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  1. Does Any Kid thats 14 besides me know how to set up a webserver?

    Like the title says i can set up a webserver at my house - i also know how to code java - i know how to setup websites easy i know how to use linux and all that stuff. i mean how many 14 year old kids can do that =D. Anyways what are your special talents and things you have learned off the net...
  2. Am I an Intj? or a intp? or a mix of both?

    Hello my name is james and i am 14 going on 15. I browsing the internet and came across this test that told me my personailty. I was like ok ill do it! Now I am confused. the test said i was intj and well i looked at intj for a while and then looked at the intp traits and discover that I possess...
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