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  1. 0neKiwi

    I don't know.

    Perhaps this belongs here. Perhaps it doesn't. I, like all other human beings, am complex. (Quite the selfish line, now, isn't it?) How do you understand yourself? How do you understand the reasoning behind your actions? And if you don't, how do you ignore this problem? Perhaps I think to much...
  2. 0neKiwi

    Convince me to do my homework

    It's been two years and people are still answering? (No rude intentions) Although I can see the perspective that even if it might not be helpful to the OP anymore it could be helpful to lurkers who should be doing homework. Actually, when people post threads on this forum, they (generally)...
  3. 0neKiwi

    Define a writing process

    Define: When you write some assignment as if you care about the issue it addresses (and perhaps you've even fooled yourself into believing so), but you don't and whatever you write becomes distasteful in your eyes after you've turned the assignment in. Example: Prompt: World Peace It's obvious...
  4. 0neKiwi

    Motion pictures v. Stationary words

    It appears some people choose to read over to watch and others vice versa. Is there any reason why? (Correlations would work too) I myself prefer to read over to watch, because reading is easier to resume after interruptions(for me). It may also be that it is easier to get caught watching a...
  5. 0neKiwi

    Sky Islands

    I know this is naive and one can probably tell my age from this but... I think sky islands could enlarge space for populations (other than space colonization). The problem is that one would need to somehow keep those islands in space. Searching for anti-gravity & magnetism yielded little...
  6. 0neKiwi


    Hmm... the only "cis" I know is the function such that cis(x) = cos(x) + isin(x). Welcome to the forum (though I haven't been here long)
  7. 0neKiwi

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    The random thoughts thread has been revived... Hmm... I think you aren't. You're on this forum, after all. ----- I forgot about any interesting random thoughts I had. But apparently Ponzi (con artist) first came up with an idea similar to the yellow pages, but then didn't use it because...
  8. 0neKiwi

    I have been summoned.

    Who's that? But I honestly think this emoji's kind of cute: :nazi: What's with the sudden revivals?:kodama1: Is it some special day time? Or perhaps the zombie apocalypse has finally arrived... Hmm...not 2/29
  9. 0neKiwi


    Hmmm... I don't have anything to donate yet. Maybe in a decade or two? Hopefully intpf'll still exist. Disclaimer: It's not that I'm unwilling to donate it seems like the tone here is a bit...[insert adjective here] But I could draw the kitty logo...(not that that could be of any use)
  10. 0neKiwi

    Brains or love?

    These percentages remind me of something... You probably need a translator to read this... (there's an english version of the comic but it only goes up to 40 so far...) Just do what you're best at. ----- Anyways on the brains and love thing, you shouldn't have to change yourself for other...
  11. 0neKiwi

    General catch all for new forum software.

    Um...what's with the freaky cat?
  12. 0neKiwi

    Em...Kind of Spam?

    That's cool! :) ...I know. I'm not going to do drugs. I know it has its ...good effects, and I know that (I think) nothing doesn't have bad effects, but no. I guess it's been drilled into me by education.
  13. 0neKiwi

    Wait what, it's been more than a year!

    Wait what, it's been more than a year!
  14. 0neKiwi

    Em...Kind of Spam?

    It's been a while... INTP forum's style changed quite a lot. When did this happen? ----- I guess I've identified (one of) my problem(s): After how much time should one give up on something? I have some time & choice issues... (well this's vague...) ----- Wait no, this isn't spam. Don't move it...
  15. 0neKiwi

    Song Lyrics

    I realize that I shouldn't have asked this since you guys most likely did not participate in both of those events.:confused: Shouldn't ask a person to explain someone else's logic:o.
  16. 0neKiwi

    Song Lyrics

    :o Let me rephrase the question: Why are such songs allowed to the public when books and movies are categorized so minors can't access some of them (and why curse words appear to be more dangerous than such subjects)? I'm not saying that such songs should be outlawed. I agree, but my point...
  17. 0neKiwi

    Top 5 Stats not loading

    Yeah I saw that but I figured you made some new website which had a similar url to intpf... Also I'm pretty sure the Top 5 Stats issue is fixed (at least I'm not experiencing that problem anymore) In the days where it existed I mainly lurked around INTPf or didn't go on at all... (which kind of...
  18. 0neKiwi

    Song Lyrics

    I don't listen to that many songs but: (and I'm not sure where this fits so) There are many songs that address death, psychopathy, suicide, stalking, and other things that wouldn't be appropriate to mention in public(as in say stuff like "I want to die"). Yet they are able to be released to...
  19. 0neKiwi

    We are invited!!!

