbies. Is outcast by Japanese society. America and Japan. Otaku - A nerd, smart, understands Japanese culture, may believe it is superior. Otaku - A consumer of Japanese culture. normies. America. Otaku - now has the definition previously under Weaboo. Weaboo -...
  24. Animekitty

    Tactility in Dreams etc.

    Basically, can you touch objects/people in your dreams? The other night I dreamed I was holding someone and it felt like I was actually touching them. Normally that does not happen. Normally it is as if I do not have a body in my dreams at all. I do not replay the events that happened to me...
  25. Animekitty

    Psychoanalyse the Avatar above you

    Actually, you are allowed to analyze more than their avatar so long as it's not cherry picking. If you think you know the person well enough you do not necessarily need to do that. wikipedia defines psychoanalyse as. "Psychoanalysis is a set of theories and therapeutic techniques related to...
  26. Animekitty

    I am a wizard

    I am 31 today. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wizard_(1989_film)
  27. Animekitty

    anxiety and depression

    Disclaimer: Not seeking medical advice, just others opinions. The reason I have been feeling bad (anxiety) is that I hold everything inside. This blocks me from feeling things. Like physical and emotional pain. I hold my depression inside. If I am able to inhibit myself rather than repress it...
  28. Animekitty

    Maths and You

    OK so sometimes Maths is hard. And people do maths in different ways. People are good at some maths but not others. Some do it in their heads and others need formulas and calculators. I know how to add and subtract 3 digit numbers in my head and I know how to multiply and divide 2 digit numbers...
  29. Animekitty

    Carl Jung and the concept of Libido

    Extraversion and Introversion work by the direction energy moves in the psyche which we can safely say is just energy moving in the brain changing the plasticity making new paths energy moves along. The simplest example to understand is Se and Si. In the case of Se constant looking at things...
  30. Animekitty

    Need dating advice as a male ISFJ

    I am a very shy kind of person. I don't often walk up to people and start a conversation. I do not get out much and I do not know any places I can just meet people. I am 30 years old and do not know where people my age hang out. As an ISFJ I understand people as to how I have experienced people...
  31. Animekitty

    enough useless advertising threads ak.

    I don't get this. An advertisement is meant to sell you on something. What I posted was not useless it had good information. If I am spamming or something like that by posting to frequently I can understand. But I do not see how I am violating any rules just by posting a video in a subforum it...
  32. Animekitty

    Why Males Are Increasingly Retreating Into Videogames

    Jordan Peterson Explains Why Males Are Increasingly Retreating Into Videogames w/ Warren Farrell
  33. Animekitty

    Finally got my frontal lobes working

    The front of the brain's job is impulse control and selective attention. Because of my anxiety, my brains frontal lobes were working too hard. Doing normal things burned me out. Everything took effort not to have a nervous breakdown. Impulse control allows the brain to self-organize. It allows...
  34. Animekitty

    I have high functioning Autism

    was mistaken. ignore
  35. Animekitty

    Boston Dynamics Robot Running

  36. Animekitty

    Rare glimps at the skills of ISFJ

  37. Animekitty

    How fast is Intuition?

    Let's just say that intuition is the rate at which ideas pop into your head, Ni or Ne. So the further down the function stack the less frequent "new" ideas/insights happen. An N dom/Aux will also have larger insights, more entangled and concentrated. Ne dom/aux will have large imaginations of...
  38. Animekitty

    Earth Chan day

    Happy Earth Chan Day April 22
  39. Animekitty

    Cinematic Functions: Michael Pierce

    Cinematic: Introverted Sensing (Si) Cinematic: Extroverted Thinking (Te) Cinematic: Extroverted Intuition (Ne) Cinematic: Extroverted Sensing (Se) Cinematic: Introverted Thinking (Ti) Cinematic: Introverted Intuition (Ni) Cinematic: Introverted Feeling (Fi) Cinematic: Extroverted Feeling
  40. Animekitty

    Neuropsychological Evaluation

    I took one in January, I am interested in these two results. I want to know what they mean. What does it mean to score 50 on the TOMM test. The Test of Memory Malingering (TOMM) What is the; Law. Act. D.L. (self): Z 3.10 PR 99.90
  41. Animekitty

    Educational Neuroscience

  42. Animekitty

    Empathy Intelligence

    This intelligences are actually abilities but if we take intelligence to mean broadly (handle information) then these are intelligence colloquial. emotional intelligence knowing how a person is feeling (that's it) knowing where the boundaries are social intelligence associated with theory of...
  43. Animekitty

    2 PetaFLOPS NVIDIA's Largest Ever GPU

    350 pounds 512 Gigabytes Ram $399,000 10 kilowatts 5 gigaflops per dollar
  44. Animekitty

    universally preferable behaviour

    I have problems with Stephan Molyneux trying to prove morality. His arguments in spoiler I have a problem with numbers 10. 11. and 12. 10. Enforceability morality can only be personal involving only the individual's actions. Collective enforcement is called Ethics because it involves more...
  45. Animekitty

    No Thought and Social Atrophy

    I was trying to think of the reason why it seems that people much younger than me are better at social dynamics than I am. One point of consideration is intelligence and another point is cognitive development. With me, I should be above average in mental capacity but I may be delayed in...
  46. Animekitty

    Axes and Quadras

    Michael Pierce video allowed me to write these descriptions. Contextual Perception Ni-Se Aware that insights are coming from the self. They are internalized so ideas involved revel themselves from one's own mind creating something new in the subject. With the vibrant sensation of reality...
  47. Animekitty

    Intelligent but not always right

    I have a friend that is intelligent, intelligent the same way my brother is. Mechanical and things based. But when talking to him we had a disagreement. First, he says that half the earth (one hemisphere) is complete ocean (Pacific ocean) but in google maps, it looks like 1/3 of earths surface...
  48. Animekitty

    Neural Correlates of Fluid Intelligence

    Neural Correlates of Fluid Intelligence via Functional and Structural Network Connectivity Measures https://philoneuro.files.wordpress.com/2016/12/vuong_purc_2016_final.pdf Animekitty: The topology of each region (14 of them) would explain separate abilities and the topology of connecting...
  49. Animekitty

    What am I

    I was taking my friend's little girl to the park and two other little girls were there. They were 10, 10, and 5 years old. They were playing on the playset and I was playing with a stick, the two ten-year-olds were saying "what is he". Is he a martial arts master. Then the 5-year-old said, "he...
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