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Default Re: Origin, Meaning, Morality, and Destiny

Originally Posted by Jordan~ View Post
Origin: The Big Bang theory, the Theory of Evolution.
Meaning: None intrinsic, we can give ourselves purpose (: . meaning) if we wish.
Morality: A morally good action is any which enhances or lengthens the positive aspect of experience of any consciousness with a varied experience of the universe one aspect of which is preferable, or reduces or shortens the negative aspect thereof, with the acted-upon's perspective taking weight over the actor's. Though there is no universal intrinsic concept of "good", following this philosophy is the most beneficial to the most consciousnesses with varied experience (i.e., things which can benefit).
Destiny: Heat death will end the universe, there is no afterlife. Hopefully one day we'll transcend corporeality, which is a little bit like creating an "afterlife".

I pretty much concur with you on questions 1-4 but would like to add that all moral systems are equally valid until you decide on something to value. I've always thought people need to stop bickering about whos morals are better and just sit down and decide on something that we can all agree is good and all agree is bad then devise a moral system that maximizes the good and minimizes the bad.

I thought of a like sin vs virtue chart for different moral systems.


Utilitarianism,actions that result in pain,actions that result in pleasure etc etc.

Hitler was only evil if your moral system frowns on genocide.
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Default Re: Origin, Meaning, Morality, and Destiny

Originally Posted by RobdoR View Post
A favorite philosopher/theologian of mine Ravi Zacharias often asks four questions necessary to any world view: Origin, Meaning, Morality, and Destiny. I'm interested to hear how you answer these questions.

Origin: How did it all start?
Meaning: Why are we here? Why is anything here?
Morality: Do right and wrong exist? If so, what standard should we use?
Destiny: How does it all end? Is there afterlife?
Origin: There was no beginning. The Membrane in which we exist, is infinite.

Meaning: Meaning comes on a personal level, meaning gives importance to the individual. All in all, we don't matter, nothing really does. It just is.

Morality: Morality is also personal. It leads to ethics, which is a set of morals which most of society has agreed upon. This is subject to change, because it is based on survival. As a societies needs change, their ethics may change, as well.

Desitiny: By saying "it all" I assume you mean humanity because of your second question: "Is there an afterlife." I do not believe anything truly ends, our bodies will just be recirculated. This is one basic example. As for, is there an afterlife, in a sense, I would say yes. We live on based on the effects we have caused in our physical world and through memory. This is a fleeting afterlife, one human can only do so much to be remembered. As for a spiritual context, I cannot say.
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