    Hey I just saw this on another site! Mafia's pretty far-reaching.
  20. 0neKiwi

    Top 5 Stats not loading

    Hmm... nothing on the stats is showing on my devices (2) either... And why are there ads that arbitrarily open when the page is clicked?:confused:
  21. 0neKiwi

    Why do we like online tests?

    One might take tests to categorize themselves-> but that later becomes an effort to stick to the actions one thinks is reasonable according to the test results One might take tests to find a reason to explain something about themselves-> after all, humans made up reasons if they couldn't...
  22. 0neKiwi

    How's the weather lately for you guys?

    Some frost recently...I was cold even when wearing a large coat But then I am more sensitive to cold than the average person (probably). Not a lot of sun. Would have been enjoyable if it wasn't so cold.
  23. 0neKiwi

    RB vs. the World: Trangenderism (split from Policy Change thread)

    (Kind of off-topic?) I remember reading QuickTwist's transgender idea. It wasn't particular offensive to me (since I was not involved), but those could be (and could be taken as) personal insults (since I don't really remember). It depends on interpretation of his words I suppose (and anonymity...
  24. 0neKiwi

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    12 days reaped! (Reference) By self-observation, I have noticed that I judge many things from trivial details (especially character names in books, and what cars "look" like). Google says that people do judge people by names (and I have caught myself doing so several times). Correlation does...
  25. 0neKiwi

    A battle of social ineptitude

    Lying would help your team win, but one states the truth... because there would be no meaning to it. What would the war be of? Who can lie the best? I was accusing them of taking advantage of this test by lying(must be left over suspicions from playing mafia:p)... there must be some thing put...
  26. 0neKiwi

    A battle of social ineptitude

    Isn't this unfair? Those who are very sure that they know what the people are feeling can choose the opposite. You won't need to ask other people or use the internet either. :ahh04: You guys weren't thinking of using that to cheat were you?:aufsmaul: --Neutral party calls unfair--
  27. 0neKiwi

    0neKiwi's (twisted) philosophy

    Ah I forgot. :o No meaning makes me... despair for some reason.:confused: In other words, isn't this saying that fate exists? Hmm, the Many Worlds Theory in quantum mechanics has a reason behind it though. Also, observation can change things, or are you saying that even observation/attention...
  28. 0neKiwi

    Declaration of War

    I decide to abstain. No, they are not jealous. I don't know what you mean. I will be the neutral party. You guys can fight while I eat popcorn (but wait! microwave popcorn has carcinogens! And wait! Almost all food in stores have some genetic engineering which is cancer-causing too!... Eh...
  29. 0neKiwi

    0neKiwi's (twisted) philosophy

    I'm not sure if this should be moved to arena or fun, but it is philosophy [justification] It would be really helpful if people could disprove or provide a counterexample for these ideas. I am tired of them, they get me nowhere other than depression, and they are old (and probably immature)...
  30. 0neKiwi

    A random person

    Base 3! I got it! But you should've said it was in base 3... Nice problem though, at first I couldn't get it.
  31. 0neKiwi

    Share your Enneagram.

    Type 6 - 8 Type 9 - 7.7 Type 5 - 7.7 Type 4 - 7 Type 1 - 4.1 Type 7 - 3.7 Wing 6w5 - 11.9 Wing 5w6 - 11.7 Wing 5w4 - 11.2 Wing 4w5 - 10.9 Wing 6w7 - 9.9 Wing 9w1 - 9.8 Wing 9w8 - 8.7 Wing 4w3 - 8.4 Wing 1w9 - 8 Wing 7w6 - 7.7 Wing 7w8 - 4.7 Wing 1w2 - 4.5 --- 1st time was most likely type 4...
  32. 0neKiwi

    What style of clothing do you typically wear?

    I'm not even sure if I'm 5w6 or 5w4... The first time I'd taken some test, it said 6w5. Then I took another test and it said 5w4... so... ___ But anyways, I usually wear a T-shirt and leggings. I wear skirts when I'm out of leggings, mostly because that one pair of shorts I had was extremely...
  33. 0neKiwi

    Can vital status affect the outcome of an experiment?

    Ok, you got me there...:facepalm: No... How would that be measurable? I think that only applies to electrons... so would the cyanide change? And are frogs conscious to perceive that difference? I was thinking if a scientist were to perform an experiment on some live being, and it happened...
  34. 0neKiwi

    Whats your definition of an INTP?

    Wouldn't it be easier to act like you're not depressed? How can they even tell you're "severely depressed" if you don't interact with people in the first place? And when the therapist comes, you could just pester them with questions about their methods of psychological analysis instead of...
  35. 0neKiwi

    Can vital status affect the outcome of an experiment?

    Say if they grew up in the same environment and had the same genes. Then one died a few minutes prior to the experiment. I'm asking if the outcome can change in general (besides the ones that require the frogs to be alive). The question (if I was not clear) was that if the only difference...
  36. 0neKiwi

    Can vital status affect the outcome of an experiment?

    This question has been bothering me for a while. Suppose you have 2 frogs. They are the same in every aspect except that one is dead and one is alive. Now suppose you do the same procedure to each frog in the same condition (like pouring a fixed amount of cyanide during exactly noon on the...
  37. 0neKiwi

    John's Personality Test

    41% INTP 18% ISTP 13% ENTP 6% INFP 5% ISFP Took the test two times (second result) because skipping was available.
  38. 0neKiwi

    Would You Rather...

    Nice try. :elephant: If by fly you mean fly using a private plane or something, I'd rather have a dollar legally added to my bank account every time "literally" was used wrong. Then I'd say use literally wrong some millions of times, become a millionaire, correct my use of the word, and buy a...
  39. 0neKiwi

    Would You Rather...

    I'd have the aide of an intelligent old pot holder. Donald Trump's most prominent skill is to provoke others while bluffing, and I would rather not provoke the penguin who wanted to strangle me. But then again, it might be an interesting challenge. Somebody else choose that challenge though...
  40. 0neKiwi

    Analytical vs Intuitive thought process.

    I scored between average and the bar between the two sides. Mixed results?
  41. 0neKiwi


    I have this habit of presenting things as they are (and that's apparently bad??), but it isn't taken well. Persons A and B in my family brought up how crying was useless a while ago. I got into an argument with them about how it was not exactly useless because it relieved stress and all sorts of...
  42. 0neKiwi

    My latest 16personalities test result..

    Ok, so this question caught my eye (I've seen a bunch of others like this too, and I think it can be easily taken the wrong way...they should have a follow up question of why you chose the answer or something though that would be complicated.) So in the case someone chooses to disagree...
  43. 0neKiwi

    About you?

    What? :confused:[s]...shouldn't you change the question to fit your answer or something?...[/s is not for sarcastic]. Also, IIRC, I haven't actually introduced myself...but I won't, because 1) it's 2017, and 2) being mysterious (unless you have too)
  44. 0neKiwi

    What 'hurts' you?

    I'm not quite sure how to define hurt. Therefore, I cannot give a good answer. If you define it as a feeling of sadness in reaction to something, then just about everything hurts me to some degree in some span of time. Also, as a feeling of sadness, does this not depend on how acutely you can...
  45. 0neKiwi

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    It's valuable. Valuable things cost much more than invaluable things.:storks: ________ I don't see what's wrong with explaining to a 4-yr-old that 3*2 is 3+3. It's not like I'm asking that child to do actual multiplication...:rolleyes:
  46. 0neKiwi

    Is it possible to see intelligence in the eyes of a person?

    One can tell if another focuses by examining and interpreting their eyes (this I've confirmed from googling). However, I cannot confirm that one can tell another's intelligence from so little data. Those who are blind survive all the same; can you tell their intelligence from their "eyes?" I...
  47. 0neKiwi

    What's Your AQ?

    29/50, possesses some traits. 58%?
  48. 0neKiwi

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    Well, here's what they call the slippery slope Quit job makes unhappy parents- less support- stress- no money-back kicked out of apartment or house- living on the streets- starve. Notice the phrase slippery slope. There is no guarantee the above will happen. You might buy a lotto ticket and...
  49. 0neKiwi

    Anonymus warnings

    It doesn't matter, does it? As long as you aren't involved in it(aren't troubled by the after effects), it's none of your business. Example: I did xxxxxxxxxx Answer:...OK, so what? *Leave*
  50. 0neKiwi

    Is it possible to see intelligence in the eyes of a person?

    Hmm... Consider those whose facial expressions change when in formal and informal situations. How would you be able to tell their intelligence at a glance? Speaking of facial features, you could have a shocked expression on your face all day. That doesn't mean you're actually shocked all day...
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